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Not best cocktails, this is a list for the hardcore straight up booze drinkers!!!

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1 Captain Morgan's Spiced Rum

This stuff is too easy to drink straight... Lightweights beware, it'll sneak up on ya!

Perfect for mixing with coke, tastes like vanilla coke and the next thing you remember is waking up puking at a toilet

The finest rum on the market! Especially the Black Cask. Made my friend & I forget about the night!

Well after looking for the best straight alcohol I noticed this was the top of the list, and I've been drinking this forever. I'd have to agree and was hoping to find something new, but it seems Captain Morgan's fits the spot perfectly.

2 Jameson's Irish Whiskey

Never was a whiskey fan till I tasted Jameson. This is an excellent drink. It's extremely versatile, drink it straight or mixed with anything.

Splash a tiny bit of water in your shot, best thing ever!

Put this on ice and float away. Best of the best Irish Whiskies!

It remains the Friday night champ! Manages to knock out me and the boys every time.

3 Johnny Walker Black

I was skeptical about trying this bottle but after reading some of these reviews I gave it a try and I wasn't disappointed. The drink itself is smooth and relaxing, it's one of those liquor a that I can just drink on while leaning back and relaxing with some buds

Nothing beats scotch on the rocks, and Johnnie Walker Black Label is the best scotch there is. How people even dare vote such crap as Tennessee- and Canadian whiskey ahead of scotch, I don't know.

Smooth as water!

Simply amazing

4 Bombay Dry Gin

Bombay is the absolute pinnacle of gin: incorporating spices and herbs from around the world, it truly exemplifies pure excellence in outstanding spirits. Bombay Sapphire Dry Gin is simply in a class of its own, hands down.

The best for you Gin drinkers, whatever the price.

Great with juice, like lemonade or oj. Best gin out their.

It drinks

5 Laphroaig

If you are a whisky drinker, Laphroaig is the real thing (Scotch that is... )

I agree, Laphroaig it definately a must to all whisky drinkers.

It's an acquired taste, but once you're hooked you'll drink it for life.

Laphroaig is The Definitive Islay Malt

6 Absolut Vodka

If vodka belongs on this list, it's THIS vodka.

my favorite, nothing beats it

This is the only vodka I buy and drink. I have converted 2 brothers.

It's fantastic... The BEST.

7 Patron Tequilla

Smoothest tequilla ever conceived. Salt and lime not needed!

Patron is my favorite liquor to drink straight, but it mixes really well with apple juice if you're looking for a good relaxed night with a few friends.

Best kept in frig /freezer... Ready to go!


8 J├Ągermeister

JAGER all the way, best drink ever especially JAGERBOMBS!

Probably spelled wrong, but you know what I'm talking about and you know it's the best.

Perfect for all occasions. Can drink strait or with energy drinks. 100

Tastes so good and smooth. Only hard liquor I actually like the taste of.

9 Jack Daniels Sour Mash

I could drink this stuff all night long serve it on ice or mix it with coke in my personal opinion is the best whiskey out there props to mr jack Daniels

On the rocks or with some coke, jacks the winner that is no joke. The first shot you wince the second you flinch, but after that its a synch.

If you aren't drinking Sour Mask - get a bottle (or a case) & enjoy it - chilled slightly.

I have no words for this other than its amazing

10 Iceberg Vodka

Made from real iceberg water and triple-distilled. The purest form of hard liquor in existence.

Okay if the simple fact of this alcohol being made from ICEBERGS doesn't get you excited... I don't know what will. ICEBERG VODKA ALL THE WAY

The water used in making this brand "Iceberg Vodka" is actually from icebergs - how cool is that?

Awesome on the rocks, but my favorite is mixing it with Oasis Probiotic juice.

The Contenders

11 Gray Goose Vodka

I love this vodka so smooth you don't need to mix it with anything

"Best vodka in the world,take it slow may sneek up on you!!!"

Smoothest and best when ice cold.

On ice Blue Cheese Olives in a Rock Glass o ya

12 Crown Royal Canadian Whiskey

Holy Hell this stuff is smooth! Also very dangerous... Drink some water with this one you alcoholics!

Ill drink this straight, with coke, etc. I love this stuff! Not gonna lie, this is the drink that could make me an alcoholic laugh out loud. It goes down smooth and tastes great.

Best if you dilute it slightly with water... So smooth going down that you could swear that its not even an alcoholic beverage. Best for the money in my personal opinion.

This stuff is smooth like velvet, kinda like the bag it comes in. When it comes to Canadian Whisky (Rye) this is my hands down favorite.

13 Exclusiv Vodka

I agree best, you would think it is a more expensive brand

Best inexpensive vodka; with no hangover

14 Ciroc Vodka

Had this for the first time with Finest call loaded bloody mary mix. five star. mixed have and have, couldn't even tell there was liquor in it! Nice...

Can easily drink outta the bottle.

Straight water, one of me number on favorites. A bit too easy to drink though, so be careful

Drink it straight or mix it, smooth

15 Southern Comfort Black Label

I love SoCo more than any man I've ever been with!

There is no other booze that I associate more blackouts with, I like this stuff too much!

First hard stuff I ever had and will take this over all the others... Hands down!

F**k yea! Its all about the SoCo baby!

16 Hennessy

Once you do Henny, you don't do any


Love it with my soda...

Should be first on this list

17 Svedka Vodka

As smooth as Grey Goose yet not as expensive. Always a good go to Vodka when looking for quality and affordability.

5 Times distilled (Like Grey Goose) but not as over priced.

Isn't harsh it's cheep, and it mixes well with non alcoholic drinks.

Way to go if low on cash; and no hangover. Surprise Surprise

18 Bacardi Rum

Torched cherry and coke were made for each other. If sex was a mixed drink...

So many flavours so good especially with coke... yummy

Bacardi Rum Black. Smooth enough for shots.

It's my favorite thing to drink straight.

19 Sailor Jerry's Spiced Navy Rum

Sailor Jerry's is WAY smoother than Capt. Morgans will ever be. Was turned on to SJ about 5 years ago; till then I was a CM drinker for 25+ years, so I've wasted a lot of time drinking the wrong rum-if that's possible

A little rougher because of the 92 proof. But the vanilla and spice make this a very good straight shot.

This is by far my favorite drink! Perfect for drinking straight and no chasers needed.

No doubt, the best spiced rum on the market, try them side by side and you will be amazed.

20 Ketel One Vodka

Hands down the best vodka without breaking the bank

Makes Goose taste like swamp water!

Beats em all, hands down

Best Vodka I ever had

21 Fireball

Easy to down and you get somewhere when you ask for the Bottle finish and you see the devils from inside the bottle

Goes down incredibly smooth and easy. Tastes like candy!

I don't like whiskey but this is the best drink ever. It taste just like candy. Plus it's cheap! You seriously can't go wrong!

So easy to drink straight from the bottle. Tastes real good and gets you plastered.

22 Malibu

Malibu coconut rum is my favorite. Goes down smoothly

So smooth you'll drink until you forget without even realizing

Mixes so well with Coke!

23 Maker's Mark

cheap, delicious ky bourbon... who could ask for bore

Smooth and rich. Neat or on the rocks.

This is the ONLY way to drink!!!

Mix the whisky and some coke and you have an easy smooth drink. Personally as a 15 year old it's easy becuase lots of parents have this in their house and gives you a satisfactory buzz.

24 Johnnie Walker Blue

Best liquor hands down

The best scotch wiskey in the world!

Damn good!

25 Old Monk Rum

If you are a rum lover... This is the rum you should taste before dying. Either you love this Rum or you Hate this, there is no middle opinion on this. One the finest aromatic rum I have ever tasted.

The best rum with a strong caramel taste. A bit fiery though

All rum lovers can hit like for Old Monk.. I personally feel it's the best rum and had to be tasted at least once..

All rum lovers should have already tasted this

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