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41 Kutskova Vodka
42 Stoli Vanilla Vodka
43 RumChata

Taste like the milk after you eat a bowl of cinnamon toast crunch. Rumchatta is life changing.

V 1 Comment
44 Pussers

the royal british navy's rum for like 300 years - bufallowings42

45 Crown Royal Black
46 Tito's Vodka

A very smooth American made corn based vodka with a distinctively marvelous taste. America's top vodka, ranks right up there with the best vodkas in the world.

Easily the most smooth vodka on the market, at a great price!

Great vodka made from corn an smooth as.

47 Everclear

You want to have an interesting night this is what you want

Will start your car! Seriously!

48 Remy Martin V 1 Comment
49 Dr. Mcgillicuddy's

SO good, the doctors in the house!

50 Evan Williams Kentucky Bourbon

evil williams, whisky williams, e. w. is so good - bufallowings42

51 Pendleton Whiskey

Smoothest, Cleanest and best tasting whiskey ever.

52 Stoli Ohranj

Great on ice, Great with Tonic, Great as a shot, this is THE flavored vodka!

53 Jim Beam Black

How the hell is this not the best? I've drank forever and I can't find something better.

54 Coconut Jack

Not as good as Pomegranate Jim

55 Tanqueray Gin

Smooth and potent with a magnificent aroma.

56 Kanon Organic Vodka

The biggest brand of organic vodka in the world, and the taste I so nice! - edwinson

57 V & A

Great brand! Good for any climate

58 Frangelico

Best hazelnut liqueur out there

59 Basil Hayden's

The best bourbon for neat straight up. You can taste cinnamon, citrus, oak and some other stuff. This is not infused, its all natural from the barrel and mash. Amazing stuff.

60 Tuaca
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