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1 Fight Club

This movie is so addictive, it keeps getting better n better everytime you watch. One of the most interesting thrillers of all time. Brad Pitt should been nominated for an Oscar along with Edward Norton, Helena Bonham Carter & Meat Loaf, all playing good parts in this legendary piece of work. Definitely David fincher's best work - roblist

Everyone who hates brad pitt has never seen this movie. This movie is like steroids in movie form. Has the best ending ever and is so quoteable. Legit changed my life

This is one of the most spectacular movies I've seen. I'm not quite sure how to sum it up. The performances are completely engrossing. The movie offers a challenging world view, it's incredibly quotable, it is aesthetically stunning, it has an excellent plot, deep underlying themes. Classic moments, great score, wonderful cinematography, unforgettable characters, it challenges you to think about our world today, it makes you think about what you think you know and who you think you are. Watching this movie is a unique experience that one can never forget.

Most enjoyable movie

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2 Se7en

It is far and away the best movie brad pitt's ever been in; but he himslef in the movie was less than impressive. He was used more as a hotheaded clueless pawn for Kevin Spacey's character - aman28

Amazing story. , gives us a lot to think. It questions our faith in law measuring how deep is it

Excellent piece of work by david fincher, the storyline and the music are just amazing, such an intense movie, best crime suspense movie ever.

Many thinks his performance was bad. I don't think so. The box scene would not be so real and emotionally horrifying if not for brad's fine acting. The movie itself is phenomenal.

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3 Troy

It's has love, action, drama, fear, pity, anger... blah. Blah blah.. There's the love Paris has for Helen. The love is wish I find one day. The love hector has for his country. And the love Achilles has for greatness... everyone would love to be Achilles with a son like hector.. But deep down we are all just Paris. He's the only one that lives though, so hey, could be worse. Top 5 best love movie, top 5 best war movie, top 5 all time ancient mythology movie.. It's just awesome. I laughed, cried, smiles, screamed, pondered, paced, worried, pitied, envied, feared, loathed, and loved all over the course

Of this movie. My favorite part is the opening quote "men are haunted by the vastness of eternity, and so we ask ourselves, 'will strangers hear our names and wonder how bravely we fought. How fiercely we loved? '" My second favorite part was the closing quote "...may they say I lived in the time of hector, tamer of horses... may they say I lived in the time of ...more

The best war movie I've seen, and nice abs and nice butt

Simply superb pic for ever in Hollywood all time great

The best movie I have ever seen. I think that for this character, Brad Pitt deserved an Oscar! I can watch it as many times as possible.

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4 Ocean's Eleven

this is one of the most calm and cool performances by Brad Pitt! - Chinmay

I love this movie and it is very nice story

Rusty ryan is my favourite character in these movie...

A love story with a gang

5 Inglourious Basterds

It's simply amazing. I think it's funny to just hear him talking! I love the way they mix action and comedy and make it go together.

Why the heck is this ranked at 8? Inglourious Basterds is a great movie. So, why 8? - Jetticus12

This is one of Brad Pitt's best movies. It should at least be in top 5. The way Pitt speaks in this film is truely fantastic and superb acting by him. This is one of the best movies I've ever seen in my life!


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6 The Curious Case of Benjamin Button

Very inspiring movie.. Very good movie..

Oustanding performane by Brad Pitt once again. It was a tough role to play for any actor but he made it look so easy. Hats off to him.

Best performance after interview with a vampire

The best Love Story EVER!

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7 Mr. & Mrs. Smith

Lot of fun and... I just love it!
. - jokila

It's a good movie to watch

They look good together.

Will this has a best end and the best actors in the whole moive like brad pitt angina joile! There awome nobody can come colse! - lizzie334

8 Moneyball

Brad Pitt's oscar nomination is well earned.

After fight club, the best. Watch it again!

9 World War Z

The best apocalypse movie I've seen! Brad Pitt gives so much depth to his character. This should be way higher up!

World war z is so awsume I thenk there shuld be a world war z 2 & 3 & 4

Very undereted.I can't understand why peole hate this movie.Of course I know that films about zombie are not very interesting for people now,but this movie isn't like the most about zombies.The grafic,plot and characters are amazing.So please watch this if you like staff about walking dead.

10 Legends of the Fall

This movie was awesome brad pitt was awesome in it it is definitely number #1 and Troy is #2 and kalifornia is #3

This is one of the best movies of all time... And brad pitt is AWESOME... Just thinking about Tristan always makes me smile!

Agreed that this should be number #1

Really good movie

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? Thelma & Louise

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11 Megamind

Ok... Wait he was in there

12 The Mexican

Its Awesome movie never ever seen such a great and lovable movie

This list uncompleted without "FURY" one of the finest war movies of all time.

13 12 Monkeys

This movie is awesome. It's such a trip, a wild ride. Brad Pitt's awesome in it. He plays such a good crazy person.

Actually wasn't that good... But brad pitt's acting should've won him an oscar

Constantly surprising and consistently unsettling. One of the most iconic movie of its genre.

Brad pitt deserved and oscar for his performance in this movie.

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14 Snatch

Of course fight club has to be on top... But come on 20th place for snatch? One of Brad Pitt's best feature is his versatility and he stands out in this movie...

Great movie, one of his more versatile roles. He plays the part he is chosen for very well.

This should be way above in the list..

My favorite movie of his, crazy English comedy/drama with great role as a Gypsy fighter..way better then Fight Club and a top 3 Brad Pitt movie hands down...great acting!

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15 Interview with the Vampire

It was good part n best played by brad pitt... Should watch.

I love this movie

;) I loved it

the best.

16 Sleepers

Wonderful story and actors

17 Babel
18 Seven Years in Tibet

You know what that was my first movie when I saw brad.He is still my first since then.

the story line and screenplay is phenomenal...

Brad pitt is great in this movie, story is amazing!

Awesome movie and the frames are excellent..

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19 The Tree of Life
20 12 Years a Slave

Its an amazing movie,i just love it very much,all the things contained in this movie is just it so much...

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