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81 Thunder Percussion

I'm not sure if they make them anymore but they're sturdy, well built and pretty inexpensive. I got my 5 piece, 4 years ago for $250 and I'm now in the process of putting a custom paint job on it.

82 Arbiter

Moody Blues drummer Graeme Edge uses it

83 Istanbul Agop

High end hand made in Turkey cymbals. Expensive but worth it.

This is also good

84 Q Drum Co.

Check these out before your next list is published. Your missing one the finest drum companies in business today.

Best looking and best sounding drums made anywhere. Should be #1

Can't believe you don't list Q Drum Co. Probably the finest sounding and quailty built drums around anywhere.

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85 Fibes Drums

Fibes is a legendary brand. One of the best Fiberglass kits ever made, the Austin era Jasper shelled kits were as good as they come. The hardware is iconic, and the SFT snare throw is what made Buddy Rich abandon Slingerland.

Still one of the best U.S. made drum kits around. Great sound, big and punchy. Pity they stopped making them!

86 Regalia

Drum set from Taiwan.. Cheaper but still good sound

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87 Casey Drums

A small company in Canada that offers custom wooden or acrylic kits.

88 Camco

Nobody remembers Camco drums?

89 Risetone

Risetone drums are great for absolute beginners

90 Diamond

Sounds like a great drum brand

91 Powersonic

These are extremely hard to find. Not sure the co. exists anymore, but I have an old Powersonic Ride cymbal made in Italy that simply sings.
I like it as well as my Zildjian A Custom or my Sabian AA. I would like to know more about the company and its products.

92 Enforcer
93 Timoteo Drums
94 Enigma
95 MW Drums

The Sound its nice and loud when you drums good in tuning

It is very good than fernando drum set
Good sound and Cymbals

96 Max
97 Liberty Drums

Great UK company building their own shells and very nice drums indeed! Keep an eye on these guys.

98 Mark II
99 Milestone

I have a 14 peice milestone set and never considered selling because they are great

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100 GP
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