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81 Diamond

Sounds like a great drum brand

82 Powersonic

These are extremely hard to find. Not sure the co. exists anymore, but I have an old Powersonic Ride cymbal made in Italy that simply sings.
I like it as well as my Zildjian A Custom or my Sabian AA. I would like to know more about the company and its products.

83 Enforcer
84 MW Drums

The Sound its nice and loud when you drums good in tuning

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85 Max
86 Istanbul Agop

High end hand made in Turkey cymbals. Expensive but worth it.

This is also good

87 GTX

New generation drum set

88 Fibes Drums

Still one of the best U.S. made drum kits around. Great sound, big and punchy. Pity they stopped making them!

89 Liberty Drums

Great UK company building their own shells and very nice drums indeed! Keep an eye on these guys.

90 Mark II
91 Milestone

I have a 14 peice milestone set and never considered selling because they are great

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92 Evans

My drumming teacher saved up for ten years to get these drums they sound so good and the best drum heads in the world

Evens make some of the best drum heads ever

93 Casey Drums

A small company in Canada that offers custom wooden or acrylic kits.

94 Pork Pie

Fantastic drums. Hands-down the best snares in the world in my opinion.

These have great snares. Should be at least in top 20

There snare sound amazing no sought about it

Had a USA Custom for years and love it!

95 Westbury

First kit I every bought - made in China. The general construction is a little cheapish looking and performing, I.E., stands are then, the screws threads stripped way to easily. The hat chronically loosend up requiring constant tightening. Didn't know any better until I go a Yamaha recently - much more sturdy construction. The Westbury sound wasn't bad really, so if you can get it for the beginner at a good price, then okay.

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96 Ayotte

I'm surprised no one has mentioned Ayotte? These are HANDS down the VERY best drums EVER! I'm surprised Neil Peart from Rush doesn't play them as they are made in Canada. I had a custom kit made for me several years back and they are very expensive but worth the price! They have a couple lines but there top line model has wood hoops on all the shells! Custom colors as you can send them a sample of your cars paint and they can match it! They have bar none the deepest sounding kick drum in the industry! Also there snare drums can be made with up to 50 ply's thick! Check them out!

97 Rolling

Rolling is a one of the greatest

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99 Timoteo Drums
100 Enigma
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