I have been using Pearl drums for many years and they are hands down one of the best drum kits I have ever played on. From the shell of the drums to the high end quality of the sound that is coming out of the drums, there is no other drum company that even comes close to comparison. I have used many other drum companies and its just not the same as Pearl drums! I would recommend Pearl to any drummer who wants great looks, well made drums to stand the test of time, high end quality sound and just over all the craftsmanship and the amount time and effort put in to truly make the best in class drums... no question asked!

Great drums, pearl change my life into rock n roll! Is there any other choice? Pearl has the beat and the sound, it makes any drummer perfect! I tell you wont regret it! Go for the pearl!

I own a Pearl Masters Sun Set colored drum set, and recently just added two more toms on it to make it a five piece. I have to say hands down there is no other drum company that will give you the crisp/smooth sound you want in a drum, but also have he quality of the drums like Pearl! If you are thinking about buying a drum set and don't know where to start, I would definitely consider looking at Pearl before look at any other drum company! You will truly be amazed!

Great drum set, used by Dennis Chambers, Tony Royster Jr. and MANA. It has the best sound quality and if you are in an open space like in a studio for recording they sound perfect, there is no delay in the sound system if you you have microphones on the drum set, I would buy any PEARL drum set at any cost just to have the best sound quality. GOOD JOB PEARL!

I learned how to play drums on a pearl kit red sparkle 1960 model I took these drums in clubs state to state for eight years they were the best sounding drums of their time. They were and still are the best sound when it comes down to it.I. play gretsch today which I also play for the sound and that's what it's about the sound. I will end with this my next kit will be? A Pearl..

I've used Pearl drums and hardware since I first began playing. I travel and perform with a 6-piece Reference set and have a much older maple and African mahogany 5-piece Session Studio set in our rehearsal studio. No other snare drum can touch my 20 ply 14 X 6.5 snare. Pearl continues to push the limits of drum and hardware perfection for beginners and professionals alike. This year I am on a quest to get a Ice Blue Oyster, Music City Custom set from Pearl.

Pearl shells are unlike any other manufacturer. Their shell technology and impeccable attention to detail is what makes the difference. A Pearl drum kit has a very distinct sound that is recognizable. The Pearl Masters Custom set is the elite and has no equal.

my old drum teacher has pearl and they are so fun to play just the feel of the drums are amazing and the sound is the best that I have heard I have a yamaha kit but they just don't even compare so I am get a pearlset

Pearl have stood the test of time for me. The first drum set I ever played on and they sound great. As a beginner they also took a bit of a harsh beating, but kept going.

My daughter is a pearl drummer and she thinks that it is the best brand of drums in the world... She has a red wine pearl export series kit. When she grows up she wants to be as good as casey cooper if you want to you can look him up on youtube.

From A to Z in the world of drums and percussion, Pearl has it covered. They can churn out quality instruments on a mass production scale like no other company. But if you want a hand crafted, custom set of drums, they can do that too. I feel they have the best combination of quality and price as well.

I own masters studio birch and just love them. I had them for 10 -12 years now and they still sound great. I wouldn't settle for less, also play the free-floating snare. It's the best.

Yes I must agree. I've had my pearl Series now over 12years. As a matter of fact everyone that hears it when I'm doing church functions tells me that my set is the best! & It is as for what I see and hear!

Pearl Master Studio are absolutely some of the best sounding, high quality drums out there. I have used them for years and would not think of going to another brand.

Correctly named as PEARL. There is no other close competitor of pearl. One should by pearl if he really looks for quality & satisfaction.

Started out on my dads pearl kit and no other brand has had the same effect on me. Pearl is my personal fave

pearl is the only brand of drum I use. the brand will never let you down. I have used pearl drums ever since I started bashing the things. peace bros

I'm biased toward Pearl because of the insane sound their drums produce, even starting at their cheapest kit. Not only that, but the E-Pro electronic sets are the best electronic drums I've ever played on. Whether they're top of the line, basic or electronic, Pearl drums delivers brilliant quality

Pearl is the best not DW Pearl is the better brand of drums they are amazing if you don't have any and you've only tried Tama and DW you should try pearl.

Pearl for me all the way. From Export to Masters, had them all. Still using a 1990 export for local gigging. Tune right with good heads, still is the best!

I've had my pearl prestige session select for 16 years! With a mixture of birch and mahgoney shells,I have not found a kit yet that makes me want to replace them. My cousin has a Masters custom and a reference pure set and WOW! What great kits they are! I love all drums but Pearl always tops my list!

The best! I use these whenever I play. Compared to everything else, Pearl are definitely the best quality of them all. - apx

Pearl does a great job of making high-end kids affordable. Pearl does a good job of making all of their kits sound great from the forum, to the masterworks or reference. I personally really like the Vision VSX, but they are all amazing kits. Pearl is obviously the best reason to play drums.

Yes that's right pearl is the best drums in the world, because they are cheap and they come with the drum seat symbols and drum key

I own the pearl forum and the drums sound amazing and got a great deal on it but I don't really like the cymbals that came with it, Every thing else is great