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61 One of a Kind
62 Believe

How the hell is this out of the top 20? This song keeps me pumped. Its up there with without you, away and I will not bow.

This song is one of the heaviest song up to date.

My personal top 1 of BB's.

This is the most straightforward rock song that BB has ever put forward, with drop D and a flatted fifth riff. Thus, it's probably one of their most accessible tracks yet, as you will literally find nobody who can't headbang to this song.

63 Lie to Me

OK, if this is the worst song from breaking Benjamin according to this list, then Breaking Benjamin has never released anything bad

64 Phase

Awesome song, the beginning is epic and so is the end. Very under-appreciated album in general, Saturate was their best album in my opinion.

This is my absolute favorite off of Saturate. The drum solo in the beginning is LEGENDARY! Very empowering song and deserves to be in the top 10, then again all Breaking Benjamin songs deserve a high title.

Who the hell votes here? Where are the people with taste? At least give this song a shot, it's worth it!

I just love this song. One of my BB favorites, plus the ending and intro are just incredible. Give this one a try

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65 Intro
66 Outro

I can just say that this is the best song Breaking Benjamin has ever created. I can happily died listening to Outro as well as Intro. - ritz13rag

You are Fool if believe outro must be in 68st place%% What men?

Very nice you should hear

67 Dark
68 Dawn
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