Best Bubble Guppies Characters

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1 Nonny

Because he's so smart. Even he's so shy. He always has a serious face. But he smiles sometimes.

He's adorable! And too funny... I think it's the deadpan sense of humor... I just want to put him in my pocket!

Well, for me he's friendly but he always have a serious face. Not always, of course.

He is funny I like him because he is the only one in the show who actually has a brain molly is stupid I hate her because she just wants attention and she thinks she is the best she is the worst. Ooma is ok she s my second favorite. Dema is horrible because she sounds bad and horrible singing and she talks too loud how doesn't anyone get annoyed by her. Gil is like Molly wants too be the best but worst. everyone in the shoe is stupid except for nonny dema and ooma

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2 Oona

She is so cute!
She is a sweet heart, and sensitive, also Shy. I just love her!
She is the cutest one!

She is not a spotlight hogger like Molly



Gil may be a numskull, Molly may be bossy, Deema is a drama queen, Nonny's too quiet, and I'm neutral obout Goby, but Oona is the worst of them all. She is too bratty and whiny and I hate her the most of all the guppies.

3 Molly

I wish she was a little more smarter then the other girls

I like the show, but I hate her. She's such a mary sue.

Molly is the best at songs she's the best

i like

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4 Deema

Why can't she be higher? She is better than Molly u know.

She is not bad

I like ger voice but she is an annoying and stupid version of pinkie pie - Ihateschool

She's the dumbest guppie out of all of them!

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5 Gil

You can tell the creators like him a lot if they give him a name that is something that fish have in real life.

He's a little funny when the fish mess with him - Ihateschool

6 Bubble Puppy

I Love Bubble Puppy

Dog With a Fish Tailed

7 Goby

Goby is boring because he's just normal.

I already reviewed on this but Goby needs to be higher...He's the most selfless and adorable

My favorite, sadly gets no attention :'(

He's too fookin cute. Deserves more attention, even from the creators.

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8 Avi

I hate that that guy...

If he wouldn't be careful with his bike clearly the mom shoyld have known better and not bought it - Ihateschool

9 Mr. Grouper

It's lunch line up line up everybody line up laugh out loud :P

10 The Little Fish

The little fish are so CUTE! They should be #2!
-Silverfrost of RiverClan

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11 Mr. Grumpfish

I Love Mr Grumpfish

12 Clam
13 Stylee

It's Greatest Pop Star Teenage Guppy Ever!

14 Mia

Molly's Baby Sister
Episode: Bubble Baby

Mia Is So Cute!

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