Best Bubble Guppies Characters

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1 Nonny

I love him because he is serious, he has autism like me, and even he always gets the lunch gags on season 2 and 4, but what if his tummy started rumbling anyway.

The is the only good character

He's the best!

He's the best!

2 Oona

She is so cute!
She is a sweet heart, and sensitive, also Shy. I just love her!
She is the cutest one!

She is not a spotlight hogger like Molly

She is the cutest!


3 Molly

GOSHH; I hate that stupid Mary Sue. It's not fair that SHE gets to be EVERYTHING. She and Gil can be superheroes, firefighters, Dentists, and everything else, but why can't Oona be a superhero? Why can't Goby be a firefighter? It's not fair that this annoying girl hogs up the whole screen. Gil is brain dead. I never laughed at him even when I was 3. Molly is such a mary sue. She's supernaturally annoying and has to show off everything. She's SUCH a teacher's pet. I don't know why SHE gets to be the main character when all the other characters have more personality than she has.

This show rocks! However, I could never stand this girl! She has a secret society consiting of a very large amount of characters in the show! They're trying to keep the positivity and attention all towards her! I hate Molly!

I like the show, but I hate her. She's such a mary sue.

I wish she was a little more smarter then the other girls

4 Gil

Gary Stu. Way too perfect. really dumb yet everyone likes him. he's the comic relief guy. I can't STAND him or his jokes.

You can tell the creators like him a lot if they give him a name that is something that fish have in real life.

He's a little funny when the fish mess with him - Ihateschool

He should be higher

5 Deema

Why can't she be higher? She is better than Molly u know.

She is not bad

I like ger voice but she is an annoying and stupid version of pinkie pie - Ihateschool

She's the dumbest guppie out of all of them!

6 Bubble Puppy

I just hate how much attention it gets.

I Love bubble puppy

I Love Bubble Puppy

Dog With a Fish Tailed

7 Stylee

Best Guppy every!

She is like, my own sister

A natural born singer

I Love to be a pop star

8 Goby

I already reviewed on this but Goby needs to be higher...He's the most selfless and adorable

Goby is boring because he's just normal.

My favorite, sadly gets no attention :'(

He's too fookin cute. Deserves more attention, even from the creators.

9 Mr. Grouper

It's lunch line up line up everybody line up laugh out loud :P

He's the leader of the class.

the OG

10 Zooli

Shoe is the reason why the
Bubble guppies are back

There's a new Guppy ini town"hi Om Zooli"

The new guppy

My favorit new Guppy

The Contenders

11 Avi

I hate that that guy...

Eh, kind of a brat.

If he wouldn't be careful with his bike clearly the mom shoyld have known better and not bought it - Ihateschool

12 The Night Wizard

He should go jump off a cliff

13 The Little Fish

The little fish are so CUTE! They should be #2!
-Silverfrost of RiverClan

14 Mr. Grumpfish

I like Mr. Grumpfish because I've NEVER seen anyone on this show get mad. Everyone is just too happy.

I Love Mr Grumpfish

15 Clam
16 Mia

Molly's Baby Sister
Episode: Bubble Baby

Mia Is So Cute!

17 The Witch

She was goddam ugly and stupid and should go drink bleach.

18 Princess Miranda
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