Best Chinese Female Singers

Chinese singers are not all from People's Republic of China, they come from Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macau, Singapore, Malaysia and the rest of the world.

The Top Ten

1 Teresa Teng

Up to today, no one, male or female can surpass her achievements in the Chinese Pop scene,

Literally no one can replace Teresa Teng. She is not just the best Chinese female singer, she is the best Chinese singer ever. Period.

No doubt the best, her angelic voice will sooth and touch your soul. I love her so much!

Best ever

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2 G.E.M.

She is probably the best ALL ROUND current female Chinese Singer, able to handle many different type of songs superbly and her rendition often surpasses even the original singer.

Best of the new generation

3 Faye Wong Faye Wong Faye Wong is a Chinese singer-songwriter and actress, often referred to as a "diva" in Chinese-language media.

Nothing compares to her

Amazing woman!

She is unique

One of the sweetest and prettiest voices I’ve ever heard.

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4 Anita Mui
5 A-mei
6 Coco Lee

So beautiful and so much grace. Love seeing her interact with her audience. Brava

7 Sandy Lam

Sandy should be number 1

8 Jane Zhang
9 Stefanie Sun

She is the best singer in the world. Her voice is amazing and impressive, and her songs are full of emotion. She is a sincere and kind-hearted girl. Now, she has a happiness family--a deep love for her husband. Best wish to her and hope her happiness forever.

10 Na Ying

She is awesome

The Contenders

11 Cui Tianqi
12 Tsai Chin
13 Han Hong

Look at several videos of her 2015 performances in the T.V. series "I am a Singer" (season 3). Absolutely phenomenal - and some of the best performances were done while she was sick!

14 Jolin Tsai
15 Yao Beina

I love her voice especially in the drama she sang for empresses in the palace.

Words can't describe her legend. Asteroid 41981 was named after her by NASA - Bacon01

Words can't describe her legend... Asteroid 41981 was named after her by NASA. - Bacon01

16 Sammi Cheng
17 Hebe Tien
18 Jeannie Hsieh

I bought all her songs from iTunes she is WAY better than all and she is really pretty, her voice is amazing and the songs are creative.

19 A-Lin

No doubt one of the best singers around. She has a lot of strength in her voice.

20 Karen Mok
21 Yang Peiyi
22 Liang Thin


23 Rainie Yang
24 Rikki
25 Della Wu
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