Top 10 Best Chocolate Brands

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1 Lindt

Lindt's more commercial chocolate bars are actually quite ordinary, with cocoa usually over-roasted and sometimes too bitter.
However, the limited editions and higher quality bars they sell in the Lindt stores are really smooth and nice. The lindt store has some killer pralines and stuff as well.

Lindor is also an amazingly crafted chocolate with a molten creamy centre, but the novelty has kinda worn off as the years go by.
It's still the number one chocolate brand in the world, taking over cadbury and becoming the chocolate giant.

I would love to see a planet made entirely of sweets, especially Lindt chocolates! Smooth, creamy rivers of caramel and other filling varieties coat the land, luscious lollipops standing proudly as trees, strawberry laces hanging from the lollipops as vines, houses made of tempting chocolate. If only such a place existed.

Lindt chocolates are so good..they come in a ton of flavors, and taste delicious, with the outside being regular hard chocolate and the inside filled with smooth, gooey chocolate. My favorite is their caramel chocolates! Hungry just thinking about them...

Amazing! Best chocolate there is! From the delicious creamy truffles to the fabulous chocolate bars, Lindt is by far the best. Hershey's doesn't even come close.

2 Cadbury

For me, Cadbury beats them all, even Lindt. Cadbury has such a creamy texture and sweet flavour that lasts and lasts. I'm fortunate enough to live in bournville (the area where the factory is) so constantly walking to work and smelling Cadbury in the morning every weekday for 30 years is a slice of heaven and Cadbury world is like nothing you Cadbury lovers have ever experienced. The history, the culture, the free chocolate. It's perfect. Cadbury will always be number one for me always.

I have grew up with cadbury's and I can honestly say that it is one of the best, tastiest, creamiest, most amazing childhood chocolate bar of all time. I pop a square in my mouth and instantly my mouth floods with water... CADBURY'S IS LOVE! CADBURY'S IS LIFE!

Cadbury. Cadbury is so nice, when ever I just see the chocolate or look at it or smell it, it makes my mouth water. The marvellous creation thing they have done is amazing, especially the popping candy one. CADBURY!

Apparently, Cadbury is not a chocolate, because of something like a too high percentage of milk fats (or something like that) in comparison to the amount of cocoa. Nevertheless taste much better than others!

3 Ferrero Rocher

WHY. WHY. WHY is this third place.
Lindt is great, but it doesn't even come CLOSE to the rank of Ferrero Rocher. These luxurious chocolates will have you sprawled out on the bed with the classic boxful balanced on one hand, golden wrappers sprewed all over the place, as you twist each one in your mouth, dissecting the flavor, twisting it this way and that, a liltful dance, feeling the Ferrero take you into it's arms for it's sweet, sweet embrace. The hard nut cover, break it through to find the fragile chocolate shell. And inside, a sweet nut nestled in the arms of warm, liquid chocolate. Even the name is just gorgeous. What could be better? Lindt? Ha! No way!

I like how you can buy a whole box of these things. Any chocolate that contains hazelnuts are wonderful, and the ingredients they put into these chocolates are to die for.
I'm starting to crave some now, but I don't have any..

Ah! That lovely hazelnut chocolate flavour. Watch out guys! One bite=makes you want more

Delicious but expensive, but if your willing to pay the price than its worth it

4 Hersheys

Hershey's is really tasty, and has so much variety. Originally, I thought the Kisses tasted like vomit, but that's the Hershey's flavour, and once you get used to it, you actually love it.

An amazing cookies and cream chocolate of this amazing creamy chocolate with a delicious crunchy cookie pieces through out! Definitely one of my favorites of this crunchy but creamy chocolate

I grew up eating Hershey's, But I eat Meiji now (An Otaku's chocolate). But I still like Hershey's. It's the most popular chocolate ever, but I never heard or seen Lindt in a groccery stores.

The best milk chocolate for adults has less of the milky taste. Hershey is better because they put more cocoa than milk in the milk chocolate. In comparison Belgian milk chocolate is so milky, it diminishes the flavor of the cocoa bean into a kinder-type taste. Yuk.
Hershey been my favorite out of the American brands followed by Cadbury. Neste doesn't come close.

5 Kinder

Kinder, you like the normal eggs with surprise? You like Bueno? You like those small chocolate eggs with white chocolate and almonds inside? (which I have not seen in over a decade but who cares) how about Kinder Maxi?

You want them, don't lie to me son!

Best combination of white chocolate and milk chocolate

I don't like Kinder as much because its Such a small chocolate. within mins it would be finished

That is the best chocolate I have ever eaten

6 Thorntons

Cadburys may be my favourite 'eat anywhere' chocolate. But if I really want to treat myself, it's Thorntons all the way.

I think your chocolate is really tasty and pleasant to eat

Best chocolate ever with proper ingredients, no veg fats!

By far the original special chocolate and the best!

7 Nestle

There so good they also made snickers I'm pretty sure there so good

They have all the best chocolate!

Nestle's one of the best ones!

I love it lots...2finger chunky

8 Galaxy

Galaxy is like the best because there are ranges of galaxy bars and everyone loves them! And if your reading this then your gonna love it as well!

Galaxy is incredible chocolate. When you just put it inside your mouth, the taste that comes, is extraordinary.

I love it especially the honeycomb and the caramel. Who am I kidding I love all galaxy variants

Galaxy is the best and people that chose Cadbury over galaxy have a psychological problem

9 Toblerone

Toblerone is really rich and is without a doubt a really amazing Swiss chocolate.
The nougat adds a really nice touch!

Toblerone is the best chocolate

This is the best chocolate ever!

Also a very good brand. Favorite is lindor, but I reccomend trying this too.

10 Ghirardelli

Their dark chocolate flavours are so smooth and refined to get the perfect balance of flavours; their cocoa is definitely high quality. Very tasty chocolate.

I have had them all from Whittaker's (YUK! FAKE chocolate) to Godiva and I have to say Ghirardelli is the best by far with Hershey's second

Ghirardelli is one of the BEST chocolates I've ever had in my entire life, hands down. I'm surprised Hershey's beat Ghirardelli. (No offense to Hershey's lovers, of course) The luxurious chocolate squares..YUM

Ghirardelli is one of the most luxurious chocolates ever. Their chocolate squares are amazing and you have to eat them slowly in order to fully enjoy the squares. Truly a luxuy!

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11 Milka

Milka is among the richest chocolates. What's better is the flavours are like desserts altogether!
With flavours like toffee, hazelnut caramel and other rich, creamy, and decadent fillings, this chocolate is one of my favourite milk chocolates altogether.

Great chocolate brand, I could say my favorite. There are so many flavors, from ordinary alpine milk chocolate to fruit yoghurt fillings. Most of the cakes in my town are made from Milka chocolate. You won't be sorry if you taste it. It's delicious.

Been comparing it with different chocolate brands and...I think this needs a lot more recognition! Far better than Lindt honestly and with the different flavours (peanut caramel especially) it can't be beaten. Also very cheap for its quality

BEST CHOCOLATE EVER! Of course, I may be exaggerating, but Milka is amazing. It is sold world-wide, tastes like Heaven and has enough flavors to write a novel out of. The thing is, it's impossible to hate Milka.

12 Mars

Mars is my official favourite, I'm pretty sure that this was my very first chocolate ever. I've always loved mars ever since I was little, and I still do today. Yeah, there may be chocolates waaayyy better than mars out there, but to me, mars is a classic and will always be #1!

I love mars
I request all d mars employers to give an attractive color packng for chocolates... Thank u,

Much better than Hershey. My favorites are Twix, Milky Way, and M and Ms

Lots of different things impossible its #13

13 Toffifee

It was such a hard decision to choose between this a feros roches but toffifee if amazing! I love the creamy texture and yet the crunch in the middle - Incould probaby eat a whole box of these!

14 Twix

Twix are amazing! Twix are by far, the best chocolate brand I know. Having several textures for you to enjoy in one bite. Twix are the absolute BEST chocolates EVER.

Twix is wonderful my mouth has married it

The worst candy ever made

One of my favorites!

15 Belgian

People only seem to know the famous brands like Cadburry and toblerone, but there are loads of other brands out there that are way better!

Yes, there is a brand named Belgian. Still really nice though.

I adore anything made with Belgian chocolate

All Belgian chocolates in general the best!

16 Godiva

Godiva is a rich and smooth Belgian chocolate. The Godiva café's desserts all use this splendid chocolate on their waffles. Really nice pralines as well.

Godiva is one of the best chocolates in the world! I have to say I am suprised that Hersey's beat Godiva, becuase Godiva is chocolate that is filled with delicious fillings inside of the chocolate. Godiva is way more expensive than Hershey's because it's a better chocolate than Hershey's( My opinion). I have only tasted Godiva chocolate 3 times, but I absolutely love it!

This is the best brand in the world, Hershey's is cheap and low quality chocolate brand in the US. It is so funny to put heraheys on the list, selling more does not make it a quality brand

The rich and creamy taste of Godiva is the best thing ever. I get sick of eating a Hershey's bar if I eat too much, but I never get sick of Godiva.

17 Aero

AERO! Its quite nice you know like how it bubbles in your mouth...

Don't eat it if you have a phobia of holes though...

Is is the best chocolate in he works

Best even though its minty

18 Snickers

I have gotta say that snickers is the best chocolate on the whole world. The caramel and peanuts are so good too. It is way better than mars which is the worst chocolate in the world. When you put snickers in your mouth, it tastes like heaven. The salt makes the taste even better! You can get them in different sizes too unlike mars so I think snickers should be at the top.

By The one and only Sejyboy

The salt on the nuts give a weird grainy texture

Snickers taste like heaven

Best chocolate in the world

19 Guylian

Amazing pralines and mini chocolates!
The milk chocolate, being Belgian, is really amazing no doubt.

I am craving chocolate, so I come here and as soon as I see Guylian chocolate I get the shivers.

Blessed belgian chocolate, with creamy chocolate on the inside... BRUH... seashell chocolates are so good

Simply the best chocolate, the REAL belgian chocolate

20 Ritter Sport

Great tasting chocolate in a compact shape with many varieties. My favourite

Best brand after Lindt. Hersheys is disgusting I don't know why it's on here

Wonderful. Should be in the top 5!

After Lindt the second best, although propably not that well known

21 Fazer

Fazer is a beautiful creation and one of Finland's treasures. It's milk chocolate just blow's your mouth with it's awesome taste. It is wonderful how something so simple and plain can be so tasty. It has so many variants, but the original and loved fazerin sininen is the best chocolate ever.

Fazer is so good and I can never get enough of it! Especially the plain milk chocolate, then there's so many other different type of chocolates that drive me crazy like the white chocolate & milk chocolate, dark chocolate, geisha, yummm

The quality of the chocolate is amazing! Fazer has so many different flavors it's always hard to pick only one chocolate bar.

Fazer has the best chocolate ever

22 Whittakers

Out of all the plain milk chocolates I have tasted, Whittakers Creamy Milk is the highest quality. It has a nutty flavour and is just softer than any other chocolate I have had. It really warms you up.

I think its their 5 roll Swiss Refiner that makes the chocolate so smooth. Utter bliss.

The Dark Ghana Almond flavour is also extremely satisfying.

The chocolate is really nothing close to being cheap; it doesn't have the same cheap flavour as Cadbury or Lindt milk.

Whittakers was first place in the chocolate industry closely followed by cadbury in New Zealands main brands. Then they started developing cadbury in Australia and thus begun the downfall of cadbury. Now wittakers skyrockets ahead of every other brand especially with they’re milk chocolate flavour it excells in all categories. Cadbury is garbage!

Tried most of the rest, not the best in the world but up there. People who think Cadbury is good are probably chain smokers with no taste buds.

The minute I could smell the dark chocolate's bouquet through the damn packaging itself, I knew I had a love affair on my hands.

23 Milky Way

The caramel combined with the nougat makes this brand the best.

Hate this chocolate, no offense but awful texture

Why name it after a galaxy

24 Dove

Dove dark chocolate bars are 1.4 oz and are available everywhere.The perfect size to satisfy my craving without going overboard.

So much better than Hershey's chocolate. So smooth.

Dark chocolate is the best

Dove is by far the best

25 Cote d'Or

Best chocolate ever! People just don't know it because it's a small brand. Way better than Cadbury or any of those other sugary things.

It might be local Belgium brand but it's the best I've ever had.

Milk chocolate brand has no equals, simply yummy

Commercial but good Belgian chocolate

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