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1 Lindt

Lindt is so good, it makes your taste buds want more. They have variations of their chocolaye which makes it better then Cadbury AND Hersheys put together. Go Lindt chocolate!

Absolutely gorgeous. The outside is kinda warm and the inside is cold and so smooth. I absolutely love lindt. It is the best chocolate in my opinion.

I love Lindt... but Hershey's should not be on here. They force young child laborers that are under six years old to collect the cacao beans!


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2 Cadbury

The best chocolate EVER!

The new marvellous creation is and I hope cadbury exceed from this so everyone will know they earned number 1

As there is dairy milk to in it

Very close between Cadbury and Lindt. But the price difference has to come into point as well. But overall you just can't beat a big bar of cadburys dairy milk.

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3 Ferrero Rocher

Rocher? Did someone say Rocher? Gimme!


I hear the name Rocher and my taste bud automatically groan in pleasure.

Rocher is not chocolate, it's heaven

This is really nice

WHY. WHY. WHY is this third place.
Lindt is great, but it doesn't even come CLOSE to the rank of Ferrero Rocher. These luxurious chocolates will have you sprawled out on the bed with the classic boxful balanced on one hand, golden wrappers sprewed all over the place, as you twist each one in your mouth, dissecting the flavor, twisting it this way and that, a liltful dance, feeling the Ferrero take you into it's arms for it's sweet, sweet embrace. The hard nut cover, break it through to find the fragile chocolate shell. And inside, a sweet nut nestled in the arms of warm, liquid chocolate. Even the name is just gorgeous. What could be better? Lindt? Ha! No way!

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4 Hersheys

Best chocolate ever created in the world. It has a sweet taste and you can never stop yourself from eating it.

Hershey symphony almonds and toffee! Enough said.

Tastes Fantastic! But qhen Ii knew about the children labor I promised my sellf not to bye Hersheys anymore even it is my favorite chocolate brand.

Oh my goodness this the best chocolates in the world... I will eat it everyday when I will go to heaven... because in my country it's not available and we get it when dad visits USA or Canada :(

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5 Kinder

Best combination of white chocolate and milk chocolate

Mm + Toy = Kinder

That is the best chocolate I have ever eaten

My childhood chocolate - Chocolate4life

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6 Nestle

uhh... I've only ever heard of nestle & hershys

you can't live without their chocolates - rock2metal

They have all the best chocolate!

There so good they also made snickers I'm pretty sure there so good - OneWayStreet

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7 Galaxy

Galaxy is like the best because there are ranges of galaxy bars and everyone loves them! And if your reading this then your gonna love it as well!

My taste buds tingle when the word "Galaxy" is said

Galaxy is very good

Oh yes my favourite

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8 Toblerone

Very good but you can't really taste the honey in it that the wrapper promises - Chocolate4life

It's so good like what why is it not number one

I love this sweet why is it number 10 not number one for please make sure someone changes this

It's damnn yummy!

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9 Ghirardelli

Ghirardelli is one of the BEST chocolates I've ever had in my entire life, hands down. I'm surprised Hershey's beat Ghirardelli. (No offense to Hershey's lovers, of course) The luxurious chocolate squares..YUM

Ghirardelli is one of the most luxurious chocolates ever. Their chocolate squares are amazing and you have to eat them slowly in order to fully enjoy the squares. Truly a luxuy!

I think Ghirardelli is the best chocolate in the world

Dude, no one's better than Ghirardelli.

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10 Thorntons

Cadburys may be my favourite 'eat anywhere' chocolate. But if I really want to treat myself, it's Thorntons all the way.

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11 Mars

Mars is my official favourite, I'm pretty sure that this was my very first chocolate ever. I've always loved mars ever since I was little, and I still do today. Yeah, there may be chocolates waaayyy better than mars out there, but to me, mars is a classic and will always be #1!

Mars should be higher

Cannot be compared with any chocolate

Much better than Hershey. My favorites are Twix, Milky Way, and M and Ms

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12 Milka

Great chocolate brand, I could say my favorite. There are so many flavors, from ordinary alpine milk chocolate to fruit yoghurt fillings. Most of the cakes in my town are made from Milka chocolate. You won't be sorry if you taste it. It's delicious.

This is the best chocolate brand. Just try it. Cakes, Chocolate bars, ice cream. There's a chocolate with oreo, Nussini, Tender, Milka Lufle, Milka Herzen etc. Yummy.

I agree. This is the best chocolate that I had. The new oreo flavor is pretty good, but I prefer the plain milk chocolate bar instead.

The best ever forever

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13 Toffifee
14 Belgian

Yes, there is a brand named Belgian. Still really nice though. - sam11855

People only seem to know the famous brands like Cadburry and toblerone, but there are loads of other brands out there that are way better!

15 Godiva

Godiva not in the top tens! There is nothing better the godiva chocolate in this world - hollyleafforever

The rich and creamy taste of Godiva is the best thing ever. I get sick of eating a Hershey's bar if I eat too much, but I never get sick of Godiva.

I AGREE, Godiva is simply the best. End of discussion.

Best chocolate truffles in the world

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16 Guylian

Simply the best chocolate, the REAL belgian chocolate

Blessed belgian chocolate, with creamy chocolate on the inside... BRUH... seashell chocolates are so good

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17 Fazer

The quality of the chocolate is amazing! Fazer has so many different flavors it's always hard to pick only one chocolate bar.

Fazer is so good and I can never get enough of it! Especially the plain milk chocolate, then there's so many other different type of chocolates that drive me crazy like the white chocolate & milk chocolate, dark chocolate, geisha, yummm

This chocolate is heavenly.

The best

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18 Meiji

Oh yeah! Japanese chocolate all the way!

YES meiji has the almost perfect ratio of cocoa and milk. Whats perfect? Whittakers in my opinion - Chocolate4life

19 Snickers

Snickers taste like heaven

The salt on the nuts give a weird grainy texture - Chocolate4life

Best chocolate in the world

I have gotta say that snickers is the best chocolate on the whole world. The caramel and peanuts are so good too. It is way better than mars which is the worst chocolate in the world. When you put snickers in your mouth, it tastes like heaven. The salt makes the taste even better! You can get them in different sizes too unlike mars so I think snickers should be at the top.

By The one and only Sejyboy

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20 Vochelle
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