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1 Iron Chef America

This show is entertaining throughout the whole episode.

2 Paula's Home Cooking
3 Guy's Big Bite
4 30 Minute Meals
5 Good Eats

His skits are so funny. I love the poaching episode with the French guy stealing the ingredients It makes me laugh every time. He's so smart Alton doing these complicated stuff. Plus his yeast puppets are ADORABLE

So many good tips

6 Diners Drive-ins and Dives

It's nice to watch but they Always have a 10 hour marathon at night. Guy we get it. You can go to places and eat big deal

He is so dirty on that show. Especially when he goes into the restaurants and puts his fingers in the food and dose not wear gloves.

7 Throwdown! With Bobby Flay
8 Everyday Italian
9 Hell's Kitchen

Wow this isn't number 1? - spodermanfan1000

10 MasterChef

Why not number 1

How is this not number one!?! Greatest cooking show ever!

Pretty great show

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11 Chopped

Watch Chopped religiously. Remember, never put red onions in your dish if Scott’s judging.

It went downhill. Ted is awesome that hasn't changed. They either have special themes, guest judges, college kids, teens, or kids. Bring back the classic chopped. I watched it for 4 years and it's not the same

12 MasterChef Australia

I have watched the Canadian, American and Australian versions and the Aussie version rules.

Very underrated. Best reality cooking show ever made. I watched masterchef the original one. This was way better than the original show. The masterchef US comes second to this show. The techniques and presentation style (the camera work) is very nice. You can almost taste the food just by looking at it.

The Best Ever! Nothing else compares


13 Kitchen Nightmares
14 Barefoot Contessa
15 Worst Cooks In America

Super hilarious watching these culinary disasters learn to cook real food from scratch. I’m begging my folks to let me nominate my sister and her husband to go on Worst Cooks.

It's a very funny show. Seeing these people doing stuff so terrible you just have to laugh. It was the best when Bobby Flat was blue teams mentor not not Tyler Florence.

I love this show it cracks me up my faviorte charicter was karla

16 Cutthroat Kitchen

This should be no. 1

It's EVILICIOUS guys. The sabotaged are the best. The Bob's are funny as well

17 The Pioneer Woman

It is awesome

18 Semi Homemade with Sandra Lee
19 Cake Boss
20 MasterChef Junior

Everything about this show is awesome

21 The Next Food Network Star

I have no idea why this isn't on here yet. - RiverClanRocks

22 Cupcake Wars

I love that show

23 The Great British Bake Off The Great British Bake Off, often referred to as Bake Off or GBBO, is a British television baking competition produced by Love Productions, in which a group of amateur bakers compete against each other in a series of rounds, attempting to impress a group of judges with their baking skills, with a contestant more.
24 Cooks vs. Cons
25 Guy’s Grocery Games
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