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41 Guru Drums

The most high quality drums in the world in my opinion. Best sounding too. The Origin series especially is to die for.

Hey, I finally found my name. Thanks for whoever put me here. - CityGuru

42 STAGG V 1 Comment
43 Bro Creation
44 Basix
45 Taye

The studio maple is the best sounding kit for the money and the hardware allows me to set up as never before with ultimate comfort and playability. the sliding double tom mount allows you to get your toms in a position so perfect that all my other 3 kits are hardly played anymore. so for quality, sound, ease of set up, and playability... NOTHING beats these drums, not even my SONOR, LUDWIG OR MAPEX KITS!

46 Ddrum

Why on Earth are they 48. my ddrum sounds a crap of a lot better than my dw

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47 Mapleworks Drums

Great drums. Dknow6 on youtube uses them. THey have a great, beefy sound when paired with Evans. Great drums, but not the best, my favorite is pearl.

48 Jamm
49 Club
50 Outlaw Drums

The most amazing looking and sounding stave snares in the world

51 Aria
52 Whitney Drums
53 Power Beat

Lovely sound... VOTE! Search to prove

54 Slingerland

Best price for vintage drums that sound as good or better than its contemporaries

55 Pork Pie

My first drum set, sounds great and customer service was absolutely amazing, I will have this set for many years!

Way underrated, some of the best feeling & sounding drums I've owned were Pork Pies.

56 Groove Percussion
57 Brady

What is Brady doing at 55? I guess this is just a popularity contest not a quality contest... Brady drums are the bomb. Made in Western Australia from real trees!

The Brady Jarrah kits are killer

59 Chancellor
60 Chicago Custom Percussion

This is a really amazing drum company. They can do a lot of things. I know, its not as amazing as SJC (which is by far the best drum company if money is no option), however, CCP can make almost anything that SJC can but for cheaper.

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