They look beautiful and sounds great! Plus the different makes from different countries (Switzerland, German) makes it a wide variety of sounds available! They are perfect! The logo also looks good anywhere, on a car or t shirt or on your kit drum head!

I've played drums off and on for over 40 years and owned and played several differnt brands of cymbals. I used to be a huge Zildjian fan. After comparing several cymbals on several different occasions, Paiste always had a clearly more defined and pristine sound than any other brand. I just never wanted to spend the money for Paiste. I switched to Paiste Signature ride cymbals about 20 years ago and then I switched all of the rest out to various different models of Paiste shortly after... Nothing sounds like Paiste... The biggest disappointment in cymbal brands was when Sabian broke off from Zildjian... Heavy, cheap, clunky, and clangy at first and still to this day never very impressive sounding next to any quality brand of cymbal. In my opinion, Nothing sounds like Paiste.

This is a highly subjective question and I'm sure there are as many different opinions as there are drummers... I would encourage all all drummers to go to one or more music stores with a large selection of ...more

Paiste cymbals have the most powerful sound!

I am not a full user of Paiste, I use Zildjian most of the time, but I don't know why Sabian is above Paiste. What I love about Paiste is the very defined sound that Paiste offers, especially with the rides. I have used many rides from Zildjian to TRX but none better than the Paiste rides. One Particular one that stands out to me is the 22" Stewart Copeland Blue Bell Signature ride. It has a lot of stick volume as well as projection and although it is expensive, it's well worth what you pay for. I also have a 16" Signature fast crash, which is lower in volume and delicate to the touch of the stick, and still has a great bell. Last but not least of my Paiste line-up is a 2002 10" splash. It has a pretty quiet volume and still sounds like the perfect balance between a splash and a crash. I am honestly thinking about buying many more Paiste cymbals because they are so wonderful. I hope you found this comment helpful

Definitely the best! The rude and 2002 series really punch out heavy tones if you are a rock or metal person, the alpha series is a great cymbal series if you are a beginner and the signature series is just unbelievable! Definitely should be #1 also John Bonham R.I.P. The best drummer in the world played these.

There is something special about Paiste cymbals that just screams "real cymbals". What's great about them is that even the low end cymbals sound good! The full crashes are really full and the dry rides are really dry. When you want cutting metal cymbals you go with RUDE, and when you want warm jazz cymbals you go with the traditionals or the dark energy. Paiste has the cymbal for everyone!

Zidjian is overrated. I wouldn't take them if they were free! Joey jordison the guy that plays upside down uses paiste I use sabian aax metal but only because I couldn't get paistes. And wuhan in the top ten laugh out loud sure sure

Paiste Giant Beats 2002's, and now Formula 602's helped define the classic rock sound; and they all sound consistently the same from model to model, line to line. Getting pricey though, especially the 602's that were just released.

I started with the 200 series as a kid. Moved into the 400, 2000, 3000, and finally into the Visions, Sound Formulas, and Signatures. I am a lifelong Paiste player and see no reason to switch. A Paiste endorsement means you have arrived.

Paiste cymbals offer the best sound quality for the price, they make a ride like no other other, and from their low end cymbals all the way to their end cymbals the quality stays the same - brilliant.

Paiste cymbals never let me down in arenas, outdoors or small rooms. I was introduced to this cymbal in 1981 and drove 75 miles to hand pick my very first one. Thanks Paiste for all the great years!

I love Paiste cymbals simply because of its tones... Very clear, bright, clean sounds. I like Paiste's tone clarity especially the Formula602 and the Signature Dark Energy series. Bravo!

Paiste has very large variety of every kind of cymbal you can want. They're great at every type, whether you're looking for hats, rides, splashes, or crashes.

Paiste has great quality plus looks, durability, and great sound! In my opinion the reflector series are one of the best for any style you play! plus they are beautiful!

Paiste is the only cymbal I play. I have 5 different lines in my set up. Nothing else gives me what I want musically, affordably, and durability.

Classic Rock
Jam Band

I've played a 602 formula ride and it's the sound, I mean everything you would want on a ride it have it, wash, stick definition, great bell, great crash, and a darker sound.

These cymbals are just beautiful. They have a awesome sound especially the 2002 range and they are a very good quality cymbal that should be number 1.

Paiste Alphas are amazing and loud and if you want to go with a bright sound like me Signatures are the best!

John Bonham, Alex Van Halen, Why aren't they at LEAST Number 2?

Paiste has a lot of quality and has the most powerful sound. I find it awesome to use, no matter what series.

Classics that you just can't go wrong with. 2002s are what I use. So many great drummers sounds come from paiste. Should be number 1

Yeah I like paiste as well. I have a 18 inch signature power crash by paiste and I absolutely love it! :-)

Paiste is love, its passion. I have sure that's paiste is the best brand because I'm the better of the better of the world

Paiste are the best they know how to give you what you want without over pricing

The best sounding cymbals in the world, Period! That's why John Bonham used them and that's why I use them...