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21 She's Not You

This song, like every other David Archuleta song, is PERFECT. Somehow, David seems to bring out everything I love in a song, from a catchy melody to relatable lyrics. It was hard picking which song of his I like the best, but my mind just had a brain fart when this option picked up, because I knew it so well, that this is his best song. If you haven't checked it out, you totally should.

22 Somewhere Only We Know Somewhere Only We Know

I just love this amazing song.. N the voice, the lyrics n the music are just awesome!

23 Look Around Look Around

I have been listening to this song all the time.. Oh it's so good... This songs is awesome... It has got some catchy tunes... David archuleta rocks!

24 Elevator Elevator

It's wonderful, and somehow.. Well, different with the others.. But still! David's voice is so so BEAUTIFUL!

This song is so catchy, I love to sing along with him on his video. Great song and great singer.

25 Barriers Barriers

It rocks! Actually David rocks... ##i really like this song

26 Your Eyes Don't Lie Your Eyes Don't Lie

This has such a country feel, I love it! It should seriously be ranked higher! It's brilliant, and one of my all favourites

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27 Parachutes and Airplanes Parachutes and Airplanes

Deserves a better place in the top 10

28 Good Place Good Place

This is my all time fave. I love everything in this song.. The lyrics, the melody, the arrangement.. This is the BEST

29 Don't Let Go Don't Let Go
30 To Be With You To Be With You
31 Other Side of Down Other Side of Down

Love this song! Its definitely one of my favorites. Its got a good message and a solid beat. Its fun to sing along with and its easy to harmonize along with David's voice

32 Rainbow
33 I'll Never Go I'll Never Go
34 Angels Angels

Been a favorite since 2007. One of his best songs ever!

35 Glorious

Amazing vocals and meaning. A must listen if you think you know David.

36 Falling Falling
37 Broken Broken

The lyrics, " Do you see what I see? Do you feel what I feel? It doesn't matter until we see broken lives heal." are beautiful and intelligent. It compels you to look straight in the brokenness of the abused and taking a step to help and rebuild them.
David's voice in this song is powerful and explosive.

This song such a lot of deeply meanings! And David's voice it's so... Amaziing

38 Love Don't Hate Love Don't Hate
39 Nothing Else Better to Do Nothing Else Better to Do

Nicest song of his

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