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Crystal Mountain Crystal Mountain Cover Art

This album, more specifically this song just brings back so many memories of me and my dad. It's a masterpiece and the best death metal song to grace my ears. And the emotional value I get from it seals the deal for me.

This song completely defines my music taste! I love every phase of this song, nice composition, its vibrancy, consistency and versatility is the very reason for liking this track.

Best death metal song ever made and solo part yeahh ıt s amazing

Crystal Mountain is amazing but I gotta say my favorite song off of Symbolic is Zero Tolerance, it's like Chuck Schuldiner's warning for all of us, there will be ZERO tolerance.

Overall though, my favorite Death song is probably Within the Mind, so badass.

Flesh and the Power It Holds Flesh and the Power It Holds Cover Art

The intro is so catchy with the drums and the lyrics are amazing

Good song need's to be at first

Don't know how come there is no 'without judgement' on this list
This is surely 2nd best after that

Absolute progressive/technical death metal masterpiece. Insane riff variety and a killer solo to boot.

Voice of the Soul Voice of the Soul Cover Art

My eyes well up when I hear this song come on. So beautiful. It sounds like it's from another world.

What an instrumental, this will make any true metalhead tear up.

The most beautiful piece of music I've ever heard in my life. Chuck Schuldiner was a genius.

This song tells a story without saying even a word. This one is definitely USDA choice.

Lack of Comprehension Lack of Comprehension Cover Art

The best Death line up ever has shown in this song! a acoustic intro followed by killer riffs, melodic solos, and rhythmic drums. Of course this procedure seems to be the formula for good death songs, but Lack Of Comprehension created this formula!

It's so hard to pick one, but this is it. It's the perfect mix of melodic and brutal, going straight from the most epic and pretty melody, straight to the most unsettling, and then back. And that's all within one riff.

Lack of comprehension, thriving on your cliche, compelled by self resentment... words of a poet. Its hard to chose out of chucks infinite display of talent his genius, just barely beats empty words for me

This song is everything a death metal song should be. Absolute perfection, that riff, that solo everything.

Spirit Crusher Spirit Crusher Cover Art

Absolutely the best Death song. So many amazing transitions and riffs.

What?! Come on, Spirit crusher should be the second one!

First song that introduced me to death and first death song I learnt on guitar. I'm not a fan of death metal vocals but the guitar work in this song just got me hooked. The riff after the breakdown is one of the best riffs of all time in my opinion and made me want to learn this on my guitar

Super song... But in this list I not see my lovely song Story to Tell...

Empty Words Empty Words Cover Art

Why this song is not in the top 5?!

This song is simply the best song ever made by a death metal band in my opinion. Epic intro, epic solo, chuck's voice, everything is perfect!

Make me head bang so much!

This and Zombie Inc by In Flames are the two best death metal songs ever!

Pull the Plug Pull the Plug Cover Art

One of their more brutal songs

I always thought it was a motorcyclist on the album cover before

Death have so many amazing songs it's impossible to pick a favourite. Chuck was a musical genius

Once I Had Full Control... The Most Brutal Riff

The Philosopher The Philosopher Cover Art

THAT B A S S. Plus "you know so much about nothing at all" is the coolest metal line I've ever heard.

Ok, this is my new favourite Death song. The riffs and vocals have got to be the best from Death so far.

you know so much about nothing at all

I can never seem to get over the killer bass in this song. Besides that, it has amazing lyrics and (as usual) great riffs. The music video for this was pretty good to.

Zombie Ritual Zombie Ritual Cover Art

In my opinion the best death metal song, the part after Chuck screams "Now you're in HELL" is a complete hell!

Best death song ever guitar is epic

This the best death metal song ever should be on top cleared by miles!

Best opening and awesome speed

Symbolic Symbolic Cover Art

This song is easily one of my favorites from this album. I love the intro.

The song that got me into Death. Will always remain my favourite!

Got to be one of the best riffs ever

Simply one of the best songs of Death!

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Without Judgement Without Judgement Cover Art

Perfect in every way. When I listen to it, my mind travels to a deep and far away place where no earthly problems matter. At 1:10 Chuck growls "when pain is acknowledged! " and what follows is the best riff/drumming I've heard. EVER

One of the top 3 songs of their classic album Symbolic, dominates death metal!

Without judgement what would we do?!

This, The Philosopher and Lack of Comprehension are the esentials for begginer death fans

Spiritual Healing Spiritual Healing Cover Art

Such a great piece full of killer riffs and crushing moments. Vocals were outstanding at the mid-section especially, that moment wherein the song gets atmospheric and eerie all of a sudden with Chuck growling "Spirituaaal Heaaling".

The 'Practice what you preach' section: completely mind-blowing!

The absolutely greatest death album

I love this song one of deaths best intros if not the best this song should be in the top 5

Perennial Quest Perennial Quest Cover Art

This is one of the first songs I actually heard by Death, and every part of it brings memories. So underrated and SO amazing, I can't stress it enough.

One of the most epic/badass solos, and one of the most beautiful outros I have ever heard. My favorite by them.

Only 2%? Not even Top 10? What is wrong with you people, this is their best song in my opinion it displays the talent and creativity of Chuck Schuldiner! Every Death song does that but this one does it one of the best!

A beautifully philosophical song, incredible solo, and a gut wrenching outro. The perfect track to end any album, and my personal favourite song of all time.

Leprosy Leprosy Cover Art

one of the highlights of their sophomore album

First Death song I ever heard and it's amazing! The blast beats are insane

Not enough Leprosy on this list.

I love Chuck's opening scream!

1,000 Eyes 1,000 Eyes Cover Art

Amazing riffs, amazing solos, amazing song!

Death is to music, what life is to Death.

One of death's most philosophical songs, I love it.

Love the guitar riff in the first verse!

Killing Spree Killing Spree Cover Art
Suicide Machine Suicide Machine Cover Art

This is my #1 death song and I think that crystal mountain sucks

Good lyrics, thrash riff blows mind. Underrated.

Great song just like every other, vocals are amazing.

Is that too much to ask?

Zero Tolerance Zero Tolerance Cover Art

This should be in the top 5 AT LEAST - has a sick drum intro from Hoglan as well as the main guitar riff!

This is my favorite song of my favorite album

My favorite death song on my favorite death album

My favorite of all Death songs.

Evil Dead Evil Dead Cover Art

Maybe the best off Scream Bloody Gore (with the exception of Zombie Ritual) it absolutely kills and the guitar at the beginning is on a spiritual level

The beginning is beautiful and spooky at the same time. The guitar is just out of this world. This is a masterpiece.

As much as I don't like death metal, this wasn't bad.

First death metal song that I like!

Born Dead Born Dead Cover Art

Death metal masterpiece

Favourite Death song

Scavenger of Human Sorrow Scavenger of Human Sorrow Cover Art

Simply amazing, so powerful, and beautiful at the same time. Definitely deserves to be Number 1.

Amazing drumming, groovy bass and face melting guitar work! Chuck in his finest hour!

Complex, fast heavy, and meaningful, chuck schuldiner at his absolute best! RIP

Awesome song. My favorite by them

Mutilation Mutilation Cover Art

Should be wayyy higher. Its loud, shocking, and abrasive what more could you want from a Death song?

Maybe one of the most underrated death's songs!

Beyond the Unholy Grave Beyond the Unholy Grave Cover Art
To Forgive is to Suffer To Forgive is to Suffer Cover Art

I remember in high school I listen to this song for the first time and couldn't stop listening to it in each class

I love this song! should be top 5

One of my personal favourite solos by them and the riffs are amazing

In my opinion, this is Evil Chuck's best solo next to Voice of the Soul

Story to Tell Story to Tell Cover Art

This song surely deserve top 10! And it is in 23! Chuck would be wondered by seeing this! This song has everything! Story! The guitar is superb! The voice is superb! The music compose is just extra ordinary! I love this song m/

This song has one of the best solos I've ever heard in my life (and I'm a necrophagist fan) chuck was a monster on the guitar and with sound compositions

One of their most heartfelt songs but still pure death metal, simply amazing

So much better than any song on this list

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