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1 Machine Head

Highway Star, Smoke on the Water, Space Truckin', Lazy and Pictures of Home... Full of classics, great album. - fidelcanojr

Rising above records such as In Rock or Fireball is Machine Head. Filled with greats, including the incredibly influential "Smoke on the Water", it is enjoyable from start to finish. From displays of technical ability ("Lazy, Highway Star") to great riffs ("Smoke on the Water", "Pictures of Home"), this album simply won't disappoint a hard rock fan. - Rigas

No words to define this classic album. Just listen Highway Star, Lazy, Space Truckin', Smoke on the Water, Pictures of Home...

They had their most popular songs in this album. But I like almost equal songs from all albums. So I really can't choose. - zxm

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2 In Rock

Deep Purple in Rock is, to my mind, a more worthwhile album than Machine Head. I mean, Machine Head is great don't get me wrong, but In Rock just has better material. I absolutely love every song on there, and Speed King, Child In Time, Flight of the Rat, and others are some of the best Deep purple songs out there. In Rock also has an incredibly raw sound that an album like Machine Head doesn't capture, and In Rock is certainly one of the most important pieces in heavy metal history. Also, the songs on In Rock are not overplayed like Smoke on the Water and Highway Star. I mean, both are good songs it's just that we've heard them a million times! Play something else! I think that every band member is just top notch here, with Ian Gillan screaming his lungs out, Ritchie Blackmore and Jon Lord kicking out some of the most epic riffs and solos ever, and Ian Paice just flying all over his kit. So, yeah. Deep Purple in rock is the greatest Deep Purple album.

In rock is the 1st heavy metal album

One of the best hard rock/metal album. Solos are badass. Speed King, Hard Lovin' Man, Into the Fire and Bloodsucker are far better than any songs on their other albums. Machine Head is very overrated.

70s top1

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3 Perfect Strangers

Mark II reunion album... Great album! Perfect Strangers and Knocking on Your Back Door are great tracks. - fidelcanojr

Very underrated album. What a shame! Every song is great...

The mix is better, the songs are more memorable, the soundscape and oozing riifs are more thought through. I first held Fireball and Machine Head high. Nowadays, this album wins.

This album is not as popular as machine head or in rock, because most of songs in this album was not played in live.
Under gun
Nobody is home is undoubtedly underrated

4 Burn

Burn, Mistreated, Sail Away and the "A"200 instrumental make this album another classic. - fidelcanojr

Loved this one and thought that "Sail Away" was one of Purple's best ever. One of their better albums.

Great album. Sail Away is by far my favorite song by Deep Purple.

It has BURN. That's all that needs to be said

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5 Fireball

Their best album. I've never understood why it's hated on so much by not only the press but the band itself. Mark-II is the absolute quintessential Deep Purple.

Another hidden Jewel... Filled with great music. Fireball, Strange Kind of Woman, and Demon's Eye stand out. - fidelcanojr

The best of the not too commercial album...

This is my favourite album by Deep Purple. So many different songs: Fireball as a Hard Rock Song, No No No as a Blues song, Anyone's Daughter is Country, The Mule and Fools are amazing Prog Rock Songs and No One Came is funk. - DarkSideOfDragons

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6 Stormbringer

Very underrated album... Full of great tracks. Stormbringer, Lady Double Dealer and Soldier of Fortune stand out. - fidelcanojr

Not their best but it is better than "Fireball". Plus "Who Do We Think We Are" should be higher than the third and first albums. Nonetheless, Deep Purple rocks and is one of the greatest bands out there.

One of the best records ever made. Better sound quality earlier and later? Purple records.

The best melding of blues and hard rock in many years

7 Made In Japan

Best live hard rock album ever

I already voted for In Rock. I wasn't looking for live albums but this one and Live at Leads rule the live rock album category.

Best Deep Purple album. The songs are better played live than the original versions in Machine Head, In Rock and Fireball.


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8 The House of Blue Light

This is an extremely underrated album this should definitely be in the top ten. It has that awesome Metal shred attitude and really blows you away. - STLRams1

Not a lot to say about this album... It's just a good album. Key tracks: Call of the Wild and Mitzi Dupree. - fidelcanojr

Melodic and musically very interesting album. Pop sound of 80s is the only drawback.

I partly disagree with the person who said "Pop sound of 80s is the only drawback."
This album has 3 metal songs on it but I guess nobody paid attention to them.
As usual, the softest and poppiest songs become most popular because most people like namely this (Call of the Wild). And then from 1-2 songs people make conclusions about the whole album which isn't correct. - Metal_Treasure

9 Now What?!

Crucial album, Total bang on the money material. It just demonstrates there is no substitute for talent. Some great moments on here, with a new twist on the purple sound.

Great comeback from Rapture of the Deep. After 8 years Deep Purple brings us some great prog. Metal. - STLRams1

Not quite a Machine Head, but probably joint second along with Perfect Strangers and In Rock.

One of the best albums they have made, only missing a hit!

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10 Battle Rages on

Insane Opening track! Have to love the great lyrics and Gillan's voice in this album. - STLRams1

Better than!? , unfortunately the last album of the mark ll

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11 Slaves & Masters

A great album with some excellent rock songs. Saw the tour in Copenhagen in 1991. Fantastic concert featuring at least four songs from the album. Blistering playing by Blackmore.

To me, the special songs from this album are: The Cut Runs Deep, Fortuneteller, King Of Dreams, Love Conquers All.

Exquisite riffs and melodies. - Metal_Treasure

Joe Lynn Turner. Don't have to say anymore.

This line up is/was better then current line up. Still not digging Now What?!

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12 Deep Purple

Definitely their most consistent album. Machine Head, In Rock and Burn might be better collections of songs, but this album works much better as an album. Also - individual musicians' performances are excellent. This album is a band at it's peek. (the fact that the band stayed on this peek for the next 3 albums only proves how great of a band Deep Purple really are)

April best song ever

More prog than the previous two, one of their most accomplished

I only like their old stuff and this is definitely one of their best records! it should really be higher on this list!

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13 Who Do We Think We Are

Hard to follow a great album like Machine Head, but if you're looking for more great mk2, then don't count this one out. Each song is definitely different from the last while there seeming to be a distinct style running throughout the record. Highlights include: Place in Line, Rat Bat Blue, and Woman from Tokyo. Also the unreleased song Painted Horse is fantastic.

Heavy sound is great for the album. Even though the album isn't as in sync with there style as the rest of their albums. - STLRams1

For me, this one is better than Machine Head which was mellower & less heavy, not in his songs but in his sound.

WDWTWA contains top songs from start to end & the unusual "Our Lady" is definitely the most underrated song in the group's catalog

Who Do We Think We Are is one of their best album with In Rock, Fireball & Co. but strangely overlooked for whatever reasons...
Don't pass this one!

14 Shades of Deep Purple

Their very first album... Showed a lot of potential including songs like Hush, Prelude: Happiness/I'm so Glad, and great covers like Help and Hey Joe - fidelcanojr

15 Infinite

Haven't tried the full album yet but heard some songs and were good. - zxm

16 Bananas

They can still create great, listenable rock music, even the ballads are good

I don't think it should be so low on the list. - zxm

I have noticed, this album is kinda softer. comparably to other albums of Deep Purple. - zxm

17 Come Taste the Band

Really powerful, brilliant, dense, funky, rocker and with great compositions and great instrumentation, and I am sure this record is not in everybody's top 5 just because of the style: nothing to do with classic hard rock, nor with Ritchie Blackmore's Purple.

#4 in my list of Deep Purple best. "Coming Home, Lady Luck, and Getting Tighter" are as good as Depp Purple gets! Great rifts and catchy tunes. Bolin shows why he was rated so high back then - too bad his demise put a quick stop to this line-up.

We're talking the great Tommy Bolin here folks! How about showing a little respect. No other guitarist in history could play convincing prog rock/psych with Zephyr, lightning fast fluid riffs with Cobham and Mouzon as well as record two seminal solo albums. Not to mention more than ably replace Blackmore in Purple and Walsh in the James Gang. All this by the age of 25. Oh yeah, he could sing too!

While not your tradional Purple this album is great in its in right. Had the been a different name the critics would have fawned over it. Getting tighter, Lady Luck, Coming Home, This Time Around/Owed to G...brilliant. Really a shame that the name of the band then substance abuse by Bolin and Hughes on the tour killed any chance of it being thought so during its day. This album is still fresh sounding today.

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18 The Book of Taliesyn

Listen, Learn, Read On
Wring That Neck
5, 5/10
Kentucky Woman
We Can Work It Out (The Beatles)
River Deep, Mountain High
5, 5/10

Another early Deep Purple record... Kentucky Woman is great but Exposition/We Can Work it Out is a personal favorite of mine because it really reveals Deep Purple's musical genius. - fidelcanojr

Should be at top 10

Listen,learn,read on 7/10 wring that neck 9/10 Kentucky woman 7.5/10 exposition 7/10 we can work it out 3/10 shield 9/10 anthem 8/10 river deep mountain high 5/10

19 Rapture of the Deep

I voted for In Rock - best album by anyone, ever, full stop. Fireball would be #2 [Ian's singing on Fools! ], Machine Head, brilliant as it might be, is too clean and lacking in edginess to top those two and for me has two pretty ropey tracks - you know the ones I mean - something you could never accuse In Rock of... But I can't believe RotD is so low on this list. OK there are some fillers but there are also some great tracks and some outstanding instrumental passages and, though they are very different, I'd be hard pushed to choose between it and Now What?! To take to my desert island. To my mind it is a vastly better album than Bananas which I simply couldn't get into, though I know many would disagree. Do give it a listen. Program out tracks 2, 3, 6 and 7 [and the last few annoying, unnecessary seconds if that were possible] and you have a 1970's length album of depth, colour and virtuosity. Mind you, I'd love to hear Bob Ezrin remix/remaster it.

20 Concerto for Group and Orchestra

I appreciate their idea of pairing classical music with rock/metal - 30 years later Metallica did something similar, too (S&M - with San Francisco Symphony orchestra). - Metal_Treasure

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