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61 Dai the Flu Dai the Flu

The single most underrated song on this list if you haven't heard this song you have to list...

For the love of Chino and all that is Deftones - how in the hell is this so far down on the list?! Come on people. Listen again and enjoy the ass-whuppin' thrown down by Abe. 61?

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62 This Place Is Death This Place Is Death

So calm, yet chilling, with beautiful lyrics. How come it's so low?

So calm and medolic and is yet chilling to the bone, underrated for sure

63 Gauze Gauze

Never really cared for Deftones until I heard this song, the chorus is amazing

64 The Chauffuer The Chauffuer
65 Bloody Cape Bloody Cape

Though this isn't their best song ever, I've been coming back to it over and over as having the most gut-wrenching, driving guitar and vocal bridge in all their music. I have never heard Chino exude that level of pure desperation in any other song. "GOD HELP! GOD HELP! "

Really takes you through an emotional journey inside Chino's mind. I cannot get over how the riffs will go right from medolic and uplifting to heavy and somehow desperate and yet still somewhat joyful uplifting in a way, really is a great song

66 Deathblow Deathblow

Easily the best song from the Deftones album and wasn't even rated?

Sigh.. Korea above this? Seriously?

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67 Royal Royal

Hardest and most classic Chino on Diamond Eyes. definitely my fave on the album

68 Mascara Mascara

Really does put you into some sort of dark trance, does something that no other song can and sounds like nothing else you've ever heard

Don't know how this song can be so low on this list, it has a dark atmosphere and the riffs are amazing, underrated for sure

The beginning of this song is pure genius and this song is definitely underrated check it out

Fantastic song. Has an atmosphere unlike any other deftones song

69 Lifter Lifter

The deftones first album was on e of the great albums of the 90s I can't believe how little love it gets. This is the best song on there and my favorite deftones song.

So underrated, as far as I am concerned they never topped this track.

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70 Combat Combat

How can this song be #63? This song is amazing. Listen to it guys! IT'S amazing!

71 Mein Mein

Honestly incredible and I love that Serj is featured. Completely underrated song should be in the top 10

My two favourite vocalists in a song together, couldn't get any better. It's so soothing

72 Prayers/Triangles
73 Phantom Bride

Very powerful songs, one of the best of this Deftones album with Doomed User.

74 Gore Gore V 1 Comment
75 Pittura Infamante Pittura Infamante
76 Teething
77 Birthmark Birthmark

So low hearing those high notes in the chorus and those screams I get chills

78 Crenshaw
79 Lovers

Have any of you guys actually listened to this song? It slays most of the songs off of Deftones.

80 Rapture Rapture

This is definitely in my top 20, if not 15, if not, 10. It just doesn't get old... TWO DIFFERENT SIDES... Saturday night wrist is an amazing album.

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