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61 Riviere
62 Risk

How on gods green earth is this number 44. The fools who voted must drink penguin piss with a straw.

Amazing song I think it should be higher emotive and excelent lyrics.
I, m a deftones fans since 2002 and this is and excelent song of all the album of deftones.

63 Fist
64 Damone

Definitely underrated, it's such an amazing and relatable song and I really wish more people knew about it

This feeling gets old. And so do your eyes. This is why. I hate you.

Great song! So underrated

Absolutely love this song. Originally listening to MX but I was confused to why it had almost 25 mintues of silence so I waited it out and low and behold, my favorite Deftones song appeared. Chi's screams are in time perfectly with Chino's vocal follow-ups and the lyrics are especially intriguing on this track.

65 Please, Please, Please, Let Me Get What I Want
66 Knife Prty
67 Xerces

I love a lot of Deftones. They're my favorite band, but when it comes down to something to listen to when you're depressed or mourning, this song is the most powerful, beautiful, comforting masterpiece you can find. This is what gets me through the rough times. 11/10

Beautiful atmosphere. Should at least be top 30.

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68 Dai the Flu

The single most underrated song on this list if you haven't heard this song you have to list...

For the love of Chino and all that is Deftones - how in the hell is this so far down on the list?! Come on people. Listen again and enjoy the ass-whuppin' thrown down by Abe. 61?

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69 Bloody Cape

Though this isn't their best song ever, I've been coming back to it over and over as having the most gut-wrenching, driving guitar and vocal bridge in all their music. I have never heard Chino exude that level of pure desperation in any other song. "GOD HELP! GOD HELP! "

Really takes you through an emotional journey inside Chino's mind. I cannot get over how the riffs will go right from medolic and uplifting to heavy and somehow desperate and yet still somewhat joyful uplifting in a way, really is a great song

70 This Place Is Death

So calm, yet chilling, with beautiful lyrics. How come it's so low?

So calm and medolic and is yet chilling to the bone, underrated for sure

71 Royal

Hardest and most classic Chino on Diamond Eyes. definitely my fave on the album

Hidden gem in Diamond Eyes.

72 Combat

How can this song be #63? This song is amazing. Listen to it guys! IT'S amazing!

73 Phantom Bride

Very powerful songs, one of the best of this Deftones album with Doomed User.

74 Hearts/Wires
75 Lifter

The deftones first album was on e of the great albums of the 90s I can't believe how little love it gets. This is the best song on there and my favorite deftones song.

So underrated, as far as I am concerned they never topped this track.

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76 Birthmark

So low hearing those high notes in the chorus and those screams I get chills

The lyrics man, the lyrics...what is he talking ab...? - CosmicSea

77 Acid Hologram
78 Gore V 1 Comment
79 Pittura Infamante
80 Teething
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