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61 Fire Starter

It just grabs you by the first line. And I could really relate to it. The whole wallflower, hidden fire thing.
"There's an s under my clothes, on my chest where nobody else can see, I light up when the doors are closed, I am free"

I love this song. I was in Demi's world from the first line. the lyrics are amazing and I like how shes describing herself. she has an amazing voice.

From the first line it seems to ne in heaven. Sure guys, listen to this song and post a comment. It should be in the top 10... why it's just number 65?

This needs to be higher! This song is so iconic and empowering

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62 On the Line

Wowo This Songs Really Got A music in it is is just fabulous to hear is and it has a thing called"""""""Quality It

63 Party

My eyeballs just fell out.

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64 Sorry Not Sorry

So messed up & I loved it

Catchy tune. LOVE It

Contunuously it listened it for 100 times!

She is cool

65 Body Say

It's so good please listen and vote for it

It's so amazing and it shows her confident sexy side of her and it's so good!

66 Brand New Day

This is such a good song.It makes me smile every time I hear it. So should be higher in the list!

Really really Good, and as she said it måles peoble smile.

67 Tell Me You Love Me
68 Gonna Get Caught

What are You guys thinking? Have ou heard this song from don't forget album. 87 is toootally not right for this. this is an amazing song with an amazing tune. definitely my favourite of her songs! YOU ROCK!

Sure? One of my favourites Demi song at number 90? I feel so bad now. Listen to it, guys! - dmitrijfruci

69 La Que Soy
70 Different Summers

This song has to be in the top 10. Vote for it everyone and please listen to this song. Its just amazing. The lyrics are beautiful and she has sung it with all her emotions, it is in the top 5 in my book.

71 I Hate You, Don't Leave Me

This song is beautiful! It captures a part of being bipolar really well. You often get the feelings of confusion, tiredness, fear, indecidiveness and madness mixed together. And this song shows it really well - "I admit I'm in and out of my head", "I feel like I can't breathe", "I'm addicted to the madness" (in my opinion the most beautiful verse). It shows she wants this person to be around her and help her out, but she's scared, confused, and terrified of them - "I hate you, don't leave me", "I hate you, please love me", "Just hold me, don't touch me". Demi's vocals sound phenomenal there and she sings with so much passion. I'm just sad she didn't write it herself, but I love it anyway. Although, for me, it's kinda distressing to listen, it's without a doubt a beautiful song.

This is for sure one of my favorite songs by Demi, it's so beautiful, and relatible for me, I listen to it on repeat all the time.

One of my ABSOLUTE favorites... Along with Fix A Heart, MLILAS, & Nightingale

72 Everything You're Not

This song is one of my favorites by her! I think it should be in the top 10!

Guys... 66 is not a good position for this song. This song is cool, it was recorded as a replacement for for the love of a daughter when it could not be added to the album. It is amazing, listen to the song a youll love it.

73 Daddy Issues
74 What to Do

I love this song. Most of the time her songs are pop songs or meaningful songs with her big (and gorgous strong voice) she hasnt done many songs which are just sweet and slow. This song shows demis other side. I've never heard such a sweet voice people need to know that not only can she hit those high notes but she also has the most angelic voice ever. This song is so soothing and catchy too, it definitely deserves to be in the top ten at least

It's a awesome song! Please please please listen to it... You will love it. It should be at top 20. Please vote...

How is this not in the top ten
It's my personal favorite its honestley her best song
I first heard it on sonny with a chance and then I couldn't stop listening to it

75 Together

It's really the best if you hear it once.
A feat with jason derulo! What more can she ask for? This is truly the best and has the most meaningful lyrics. Common guys, VOTE FOR DEMI LOVATO!

Best song ever with brilliant lyrics and true meaning in it.. It delivers a good message to the whole world.. Love it so much... Vote for this guys... It deserves more than 33rd

What a great song it jason and demi what more could you ask for come on guys

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76 Instruction
77 It's Not Too Late

Why demi's fans omitting this song? I love it so much at the first time I listen to it!

I love this song. It should definitely be in the top 10. It has such beautiful music and the lyrics are really amazing. Demi's voice is great as usual. This song is one of the most powerful songs.

Oh! God
It is in 48...
This song is fantastic...
Trust me, download this song and you'll love this song...
Demi lovato has a very nice voice...

Great song! One of my favorites! ♥
Love the lyrics and the way she sings it ♡
Why are this one, heart by heart and who's that boy so low? :00

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79 You're My Only Shorty

I CAN'T BELIEVE IT! This song should be in top 10! This song is good, and I'll always listen to this song everyday!

Wonderful Tune... Must be on TOP 5... Guys PLease VOTE MORE for this tune... JAQUE

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80 Angels Among Us

Love all of Demi's song, this is a beautiful song

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