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81 Waitin for You Waitin for You

I can relate to this so much. I love it.

Usually her Ballads are the hightlights but this song is amazing and is just as good as her ballads.

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82 Stronger

Absolutely her best song! It's truely amazing. Great melody, great lyrics, great voice. It's not famous song, but it's her best.

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83 High School Miserable

I listen to this song all the time sonny with a chance is so amazing so is so random

84 Hold Up Hold Up

How can this be 75 this is Demi's best song! Such amazing music!

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85 Shut Up and Love Me

This song is awesome best song I ever heard

Beautiful and touching AND catchy! What Not to like?

86 Irresistible Irresistible V 2 Comments
87 That's How You Know That's How You Know V 1 Comment
88 Gimme Some Lovin'
89 I Will Survive I Will Survive V 1 Comment
90 Falling Over Me Falling Over Me

Love this song. This song should be higher than 75 because it is in my top 50 songs ever - zehnlovatic

91 Yes I Am
92 Got My Girls

This is a really cool song! Very different from her other stuff. Shut the front door! (first I thought she was saying shut the f up! Very unlike demi! Relieved when I found out its front door! )

93 Stay With Me

I simply love this song... Which is so heart touching, the melody is awesome...

94 Our Time Is Here Our Time Is Here

This is one of my favorite songs from her should be in top 40 at least. Come on guys vote

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95 We'll Be a Dream We'll Be a Dream
96 Somebody to You

I really love demi lovato, and I really love The vamps. So that they Are makeing a Song together, I just awesome.

This is one of the best collaboration of 2014- with really don't care
Amazing vocals

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97 Avalanche Avalanche V 1 Comment
98 Up Up V 1 Comment
99 Open
100 Shadow
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