Best Dido Songs

The Top Ten Best Dido Songs

1 White Flag

nice song, gives me another reason to live my life to the fullest!
one of the best song of the all times, music like this will never be made again!

very soothing, great voice.

Biggest hit of Dido's second album "Life for Rent" and maybe from her career - MatrixGuy

I love this song... I suggested it to a lot people... But they say that.. Its satisfactory... But to me the song is quite overwhelming.. It's a very depressing song... Even my parents love this song... It's inspiring and consoling

2 Here with Me

Its's very pleasant and soothing. Great lyrics. Feels natural.

For any fan, this is obviously the best song in Dido's career, and one of the best songs ever recorded in music history.

This is my Favourite song to listen to when I'm feeling sad and also my Favourite song to listen to anytime I want so please make this song number 1 because it deserves that place

Theme from Roswell show. The voice words and the song altogether take you to some other place. Its magical

3 Life for Rent

just so real, it says everything I've ever felt

It's stuck with me all this while. This deserves to be on the very top. The lyrics strike a chord with most people.

Love this song so much
Best song ever one of the best in histoy of music wish she made music like this now

Her best song for me. Love everything about this song. Awesome Lyrics..

4 Thank You

Hey, I don't know how this song is hanging here in the bottom.
This song actually deserves the first place, because of the awesome lyrics and here voice. I like dido because of this song only.

I agree this song is amazing should be number one I love the voice and I get close to tears for how it makes me a little sad but when I hear it I can't help it.

This is the most popular dido song here! Yes, I think this deserves to be on the number one spot

Most beautiful song from dido, The lyrics Heart touching and deserves the first place. Everybody should listen this song.

5 Hunter

Hunter is the best song from dido.. Why people prefer other songs over this I don't know.. But it deserves to be at least in top 3

This song is much better than "here with me". The song never gets old

I don't think I know of another song that so clearly depicts wanting to be independent of a relationship in such a precise way. This song is an anthem for independence

This is one of the best songs I've ever heard!

6 Don't Leave Home

Such an inspirational song, beautiful

The best and if the man says the best he mean it...

It is best song I heard.

One of the best songs I have listened ever

7 Don't Think of Me
8 Stoned

The studio version is spectacular. The lyrics are good, but it's the dark, dreary electronic beats (there's even bird chirps here and there) that truly shine here. Excellent song.

Amazing song! One of my personal favorites. Love the way Dido sings

"I'm bored of hanging out in your cold..." Sums it all up

"If you won't let me fall for you
Then you won't see the best that I would love to do for you
Instead you will be missing me when I go
Because' I'm bored of hangin out in your cold"

Dido - Stoned

9 Stan

How can someone who is nearly 60 and ha a good life, be some moved by "thank you" and the stellar combination with Eminem that he called "Stan"?
Well, that's how it is.. not felt it since James Taylor's "Fire and Rain". There it was easily to explain a wonderful ex was murdered some years later.

I guess it is the combination of Dido's song and vocals setting the stage and Eminem then ramming home that pain that results in such a tragedy that really gets me.

The Phil Collins reference is slightly wrong (he did not WANT to save the drowning man - ".. I would not lend a hand", where Eminem was busy in his work and didn't notice).

Any great song compile and a fave - us oldies are not supposed to like Eminem, but there ya go.

I love Eminem and I love dido, they sing so well together! And I agree that they should have sung more songs together!

This is really an awesome song...
I have the same story like Eminem...
That's why I love this song!

This is the best song I've ever heard... I mean this song is awesome... The best combination of two music artists is there in this song (Eminem & dido)

10 Sand in My Shoes

She talks about getting away from it all and how important it is to live life to the fullest, one of the best dido songs ever! Love you dido!

It is so deep, sad and the way she sings it gives the perfect picture of how she feels

A bulbous just like dido

This is her best song.. Alongwith white flag..!
Much much better than life for rent..
Vote it guys..!

The Contenders

11 Take My Hand

Magical amazing song. No other like it.

I love this song! Considering it was tacked on as a bonus track - it must be one of the best 'bonus' tracks of all time!

Excellent arrangements in both bassline and keyboards frames Dido's silky smooth lyrics to perfection, like a smooth red wine this track is tastefully addictive - and became my favourite and most played Dido song

12 Isobel
13 No Freedom

Best song of her latest album. Although her new album focuses more on different electronics to previous albums, 'No Freedom' harks back to her classic tunes and THAT VOICE! It's like Angels singing..hasn't changed an inch expect perhaps a hint more maturity over the years. Pure Bliss from Dido!

First time I heard it, I was immediately transported to the late 90's & early 00's and I fell in love with Dido all over again. Confirmed that Dido was back for real! It perfectly sums up the life of a celebrity that she has been living & how it has given her 'No Freedom'.

This is like THE best song Dido has ever created. Listening to it brings back a truck full of memories and immense nostalgia. VOTE PEOPLE VOTE!

Should be number 5 at least!

14 End of Night

Best song from 'girl who got away.' Shame it wasn't actually a hit in the uk, so don't know how it will make her greatest hits album?

She is back with brand new amazing track with full of quality music.

15 All You Want
16 See You When You're 40

I love so much this song.

This song is awesome.
It really touches the heart in a way that you'll never get tired of this song.
The ending is great both in the live and the recorded version

17 Don't Believe in Love

Amazing Song! How is it so low on the chart?

Such a beautiful track

18 See the Sun

The live version of this song from the Brixton show is Dido at her best!

This is one of the most beautiful songs I have heard. Can't stop playing it, the cord changes and Dido,s voice are magical.

The most comforting song.

19 Blackbird

The best song in the new álbum. I totally love it, it should be a single.

20 Girl Who Got Away
21 If I Rise

So soothing and captivating lyrics... This song manages to inspire in all kinds of dire times

22 This Land Is Mine
23 Grafton Street

Greatest Soul Music of all time

Quite Instrumental and Cool...
Talking about a love that is no more...

24 Let Us Move On
25 Who Makes You Feel

This song should be in the top ten. The beginning is the best part

26 Christmas Day
27 Closer
28 Do You Have a Little Time

The best song ever

29 Honestly Ok
30 Hurricanes
31 My Life
32 Happy New Year
33 Us 2 Little Gods
34 The Day Before the Day

This is a hauntingly beautiful song... One of her best

Such a beautiful and poignant song! Overwhelmes every time I listen to it.

35 Slide

A very underrated song of Dido.. But a beauty!

36 Give Me Strength

A very rare song off of the Odds & Ends demo CD. I think it's the best.

37 I'm No Angel

Simple and simply one of the best

38 Northern Skies
39 NYC

Exclusive to her greatest hits. This song is sick and should have launched her back into the mainstream. Easily my fave

40 Burnin' Love

Pretty wonderful Song!
Dido in Burnin Love is as amazing as Always!
Pure perfection

Burnin' Love is Just so Soft and Smooth!
Dido's voice, once again, is haunting and fitz perfectly in that song!
Everyone in the whole world should check it :)
It's definitely one of my favorite Dido's Song... I LOVE IT!

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