Best Drag Queens From RuPaul's Drag Race

The Top Ten

1 Jinx Monsoon

She's not mean or manipulative, she's just funny.

2 Pandora Boxx
3 Jujubee

I started with season 2 and as soon as she walked in I was just thinking top 3 100%, and is funny and beautiful and has everything.

Jujubee is the most beautiful drag queen on the show, and has an attitude! She/he doesn't put up with bs, and is really funny!

4 Sharon Needles
5 Laganja Estranja
6 Ongina

That's a true heart and talent

7 Nina Flowers
8 Bianca Del Rio

The best Queen. She's the only queen which truly has charisma, uniqueness and talent not gonna lie.

9 Yara Sofia
10 Tammie Brown

The Contenders

11 Detox
12 Alaska Thunderf**k
13 Madame Laqueer
14 Raja
15 Adore Delano
16 Alyssa Edwards
17 Katya Zamolodchikova
18 Ivy Winters
19 Miss Fame
20 Willam Belli
21 Alexis Mateo
22 Trixie Mattel

She got eliminated too early, TWICE. Her character/name/personality all went hand in hand and she just made sense.

23 Roxxxy Andrews

She was here to make it clear.

24 Latrice Royale
25 Tatianna
26 Vivacious
27 Valentina
28 Violet Chachki
29 Katya

Katya is amazing! She should have won season 7

30 Raven
31 Mariah

She... I mean he, is very beautiful, and can work it in sequins and glitter!

32 The Princess
33 Delta Work

She is truly the sweetest and kindest queen ever to walk the runway.

34 Shangela Laquifa Wadley
35 Brian McCook

Beautiful, hilarious, such a lovely genuine person- an all rounder!

36 Farrah Moan
37 BenDeLaCreme
38 Thorgy Thor
39 Milk
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