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81 Twilight Fauna
82 Cold Cry
83 Hatelord
84 Kistvaen

Probably the best dsbm band after shining

This list is totally messed up, Kistvaen deserves to be 1st rank, listen to canitude, Emotional halocaust, Departure..

Why are Kistvaen so far down the list? Should be considered DSBM classics...
Especially for fans of Shining (they even did a song with Niklas Kvarforth).
You have to check them out.

85 Valefor

Awesome band from Turkey. Valefor is a one-man project. His vocal is like Silencer. And there is awesome melodys

Very awesome one-man band from Turkey. His vocal is like silencer voc natthram and there awesome melodys...el diablo cassatro de hombrez haills from Andiart van darkening...


86 ColdNight V 2 Comments
87 Suicidal Madness
88 Ahakay N' Bror
89 Dot Dot Dot (...)
90 Left Alone
91 Apparently

Underrated! May be because they are from France where no one cares about Black Metal?
But, if you are a real fan of depressive music and you don't know about them then you're missing a gem in your metal playlist of your iPOD!

92 Faulnis
93 Frostfall
94 Sterbeklang
95 Frozenthia Depresis

I know it's quite not well known, but check the band. Genius of minimalism, sadness and pure cold. Unfotunately, there's only Demo 'outside', called "Margot".

96 Verwustung

Listen to "beyond the watercolor sunset, we feel new life"

97 Wintercult

A true DSBM band. Please listen to them.

98 Wehmut
99 Warning
100 Cuckoo's Nest
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