Best Episodes of The Penguins of Madagascar (Season 1)

The top ten best episodes from the 1st season of this animation.

The Top Ten

1 Two Feet High and Rising

My favorites are this one and Pengiunner Takes All. Both are hilarious, and I love Mort's obsession with the feet. I particularly love Mort's training against zapping feet. " No! No hug for you! Or you! Don't look at me like that! Okay... Aah! " and "Aw, you want a hug? " (Mort grabs tree and smashed electric foot) " Hug that! " Another minor laugh came when Marlene was convincing Skipper to train Mort, who was running back and forth between chalk drawn feet, crashing against the walls. A few other good episodes include: Penguinner Takes All, Happy King Julien Day, the one where Mort gets supersized, Jiggles, and Assault and Batteries.

Mort's crazy because the feet of King Julien. The Penguins are training Mort to calm him.

Oh yeah! This ones the best :D

2 Jiggles!!

Kowalski creates a unknown green creature that creates a catastrophy in the Zoo.

3 Lemur See, Lemur Do

A transported lemur robot came to the Zoo and copy Julien's actions: dancing, running,...

4 Dr. Blowhole's Revenge

The Penguin's Arch - Nemeses: Dr. Blowhole want to rule the world with a ring of fire in the north pole.

I love dr blowhole I've seen both eps and have the video game as well I seriously love him

5 I Was a Penguin Zombie

Skipper appears to be a green zombie wrapped up in bandages, and terrorizes Kowalski, Rico & Private.

Skipper brokes his arm and goes to a veterinary. Skipper makes a mess a changes his look to a zombie.

Look behind you!
Well, I just assumed he was going to pop up behind you. -Kowaski and Private

6 Penguiner takes All

There's a challenge by penguins and lemurs. The objetive of the game is to catch a flag.

7 Otter Gone Wild

The Penguins, Julien and Marlene goes to the park for snowcones. Marlene's afraid of the outside and gets wild.

8 Operation: Plush and Cover

There selling Mort toys in the souveneirs and then destroy it. They take the real Mort by Mistake to destroy.

9 Tangled in the Web
10 Little Zoo Coupe

The Contenders

11 Paternal Egg-Stinct
12 LaunchTime
13 Popcorn Panic
14 Truth Ache
15 All King, No Kingdom
16 What Goes Around
17 Untouchable
18 Assault & Batteries
19 Miss Understanding
20 Miracle On Ice
21 Wishful Thinking
22 Happy King Julien Day!
23 Out of the Groove

Julien's groove is taken away from him by a monkey named Darla, and he needs to get it back... Of course with the help of the penguins...

I think this is one of the funniest episodes and, I'm not going to lie, I'm kind of a Skipper fangirl and he has a role to play towards the end...

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