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41 Good Grief

You guys are clearly out of touch with what made the foos amazing in the first place - the song kicks - vocals and very avant gard lyrics with drums that are beyond the realm

amazing - wake up people!

Such a great song one of my favorites off the first album

This is a really underrated song. Give it a listen.

42 M.I.A.
43 Word Forward

This is just a truly beautiful song - jeremyelmkies

Top 5 at least! Class song

The Foos at their best

44 Skin and Bones
45 Next Year

One of the most beautiful songs I've heard in my life. Foo fighters have LOADS of amazing songs but this one is just extra special. - wolphert

Very beautiful song
My favorite

46 Down in the Park
47 Low

How can anyone NOT like this!? This should be in the top 10! VOTE!

Wow... Just wow... How is this not in the top 20? This deserves at least 15. This is one of their greatest songs from one of their greatest albums. This amazing song is way too low in the list... So punny.

Very underrated. Awesome beat, no incredible beat. Oh, and the music video is hilarious! Top 20 at least!

This is my favourite song of all time! I can't believe it's not higher

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48 New Way Home

The ending alone is as good as any good song recorded, definitely deserves too twenty if not higher.

Best outro, faster faster faster

Beautiful speed up

Such a great song

49 Gimme Stitches

"Take another stab at me
I promise in time I'll heal"

Wonderful underrated song - one of my favourites.

50 Summer's End

Why is this only number 61? It is such a feel good summer song and I love it,

51 The One

I know its not better than the pretender but it deserves to be in the top ten it really dos

52 Sean

Great song, it should me much higher!

53 Wind Up

This is the perfect Foo Fighters song. A great, hard riff, good singing, great bass, awesome drums, and there always has to be a little screaming in a good Foo Fighters song.

Really awesome song

54 See You
55 Saint Cecilia

Great beat and is just a really cool song a shame it isn't up higher

This song is just awesome. The ranking must be due to it's age.

Amazing song

Great chorus and it’s a free digital download

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56 Overdrive

I'm surprised it's only No. 47. Catchy, great melody and in my Top 20.

57 Darling Nikki

Love this song its not here though may I'm the only one that likes it well anyway thought it should be here so here it is

58 Exhausted

For those who really know what good music is about - listen to this song. Many times the best songs are ranked low because what is easy to like is always ranked up high.

Easily the best Foo Fighters song. Catchy and has a distorted feel. One of my favourite songs of all time.

This song should be in TOP 10!

One of the best songs ever. dark, honest... and I heard it live...

59 Tired of You

Why wasn't this masterpiece in the list?

60 Outside

Great song. Not the best though. I like the new album, but its way different, taking a more electronic path I think

This song is outstanding! I love every second of it!

Best song of sonic highways in my opinion

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