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61 Run

Never really listen to Foo Fighters that much, though I don't mind a lot of their stuff, but I heard this one and instantly liked it. I might try some of their songs I have not heard.

Probably one of my favorite songs from them, if not my favorite. I know it's new, but come on.

Awesome Rock Song. Great for working out. Video is great too, in my opinion

This sounds FANTASTIC!

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62 For All the Cows

So underrated. My 2nd favorite foo song

WHAT? 0.1%! one of my favourite songs

63 Over and Out

Wonderful song, interesting timing.

64 The Sky is a Neighborhood

#66?!? This seriously needs to be higher on the list!

A must listen, especially for those who love a bit laid back tempo and intricate guitar patterns with base and drums which goes perfectly with Dave's vocals 🍻,"oh my dear heaven is a big bang now"!

65 FFL

All to epic! From Five Songs and a Cover EP. - foxmcloud21

66 Friend of a Friend

Makes me cry every time

67 Once & for All
68 Live-In Skin

My personal favourite from arguably their best album (Colour Shape may be) - mrbramble

69 Come Back

I feel like this song just embodies the Foo Fighters, their perseverance, their struggles, their strength. Look at the title, and just think about that phrase when you listen to the song. The Foo Fighters and Dave Grohl especially have truly "come back" from some crazy stuff, and they get my respect and love for that. This song is so endearing, it's so Foo Fighters. I love it for that.

I love this song although it's really long there's something about it that makes me unable to not listen to the whole thing! Overall great song that needs more recognition

Best Foo song ever. It's the perfect introduction to new fans. The perfect go to song for the hardcore fans. It has all the best elements of every Foo song with an
Epic feel. Every show I go to I'm hoping that they perform this song. Not yet but I'm keeping the faith! This IS Foo Fighters.

Very underrate, just listen

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70 In the Clear
71 Home

Such a great song that showcases the softer side of the Foo Fighters and David grohl's voice. It is the only song that I know of that is only accompanied by a piano for most of the song. Much less post grunge and more of a blues ballad. Definitely one of my favorites.

This is the only manly reason to cry. I don't know how this is 51. It doesn't deserve it.

Top ten o 15

72 On the Mend

I can't believe this wasn't even added on the list. I spent three minutes trying to find this beauty only to be disappointed. This song is a masterpiece!

73 Congregation

Such a powerful song. Especially the part where the bridge concludes and the final chorus kicks in and Dave screams: "OPEN YOUR EYES! STEP INTO THE LIGHT! " That my friends is a perfect example of raw emotion in a song. They used to play this song on the radio a ton when it came out but now I seldom hear it. Good thing I have the album!

How can this song possibly be at the bottom of this list?!
It's one of my favorites! Especially the guitar solo is AWESOME. In my opinion it's the best tune on their new album Sonic Highways. If you're a real Foo Fighters fan, LISTEN TO CONGREGATION You'll love it.

Love this song and the meaning behind it, the guitar riffs are very good too.

This is an AMAZING song! It deserves to be in the top 20 at least! Can't wait to hear it live soon!

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74 Fraternity
75 A Matter of Time

Underestimated, should go up! Very good melody and rhythm, one of the best of wasting light

What this songs us one of the reason the new album was a success it's lyrics and the way the guitars match up wit the drums it's magic it should be in the top 10 who am I kidding it should be in the top 5 SEARIOUSLY I'm NOT KIDDING -. - I'm still surprise this song is way back here at #64 it's so sad that a beautiful and well made song it's here :, (

Such a great song catchy lyrics and the usual amazing guitar and drums it's just a matter of time till this becomes in the top 10

What this song is way to cool to be I like hear it on the radio every godamn day!

76 The Last Song
77 Cold Day in the Sun

Can't believe no one has commented on this beautifully written song. It's just so cool! Give it a listen and vote to move it up.


78 Have It All

Awesome song! Definitely in my top ten. One of the first songs I heard by them and easily one of my favorites. Recommend it to anyone trying to get into them.

Each album has a few standouts. I think One by One has one too many. That's not a bad thing. Have It All is one of their most underrated songs. Definitely in my top 10.

Great song, could quite easily be in the top ten, can't believe how underrated it is. Deserves a higher place

This is such an amazing song! Should definitely be higher! One of my favorites on one by one

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79 Miss the Misery

Very underrated, like Matter of Time, great album

80 Another Round

The acoustic version is fantastic. Grohl with harmonica and accordion? But of course!

This song is underrated I can't believe it is this low on the list. The way the Foo Fighters used the easy chords to accomplish such a great and beautifully song song.
Come on people help this song out! - WakeupPeople603

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