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121 Kung Fu Fighting V 2 Comments
122 Oh George
123 Better Off
124 February Stars

This is honestly my favourite song by Foo Fighters. THIS IS WAY TOO UNDERRATED. This song just has a comfortable vibe to it.

Maybe the MOST UNDERRATED SONG IN THE WORLD! Not just the foo fighter's. One of the biggest masterpieces I've ever heard

88? It's not the best but this is seriously the wrong position for it.

The vibe is just heavenly

V 1 Comment
125 If Ever
126 Have a Cigar
127 Walking a Line

Amazing song. Should have been published before the B-Sides were released

128 Podunk

This is such a good song to which you can't understand a word. This should have been on there

129 Dear Lover
130 Arrows Arrows
131 La Dee Da La Dee Da
132 Concrete and Gold Concrete and Gold
133 Sunday Rain Sunday Rain
134 Happy Ever After (Zero Hour) Happy Ever After (Zero Hour)
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