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1 Pyramids

One of the best songs I listened to. The first verses sound like a dream. Recommend to anyone.

First Frank Ocean song I listened to full way through. Friend put it on. Fell in love!

Beautiful 9-minute odyssey


2 Thinkin' 'Bout You

Such a chill song. Always puts me in a good mood. - AlteredState

Makes me feel like this messed up world could be the calmest thing ever for 3 minutes and 21 seconds

Its pure beautiful. Should be number 1

This is also his most famous song

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3 Swim Good

First song I heard from frank ocean n fell in love with his music.

If I had to go to an island without anything but a vinyl which I had to listen to till the end of my days, I would choose this

This is a masterpiece! I love it!

Such a good easy to vibe with

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4 Self Control

Only song that's ever made me want to hold someone and think about someone else at the same time.

Best on Blond, and top 3 by him


5 Lost

Its nice laugh out loud

6 Pink Matter

If you want to be able to hear frank ocean show off his voice then this is your song. Didn't make the radio but its one of his best songs by far

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7 Bad Religion

Best song! Should be at least by top 5!

Amazing song! Should be number 2 after Thinkin Bout You

8 Nights

One of the best songs of the decade, along with Pyramids.

You know you need the money if you gon' survive

"everybody needs you"!

9 Pink + White

Made me remember my life in a blur and how everything will be ok. It took me a while to love this song and once I did, I felt passionate to do something great and something that everyone will remember me by

10 Novacane

Amazing dark lyrics mixed with peacful beats and Frank Oceans melodic voice are an awesome mix that I could listen to for hours

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? Biking


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11 Forrest Gump

Beat is so good! underrated song in the album

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12 We All Try
13 Super Rich Kids

Amazing lyrics, and that verse from Earl Sweatshirt though...

14 Wise Man

Beautiful, emotional stuff that leaves one in tears...

15 Voodoo
16 Ivy

This song takes you on a surreal journey towards Frank's own heartbreak, which is also synonymous to its alluring guitar riffs and classic-inspired instrumentals.

17 Sweet Life

This is amazing, represents pampered people extremely accurately. a great example of frank's amazing songwriting

18 American Wedding

U love the lyrics. They kinda sad though

19 Solo (Reprise)
20 Sierra Leone

Hands down the most beautiful piece of art frank has put out, deep meaning enveloped within delicate soothing strings make this song pure genius.

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1. Pink Matter
2. Lost
3. Self Control
1. Bad Religion
2. Swim Good
3. We All Try
1. Pink + White
2. Ivy
3. Thinkin' 'Bout You

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