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1 Fred Goes Swimming

I actually had a dream where fred finds that toy shark and starts struggling in the pool, and then the jaws music starts playing.

because I like how he says because I'm uncomfturable with my body. LOL SO FUNNY. I LOVE HOW HE DROWNS IN THE TINY POOL ROFL.

The greatest YouTube video of all time.

It's my favourite video.

2 Fred Works Out

This Fred video is so funny that milk came out of my nose and it sqirt Tony, Max, Marcus, and Kyle.

3 Freds Mom is Missing


4 Fred Cooks for Judy
5 Fred Sneaks Into Judys Party
6 Fred Runs for President

It makes total sense, if there is no recess, no one gets left out at recess, It's genius!

This video is so funny because of all of Fred's stupid ideas to make his school better and how when he was on the phone people said he had acne and threw up at lunch yesterday.

7 Fred Faces a Dirty Campain
8 Fred Goes to the Dentist
9 Fred Gets Detention
10 Fred on Election Day

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11 Fred Goes to the Grocery Store Feat. Annoying Orange

Orange you glad I didn't say knock knock?

The Annoying Orange and Fred need a lot of hate (yeah, I said it! ), but (these were the days when) Annoying Orange actually got this to be less aggrivating.

12 Fred Loses His Meds
13 Fred on the 4th

(Fireworks heard) They're bombs.

14 Hey It's Fred

This was the worst one, not the best, it starts out good for a second, but then we find out it's just Lucas telling everyone that he sold his channel and made it a community channel open to anyone, he ruined his reputation.

He ruined everything, he sold his channel to a bunch of kids to his death because he got greedy, he lost his fame afterwards and is nothing else than a lonely wimpy vlogger, at least that's who he returns as afterwards on his vlog channel.

Fred always sucked, but even for Fred standards, Hey It's Fred is crap. If you know what's great for you, please watch Cinemassacre (yeah, I said it)!

15 Fred on a Snow Day

This one was too offensive during that one part that it got banned.

What did he even vomit up?

16 Freds Mom is Missing! 2
17 Fred Gets Babysat
18 Fred Rides a Bike
19 Fred on Halloween

The one that started it all.

20 Fred on Christmas
21 Fred Gets a Letter from His Dad
22 Fred Goes to a School Dance
23 Fred is Back!

This was his first "mature" video, with one of the guest stars from the Disney Channel show, Jessie.

Jenny was Judy, making this the first, and only Fred video with Judy making an appearance,

24 Claudio on Valentine's Day

This was the last Fred video before the New Fred Saga, which led to the true finale.

Hardly even considered a finale, yet he destroyed his fame afterwards.

25 Where is Fred Now?!

Fred gets a sequel on Lucas's channel 2 days after Christmas in 2015.

He rebooted Fred on December 27, 2015, on his personal channel.

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