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1 Cars

Excellent audio every time I hear it. My ears love me for putting it on.

"Cars" is a 1979 song by UK artist Gary Numan, and was released as a single from the album The Pleasure Principle. It reached the top of the charts in several countries, and today is considered a New Wave staple. In the UK charts, it reached number 1 in 1979, and in 1980 hit number 1 in Canada two weeks running on the RPM national singles chart[1][2] and rose to number 9 on the U.S. billboard Hot 100. It debuted on the American Top 40 on 29 March 1980, and spent a total of 17 weeks in the AT40. "Cars" was released under the 'Atco' label, with the catalog number of 7211.

2 I Die: You Die
3 We Are Glass
4 Are 'Friends' Electric?

How is this only at 10? This song is the best!

His most successful song (as tubeway army), number one for 4 weeks in 1979

5 Complex
6 Change Your Mind
7 Metal
8 We Take Mystery (To Bed)
9 She's Got Claws
10 M.E.

The band Basement Jaxx had a huge hit in 2002 with "Where's Your Head At? ", which relied on a sample of Numan's "M.E. "

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11 Absolution
12 Warriors
13 An Alien Cure
14 All Across the Nation
15 Music for Chameleons

Great 80s sound from his most underrated album, "I assassin"

16 Dead Heaven
17 One Perfect Lie
18 Down In the Park

There're are better songs than "Cars" - cobrarsn95

My personal favourite after Are Friends Electric. I particularly love that line, "we are not lovers, we are not romantics, we are here to serve you - a different face but the words never change" ❤

19 Love Needs No Disguise
20 My Dying Machine
21 Films
22 In a Dark Place
23 My Jesus

Just the perfect Numan song!

24 God Only Knows
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