Lea Michele (Rachel Berry)

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Lea Michele is so much better than the rest, except maybe Kurt. I get that a lot of people don't like her but honestly, the girl was on Broadway. Lea has a fantastic range, a beautiful, pure sound, and tons of passion. To even suggest that she is only second best is ridiculous. There's a reason why she has the most solos.

I have to say that everyone on the show have great voices. But Lea just kind of steals the show, her singing really makes you feel something which not everyone can do. Emotions are conveyed really well when she sings. She also is just amazing at all of what she does and her acting and singing really flow into each other giving the story line a nice flow. I personally love Dianna Agron's voice and Naya Rivera as well (Chris, Amber, Jenna, Kevin, Darren, Cory and all the others are also amazing).
Glee just have an amazingly talented group of people on the show however if someone has to win Lea just comes out on top, her voice being so powerful and all.

Rachel/Lea is by far the best singer on Glee. Her resonance and breath support are spot on, allowing for soaring belts into the high upper register. She is incredible at conveying emotion, evident in her vocals and her eyes. Although her voice has a Broadway quality, this isn't necessarily a bad thing. It only means she doesn't need auto tune to fix wrong pitches, or to hide behind a radio to cover up poor technique.

She was good but not as great as the show made her out to be. And she was a sucky person. Maybe give some others a chance to shine, like the exceptional ones like Santana and Kurt and Quinn have the lead at competitions. And even the good ones like Mike and Artie got less than her. Maybe some characters like Matt and Lauren would have stayed and gotten a solo if she didn't steal the spotlight always. Schuester totally favored her and gave her all the solos and declared her the best which is why so much of the glee club hated her - I would too!

I admit that Lea is very talented, but I don't think she's the best singer on the show. Everyone on the show makes a big fuss of how she's the best singer there, which really annoys me because it's mentioned so much. I think Amber has the best voice because she has a more powerful and soulful voice. Lea sings very emotionally and passionately, but I don't think she has the best voice in glee.

There's ABSOLUTELY no doubt that Lea Michele is the best singer in that show. Have you heard "Don't Rain on My parade"? No other singer in that whole show could do it.

She is a broadway star. Love watching her sing how she doesn't seem to have a hard time reaching those high notes. Awesome.

Rachel berry is not my favourite glee character, I must admit, but her voice is absolutely stunning. It's so powerful and I could listen to it all day. I think she is incredibly talented to have such a creative and strong voice. It blows me away. 10/10 to your voice Rachel berry!

When Rachel sings everybody turns to stare. It's like she becomes another person. Rachel's voice is flawless. She takes singing to another level. When she sings "rain on my parade", she shines. She sings it so well. Lea Michelle is the best singer ever! Yay Rachel

Obviously, there are many incredible singers on this show; it's a singing show. But there's no denying that Lea's wide range and control makes her the most talented singer, even if her voice isn't necessarily your favorite to listen to. (But how could it not be? )

I think that Lea Michele has an amazing voice and she deserves to be on the top succesful singer of the 21st century. Her vocal range is unique and very strong. It is very fun and inspiring to hear her sing and imagine what it would be like to sing like her.

Extraordinary singer. Wonderful timber, developed technique and outstanding emotion when she sings. Without a doubt, the best singer on Glee. The only cast member that can keep up with her vocally is definitely Amber Riley. Love both of them.

Rachel is really really good. Her voice is controlled and how she belts is insane. Her character might be slightly overrated as a vocalist but her soprano ability combined with her musical training makes her the best singer on Glee.

I agree that naya is a great singer but she cannot sing every song. Lea has the most amazing voice I've ever heard. She can hit every note. She captivates me with her voice every time I hear her voice. I love Lea Michele. She's unique.

Everyone complains that she gets all the solo's but the reason she gets all the solo's is because she has the best voice. Everyone else has a great voice too! But Rachel's is the best! It's powerful and beautiful at the same time!

Rachel Is the star of glee. She has the best voice, the most determination, and she puts on the best show. Marley was like a sad remake of Rachel, but nothing ever comes close to comparing to the original.

She and Chris are the only exceptional singers on the show. Lea has the best range and her tone is beautiful. She always sounds strong but she retains the beauty in her voice.

She has an amazing voice. She can basically perform any song as she can sing really high and low pitches and she can probably hold a note longer than any other glee member.

I love Lea Michele. I feel as if just because people may dislike her character they take it out on Lea and her amazing talent! She is also my fave character as I relate!

Personally, I believe that Lea's enounciation is a bit weird. What I mean is, the way she stresses her vowels doesn't add for the best tone of voice. Also, her voice isn't anything I'd remember. She has no memorable qualities to her voice, she doesn't have that raspy texture, she doesn't have whistle register, she just has a "Broadway voice," which hundreds of singers have. Another thing is that the writers gave Lea way too many solos, tricking people into thinking that she has the best voice. You think I'm being irrational? Well, a professional voice critic rated Lea Michele's voice at "B", which is "good to acceptional technical proficiency." - RedAndGold

There is absolutely no competition- Lea Michele is the best singer on Glee. I was shocked to see Naya ahead of her. Have you heard her sing "Don't Rain on My Parade. " No one, except Barbara Streissand, could sing that song that well. She belongs center-stage on Broadway. I love to watch her sing, it just mesmerizes me.

Her voice is so CLEAR and smooth. I love listening to her. Reminds me of Celine Dion. She's fantastic. And knows how to play around and control her voice. 11/10

She's amazing! And needs to be number 1! She has the most emotion in her voice and face expressions! She by far has the best voice!

Well actually I think many people why didn't recognized her voice because they character in glee

All Glee members are great singers, but Lea Michele is just outstanding!