Boulevard of Broken Dreams


Simply and frankly, Green Day's signature song. Whenever one thinks of Green day this is the song that immediately appears in people's heads. It merely depicts the effects of depression people endure after having their heart broken. It talks about intense loneliness, but one of the main aspects of the song that captivates people is the emotional guitar playing and the entrancing " Ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah I walk alone I walk a" which is what sticks in my mind the most when I think about this song. The line " sometime I wish someone out there will find me' is just so beautifully sad. Immensely popular, the song has to rate as one of the top songs of the noughties period.

I never really got into green day until I heard basket case for the first time 3 years back. I was instantly captured by Gd's style and I was begging for more. This was the next song I turned to and to be honest, I didn't like it that much. Then christmas came around heard this song while walking around at night to see neighbor's lights. An american flag caught my eye and I pictured green day playing right in front of me with a snowman. Don't ask me why. But ever since this has been my favorite gd song of all time because it takes me back to that moment. Weird story, I know. Hope it inspires.

Yeah, This song rocks. When I was younger this was my favorite song. I even came up with a roller coaster ride with this song playing.

This was one of the first songs I had ever heard from Green Day an I was only little yet it inspired me and somewhat made me realise how alone I was. I could listen to this song all day it just gets you lost in thought and takes you away, this song is the friends you never had. The soothing yet powerful musical instruments makes the sound what was just made for Billie Joe's voice, suddenly going quiet then BURSTING into life as it goes into the chorus.

Simply put: it's the BEAST! Hands down this is an AWESOME song. LOVE it! Listen to it once and your hooked. It's AMAZING! Love the music and lyrics has a nice meaning " I walk a lonely road the only one that I have ever known, don't know where it goes but it's home to me and I walk alone" don't we all feel like that sometimes

This is the most epic song ever made by the gods of music, Green Day. And the best part of the song is not only the music & the rhythm, but also the lyrics, which comes true even in our lives. No matter how many people we're surrounded by, we always walk alone.

Boulevard of Broken Dreams is I think my favorite song not just by Green Day, but by anyone. I love everything about it; Billie's voice and guitar, tree's drumming, and mike's bass. This is definitely in my top 2 list, other than Holiday

A song that everyone can relate to because they've felt like this at some point in their lives, almost like mature teen angst. And that outro riff, one of my favourite riffs ever.

Simple but humble.. the song don't have much of a chord variation or track changing.. but it is a song which carry us to a different mood and world.. that's why it remains as the best of Green Day

Simply amazing, the music the beats the meaning, the feel, everything is just amazing about this song. Certainly one of the best all time songs I ever heard of any band or singer

Just 4 words... I LOVE THIS Song! It reminds me a lot of things. I listen to this EVERYDAY. It's the ringing tone of my phone. Listen to this song and have your own feelings. This is the 1st & Best song of Green Day that I've listened... Love it...

This song is the best Green Day song ever! Amazing! Wonderwall is apparently similar to this according to the chords but this is a thousand times better and the best alternative rock song I have ever heard. Best band ever!

I think this is the best list on the-top-tens. Com! So organized and items are placed at where those should be!

And yes, this is the best song by them and one of the best music videos I have ever watched! - Nord666

Read between the lines that divide me somewhere in my mind. Dude this song is deep man! I like it! Green Day for ever! At this point I'm just trying to type the required amount...

Everyone walks a lonely road no matter what it is and this song says it in the most AMAZING manner! Love the music, lyrics and everything about it... ##

It totally defines the lives of us youngsters who are just beginning to take giant strides in life. It totally sums up our feelings which is also backed up by some fantabulous music and lyrics! Green Day rocks, indeed!

THis song is really epic :) I listen to it every day, love the lyrics, the guitar sound, Billie's voice, everything. Although I'm a 14 years old girl, but I really love Green Day! A perfect song for this list!

The ever best song made by anyone I love this song after listening to this song I fell in love with billy I literally hear it at least once in a day. Greatest punk rock. Great work on guitar.

This song is the best song in the world! It is by far Green Day's best song because it is just so powerful and the way Billy sings it, his voice is amazing. It is unlike any other song I've ever heard, simply amazing!

Just love this song. It describes me so much and how you can feel a lot of the time, lost and lonely. It always helps to listen to this song. Makes everything okay it just has that kind of power - Billiejoeisagod

Once I started listening, I couldn't stop! The lyrics are so meaningful, and the guitar is so powerful! Green Day has talent, and they shout that out with Boulevard Of Broken Dreams

Great song, from start to finish. In fact Green Day has too many great songs like this to rate them, but if I would have to pick one, I think this one would be it. - GreenDayFAN008

And also if Billie you ever see it every little fan of yours out there is very sorry for your loss and I believe if your dad could tell you he would be super proud of you. WE LOVE you

One not simply listen Boulevard Of Broken Dreams once. This song is just perfection the lyrics and Billie's voice. It describes a lot of feelings that I can describe with words.

Agreed... When feeling lonesome. Just the right antidote for lifting up our miseries. The voice of billie is just soul touching so is the instrumental play of the band!