Good Riddance (Time of Your Life)


People may argue that "American idiot" was more known, or "Boulevard of broken dreams" was more iconic or " Jesus of Surburbia" had a deeper message about society, but I believe this short but sweet ballad is the best greenday song. It is the only song of theirs to be listed in A triple J ( Australian radio) all-time best songs list. The pure message of the song describes how people end up facing decisions which are unforeseeable, and they naturally doubt them even though they are the right thing to do most of the time. The song's beauty lies in zBillie's advice- to see these decisions not as blind steps but as an opportunity to become a better person. And he hopes that people have enjoyed themselves in their lives before they are changed. Although this is primarily a neutral and insightful song, a negative heading was added as the song was written about Billie's gf who had to leave him due to unforseeable circumstances, and thus Billie was understandably ...more

I understand that the songs above this are catchy, but this song represents where Green Day came from and the impact they've made. If you had the honor of graduating since this song was released then you have heard this played at your reception. I've been a life long Green Day fan and when I think of Green Day, this is the song that strikes me as one of the greatest of all time. I love the entire American Idiot album and that is possibly one of the best albums of all time, but this song, this IS Green Day

Yes this song has been used countless times for graduation and yes it seems overplayed but there is no doubt that this song is lightyears better than Boulevard of Broken Dreams and 21 Guns. This song is relatable to anyone and everyone and is simple, short and gets the message across which is what Green Day is best at.

I will always love this song. If your having a bad day or you just need something to calm yourself down then listen to this song. It makes you realise that nothing more is important, not your job, not how much money you've got, as long as you're having the "time of your life"

My favorite Green Day song from my favorite Green Day album. It brings back memories and is my favorite song to play on the guitar. The lyrics are well written and can be interpreted in many ways. The violin part adds a nice touch to it.

The best one they have and also the best non-punk song they have put out. Nimrod was very underrated with songs like Hitchin A Ride, Redundant, The Grouch, and of course this song. This song makes sure you had the Time Of Your Life.

Superb... Should be the number 1...
You'll cry watchin the video...
It's on 8 right now. But I think admin has not watched the video.. Superb video... Vote for this song guys awesome video song. Make it number 1.

Nimrod was a very underrated album because it wasn't very Green Day like. But that's why I love this album, this song so much. Because it's not Green Days usual puck rock selves. That's why I think this is the best song.

I love this song it has a good message and it is thoughtful I love Green Day all their songs I know most of the words to all of their songs I started listening to Green Day when I was very young like 7 or 6 I love them!

Best song ever in my opinion, the words, the vocals, the rhythm and last but not least the message to all of us. Enjoy your present life don't think to much about wright or wrong, but make the most of it now

My favorite Green Day song, should be top 5 in my opinion, Nimrod is the most underrated album besides warning. This has gotta be their best Non-punk song, much better than Boulevard of Broken Dreams.

This song is amazing! I've always wanted to play guitar. Never had the money to buy one, but if I do buy a guitar this is the first song I want to learn how to play, because this song is just that good

How the HELL can this be #8, this song should DEFINITELY be #1! And should be the best rock ballad too. I still love blvd of broken dreams, but this song kicks ass. THIS SONG IS AWESOME

How isn't this number one? That's outrageous. This is a perfect song with a great meaning and I can't believe that you all voted for some of their worse stuff like "American Idiot" before it.

This is there best song ever. So simple and the bridge is just great. Such a meaning full song if you understand it. And this website is so cool that it lets me comment if I say good about it. I love Green Day.

I really love this song! It reminds me of my last day of school because they played it in a mini movie dedicated to all the students that were leaving :D It brings back good memories!

This song was mine and my best friend's song until she died. Three years ago we promised each other that no matter what, we would remember, but not dwell. I miss you, honey.

Every time you here it a smile will light up and your crappy day just got so much better then as your singing along your thinking Green Day is the greatest band ever

What it is the best song this should be number one and if your in a break up it is perfect it probably shows exactly how you feel DEFINITELY SHOULD BE NUMBER ONE!

man! though, there are much songs which are an epic but every time when I listen to it, it just touches my heart!
and it really has a thoughtful meaning!

This song just strikes me to the call, and really convinces me to just enjoy life to the point that in my death bed I can look back with no regrets. Great song.

Are you kidding me? This song definitely deserves to be in the top 5, its much better than HOLIDAY anyway. P.S. Green Day is totally the best band EVER

Something about this song really touches you and you feel like you're either going to cry or sing. It's pretty epic when a song makes you feel like that.

This is much better than 21 guns and holiday if you are sad because of another girl that is gone or something and you listen to this song its amazing

This song touches me in so many ways. Green Day will be around forever... This song reminds me of so many things and it's just... Great. Beyond words.