Although people often describe Holiday as the 'party' (due to its upbeat tempo and delivery) and ' Boulevard of Broken Dreams' the 'hangover', Holiday has (in my opinion) a more sinister purpose than the latter. The songs cheer is meant to express how the band feels as they try to escape from the lies and corrupion of the first world, as they decide to avoid by going on a life-long holiday. However this is not bad, in fact init adds to the significance and wisdom of the song which includes direct mocking of the Nazi regime and the war in Iraq.

This song is absolutely amazing. It's got everything a song should: killer riff, an amazing bass bridge and energetic drums the whole way through. And the best part, it wasn't about love so it sets itself apart from other songs about love and losing your love of your life and blah blah blah. It's is so rebellious and it's an anthem. It's anti-war so you can sing it and not get beat up on the streets. It's energetic, simple and loud. The way a lot of songs should be. - MontelThomas99

This is for sure my favorite song. I can listen to it 100000 times and I won't get bored of it like I did with East Jesus Nowhere which is a amazing too but I got bored to listen to it. I love so much the way they perform it live and the original version of course but the way they perform it live is just amazing. Everybody sings with Billie and the moves he does are amazing. I don't know, everything is amazing about this song. I love it so much

This should be #1, even if it did include Blvd. O/ Broken Dreams and 21 Guns. The true attitude of the band is shown in this song, Tre's mesmerizing and unusually calm drumming, Mike's slick and metallic bass solo, and Billie Joe's extreme lightning riffs and dragged out vocal notes, to the song's meaningful power lyrics. Second and third are Jesus of Suburbia and American Eulogy.

Come on people. Billie Joe, Tre, and Mike have never had a better song than this hard rock punk ballad, Holiday. Tre's beat was catchy as can be, although not as fast or flashy as other songs. Mike's bass solo, slick and unusually metallic, was mesmerizing. Billie Joe proved his vocal quality and guitar skill with his squeaky, medium-tempo riff and dragged out melodious vocal notes.

This is probably the best song of Green Day (along with Boulevard of Broken Dreams and 21st Century Breakdown-speaking of which, why didn't it make the list!?!?! ). My friends and I always sing the lyrics, it means a lot to us.

The lyrics are awesome. I'm totally anti-war myself so this song fits me. Just remember: ITS NOT ANTI-American. IT'S ANTI-WAR

I totally love this song! Even though this doesn't show what Green Day is really all about it's totally awesome. This, and Boulevard of Broken Dreams were my favorite songs 3rd through 4th grade. This should totally be at least 1 rank higher.

After a while you need to pause from listening some Green Day songs over and over again. Holiday is one of those songs that you will never stop to like, it's probably the most awesome song by Green Day yet. And the others aren't bad neither...

Holiday is just one of those songs that never gets old, and it it to often overlooked. If someone asked me who Green Day was, I would show them this song first, because it perfectly captures the spirit, and style of the band. One of my favorite songs of all time.

I love this song. I have a band and this was the first song we learned and no song has topped it. In playability, fun to sing, and the effect on the crowd. I just love this song it's amazing we added some solos. It gets the crowd up and moving

Pure musical genius went into this song, the chord progression is amazing, the lyrics are even better, and the bridge to the solo?!?! AWESOME! Super fun to play as well! I personally think this is the greatest song Billie Joe has ever written!

This song is actual punk rock, one of Green Days best punk rocks. I hated it at the start, and now it's my favourite. l love Green Day but this is the best. Green Day is a punk rock band after all and this song proves it.

The energy of this song from beginning to end makes it my favorite Green Day Song. When the drums kick in during the intro there is no stopping me from drumming on the nearest table, seat, wall, person, fish tank...

Awesome song the riff is catching incredible it is one of my personnel favorite song it's a pure rock song the lyrics are very meaningful great style great riff easy to play and you just on with the melody

This song is great! The new songs of Greenday are much better than the older. This is rare in bands of actuality. I think Green Day and Papa Roach are exceptions in the music world (their new songs are better than the older)

Best song of Green Day because of its great rhythm and catchy lyrics.
It makes with Boulevard of Broken Dream a perfect pair. I'll put it for sure above Jesus of Suburbia.

Totally amazing! Has all the requiring elements of a song! Thus this is called a complete song! Very well sung... One of the best green day songs... So please vote for this song and make it in the top 1.

Awesome song just loved each and every thing about this song love you Green Day and thanks for giving us such amazing music! Please guys make it to the top position.

Green Day's best song. A great rocker, but also a meaningful anti-war anthem. Quite possibly the best guitar riff in the history of music as well as a cool music video.

What the hell! At least this incredible song would be on 2nd or 3rd! I think is the best song of 21st Century Breakdown Green Day Rocks! Please Vote! - thetwn

By far the best song ever, not just the best Green Day song but compared to all of the songs written. I believe it sends a perfect message for the best song ever. Green Day Rules!

The music itself is great but the reason I love it is the message of people who go against the hollow lies our leaders are constantly spreading.

Yes I know that "BOULEVARD OF BROKEN DREAMS" is good song but not after coming of holiday it is the best best and best guys help me to put it on top 3!

Every time I hear this I feel like it is my favorite holiday and it is just spectacular!

Come on.. This is classical Green Day! No soft ballads like 21 guns or boulevard of broken dreams- holiday is the punk Green Day is all about!