Jesus of Suburbia


One of the best songs of all time, it really speaks out to the teenage population suffering from depressing lives. The song practically describes the life of an adolescent named jesus who is so well revered in the teenage society that he may as well be a god, but he leads a very hedonistic lifestyle, full of sex, drugs, alcohol, and graffiti. His mother tells he needs to stop but he calls her pathetic and when he finds out his girlfriend dumped him he leaves town, but not after placing a handprint ( made of his own blood) on a bathroom wall. The song ends with a loud blaring " I don't care! '. This song really depicts the animalistic lifestyle that leads many teenagers to shame and sadness.

Green Day best band of all time

American idiot best album of all time

Jesus of subirbia and boulevard of broken dreams best song of all time

Jesus of suburbia best music video of all time

Every main member of my 19 favorite bands of all time changed my life these bands changed my life if it was not for all these bands then I would ether be dead or ran away from home I would not be in to that genre of music or I would go insane every single main member of these bands is/are my biggest heroes of all time I owe my entire life to these 19 favorite bands

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1- Green Day

2- my chemical romance

3- Avenged Sevenfold

4- blink 182

5- paramore

6- panic at the ...more

In my opinion Jesus of Suburbia is one of Green Days best sons for the changes in key, and complete different sounds throughout. The lyrics in some sense display feelings of vindictive hate for how people have been brought up and they way they act as a result. So me the song expresses what's wrong with the generation we live in currently and I think that this song reaches it's quintessential best in part 3:I don't care.

This is the most wonderful, most amazing, most eargasmic song Green Day have ever made! You'd have to be "retarded or overjoyed" not to have this in the top 3 AT LEAST. But, understandably, "everybody's so full of s***, born and raised by hypocrites". Up vote or I'll pull the pin on that grenade, blast you all across this promenade. -_-

Quite possibly one of the best rock songs over 6 minutes long. The best part is you don't mind. It is great in so many ways, and its lyrics are some of the best. Big Thumbs up to Billy Joe. And what makes this song so great is the story it tells. I am the son of rage and love, the Jesus of Suburbia. There are few songs that can match its story telling ability. - NedrahelmBaratheon

Jesus of Suburbia which says and there's nothing wrong with me, this is how I'm supposed to be, in a land of make believe, that don't believe in me, resonates so much with my life I can't describe. This song gives me the strength, and showed me the path when I was lost. And it's number 1 on my top ten!

All the band members talents are shown in this song. Its really long, and I like that because it means more Green Day. I also love the fact that it is split into sections, showing the range of Green Day's musical ability. I personally love all of Green Day songs, but this one just cuts it. I absolutely love Green Day and every track makes you feel different

I've liked green day since the beginning and I think that this song is the best because it was the very first song that is nine minutes long and green day was my very first punk rock band I started out with before I started with all the others and I still listen to green day to this very day. GREEN DAY ROCKS 4-EVER! ALWAYS

This song is amazing. Billie sings and plays the guitar perfectly, Mike plays his bass perfectly and Tre beat the drums perfectly. They're all just perfect and this song is perfect and everything is perfect about Green Day. Personally my favorite part from this song is the "dearly beloved" part

This song is pure genius... They could have split this song into 3 pieces and still all three would have been amazing... The fact that they are all together just makes it that much better... Just read the lyrics... Its like word play most music can only attempt to achieve

This song is just amazing, it describes early days of Billie Joe. And I just love the "Rage and Love" Part and the "I don't care" the most. It's the best song I've ever heard to be honest. The lyrics are the best lyrics Green Day have ever made. I always find myself singing it automatically.

No other song, except perhaps Bohemian Rhapsody, can seamlessly transition between completely different sections and movements quite like this song. I'd struggle to find a 8+ minute song this iconic and beloved. Its an experience and its Green Day at their absolute finest.

This song explains a city full of filth and disgusting people. The character calls himself Jesus of Suburbia and he explains stepparent problems, a disgusting city and how he has lost hope in humanity. This is definitely a masterpiece and should be one of the top three.

By far the most complex and meaningful song they ever made. My bet is that this is the band's favorite song. Unbelievable mix, creating a song that is a cover but not a cover, inspired about being uninspired, lyrically and melodically perfect.

I've heard so many Green Day songs and every time I'm like, okay, this is even better than Jesus of Suburbia. But after that I listen to this song and I'm like, no way! This song has been with me for so many days and has still topped my list of songs. Hats off to the lyrics!

This song is a masterpiece. How often is there a combination of a "progressive rock" style rock opera and punk revival? Memorable AND quality music-wise? Certainly the magnum opus of the band. Thank you, gentlemen, for writing this song.


I HATE Boulevard of Broken Dreams. Hate It.

I walk alone and I walk alone and I walk alone. Stupid song. If I asked someone if they are a Green Day, they said yes, and said their favorite song is BoD, I'd kick 'em in the nuts. - SumGreendayBlinkOffpsringBFS

Whole album was great, but this song really really stood out. This song may not be as popular as it never got the chance to hit the radio as much as Boulevard of Broken Dreams, but it deserved way more attention. Way Way more attention.

When I first heard this I was extremely surprised about how long it was and how many parts it had to it! The lyrics and the message are amazing and Green Day keeps strong all the way through the track!

It's always hard for me to choose between this and Homecoming. This is a song that, when I'm shuffling through the songs on my phone, I could NEVER skip. This song is everything. I was offended to find it on the list of Worst Green Day Songs. JoB FOREVER!

Pretty much sums up Green Day as a band, I think this song should be if not number 1 very close. The lyrics go far beyond their general meaning, and this is the case for many of Green Day's songs, but it's much deeper in this song.

This is the epitome of Green Day. Boulevard displays their rock side, 21 Guns displays their pop side, Basket Case displays their punk side, but it's all in this song. You aren't a fan of Green Day if you haven't heard this song.

By far the best Green Day song...all the parts add up together to create a complete song. All the drum, bass, and guitar solos are perfectly combined with the lyrics and is the song that makes up the American Idiot album.

A true epic. It could almost be divided into four separate songs and each would be great on its own. They come together beautifully. By far Green Day's greatest song.

It is surely the best song of Green Day. Even who those are not a fan of them, will get impressed by this terrific masterpiece. Clear musical and lyrical genius. A modern Bohemian Rhapsody.