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101 Horseshoes and Handgrenades

There's tremendous energy in this song not present in most other post-2000 Green Day songs, and it doesn't feel contrived, like Jesus of Suburbia or East Jesus Nowhere. The musical context (comes right after Restless Heart Syndrome) gives it extra punch. A real head-banger... I usually prefer 90's Green Day, but this song really does it for me. - crimsonkipper

Browsing the below-100 songs, and I must say, I am surprised to see Horseshoes and Handgrenades this low. It's angry, it's loud, it's fast-paced, and it's all around epic. The track before it, Restless Heart Syndrome (one of my personal favourites), has all this energy locked up inside, and Horseshoes and Handgrenades takes all that energy and slaps you in the face with it. - RestlessHeartGrenade

This is number 6 on my personal list and I cannot believe it isn't at least in the top 20! Vote now, this song is insanely good!

Why is this in the 100s?! This song is amazing!

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102 Drama Queen

Beautiful song, this is one example of why Green Day Still has it.

She's my drama queen,

This vote should be higher

103 Jackass

How is this song ranked so low?! One of best songs from Warning, but not even in top 100! - Smitty97000

To know you is to hate you so loving you must be like suicide... best song ever

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104 Sassafras Roots

One of my personal favourite songs - aspasiz

This is my favourite song from the best Gree Day album Dookie

Easily my favorite Green Day song. should be much higher on this list.

Great tuning with a great bassline either!

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105 Uptight

Am I really the only person who likes this song? This is my favorite on Nimrod and probably their most underrated ever :D

Amazing song, best one from Nimrod in my opinion.

WT*. Why the hell is uptight so low ranked.. This is one of the best Green Day songs of all time!

106 Troubled Times

This song kinda sounds like letterbomb by green day

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107 Take Back

Yep, this song rocks! It may only be 1 minute long, but its awesome! One of my favorite from Nimrod. Surprising that it made the list.

108 Stop When the Red Lights Flash

This song is epic when I heard it on the NFS Soundtrack I feel in love with it straight away.

Among the top 4 of "Dos! ", which is the best of the trilogy, I think this song deserves better.

I scrolled way too far down than I should've to find this song. "Stop When the Red Lights Flash" should at least be in the top ten.

109 One for the Razorbacks

I have always loved this song! It's sad how most "fans" haven't even heard it.

I think it's the best on Kerplunk!

110 At the Library

If you really like Green Day, and eventually shift to their earlier albums, this song will be a huge surprise to you

This song is the epitome of their first album and you will be blown away by it.

Extremely underrated song from there first true punk album

A good first song by green day

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111 Outlaws

In my opinion is on number 19th this song, is just amazing how is introuce the pianos and the guitar melody. The first time I listened it, I thought it was My Chemical Romance

Certainly the best from RevRad it's just amazing and the contrast between the chorus and the verse is great.

112 Do Da Da

This is my favourite song in shenangigans, it's should be higher than "Ha Ha Your Dead"

113 Sweet 16

Sweet 16 is a song for the diehard Green Day fans absolutely amazing. My number 1

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114 Brat

Nobody likes Insomniac I guess based on the votes, but I loved this album. Brat, Stuart & the Ave and No Pride are easily in my top 10 Green Day songs, guess y'all commenters don't agree, it's a shame that this is ranked 120

115 86

It seems fitting that it's number 86, but in my opinion, it should he number 1, as the story feels much more real than their other songs, as the band lived through the same experience when they were banned from playing 924 Gillman Street again after signing to a major label.

This is one of the most punk songs Green Day has! It should be in the top 20.

There's no return from 86... This song is awesome!

For some reason, this song isn't very well known. I think that it is totally radio worthy, and needs some more respect. Only a true Green Day fan likes this song, and it should be in the top 5. 😀

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116 She's a Rebel

Reaches out to the people who don't like to listen to people and hate being told what to do. I happen to be one of those people.

117 One of My Lies

Hey guys, it is a felony for this song to be at #135. I'm not a jailer or judge but
Anyways, the meaning of this song is brilliant for any teenager finding his/her way in this world. Not to mention the sly quip on religion in the bridge. But the biggest reason why this is in my top 25 Green Day songs is, that BOTH the verse melody and hook melody kick ass! How many songs can boast as much? - Mark Y.

My personal favourite of the Green Day collection. The words are possibly the best written by Billie Joe -
When I was younger I thought that the world circled around me,
But in time I realised I was so wrong,
My immortal thoughts turned into just dreams of a dead future,
It was a tragic case of my reality!


118 Coming Clean

This is a great song by green day with a great tune. They really should have lengthened it as it is awesome :D

Great song with a great message to being a teenager.

This one should definitely be higher

119 Carpe Diem

I LOVE THIS Song! Why The HELL is it not loved by anyone else except for these awesome people who vote for it!

WHY IS THIS 90? It should be at least in top 20 on of the best songs ever

Are you kidding? Only 89? That s not only a song, that' s a way of living!

Really catchy, I can't stop singing it!

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120 Wild One
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