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121 She's a Rebel She's a Rebel

Reaches out to the people who don't like to listen to people and hate being told what to do. I happen to be one of those people.

122 Baby Eyes Baby Eyes

Truly inspirational. Passionate music all around. IFyou voted for anything else punk, you just haven't heard this song. Maybe baby eyes isn't the most soothing, but it sure tugs at my heart strings.

Holy crap. Either this or viva la gloria are my #1favorite Green Day song. Ifyou listen to it, just make it half way through this song before judging it. It's under 3 minutes andit's got everything you would expect from a explosive, yet passionate Green Day song. Truly inspirational.

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123 Sex, Drugs, & Violence Sex, Drugs, & Violence

160? This needs to be up up higher at least 40, maybe 30

124 Sassafras Roots Sassafras Roots

One of my personal favourite songs - aspasiz

This is my favourite song from the best Gree Day album Dookie

Easily my favorite Green Day song. should be much higher on this list.

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125 Walk Away Walk Away

Are you kidding me?! This song is a beautiful piece of music

126 Android Android

Please boost this piece of musical genius

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127 I Was There I Was There

Teaches not to forget our past with help of Cool music

Great song and good lyrics. Love it!

128 The Forgotten The Forgotten

I hate Twilight, but I love this song. It kind of reminds me of Last Night on Earth. Also it's a sad song.

"Where in the world did the time go?... " Makes me nostalgic. Green Day has the ability to touch the chords of your heart, in the most pure way. And this song does that very well.

Oh! How come this song is here? It is the best song Green Day has ever composed, along with Time of you life, 21 guns and Holiday. Twilight rocks too! Bella looks hot B-)

I so hate twilight. But I love this song! It deceives the hell I've been through.

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129 Sick of Me Sick of Me
130 Reject Reject V 1 Comment
131 8th Avenue Serenade 8th Avenue Serenade V 3 Comments
132 Disappearing Boy Disappearing Boy
133 Christian's Inferno Christian's Inferno

Listen to this song more then one time and I promise you'll regret putting it so far down this list

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134 I Want to Be Alone I Want to Be Alone
135 Jinx Jinx V 1 Comment
136 The Judge's Daughter The Judge's Daughter

What? How come such an awesome song with one of the best guitar solos is having such a low rank? This should at least be in the top 100...

137 Say Goodbye Say Goodbye

It's so darn catchy and the lyrics are just fabulous. There are just some songs that suit Billie Joe's voice so well and this is one of them.

This song is just great. Not the best lyrics but really catchy. - mmarce445

One of the only songs from revolution radio that is actually good

Sounds like a perfect rock anthem!

138 1,000 Hours 1,000 Hours

This is such a beautiful song! It should be in the top 30 at least, not 128.

This is a quite beautiful love song!

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139 Hold On Hold On

This probably the most underrated Green Day song there is. A little Bob Dylan esque. Should at least be in top 15 if not top 10

140 Knowledge Knowledge

I just love everything about this song. It's pretty cool how they call up fans to play this song live. It just shows that they care about playing older songs, which is what we don't see very often from bands anymore.

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