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161 You Lied You Lied

Its impossible that this awesome song's at such a low position... Certainly deserves to be in the top 100

Just that guitar alone is AMAZING

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162 Xmas Time of the Year V 1 Comment
163 Devil's Kind

New song by Green Day. Can only be heard on live video on YouTube

This isn't green day. its from another band that billie was in for his movie *Ordinary world* - Th3Zm0nst3r

164 Last Ride In Last Ride In

I listen to it while doing homework

This is not a song with vocals but id use it as background music for a video

ARE YOU KIDDING ME!? This should be number 1!

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165 Makeout Party Makeout Party

Best song of Dos. Has catchy lyrics and a very catchy riff. Not to mention the scream halfway through the guitar solo. A risky but succesful Green Day song in my opinion. - FunkyPigeon

166 Wow! That's Loud Wow! That's Loud
167 See You Tonight See You Tonight
168 No Pride No Pride

Honestly this album has the best melodies and this song is a prime example of it.

169 Knowledge Knowledge

I just love everything about this song. It's pretty cool how they call up fans to play this song live. It just shows that they care about playing older songs, which is what we don't see very often from bands anymore.

170 Shoplifter Shoplifter
171 Green Day Green Day

To be honest this song should be known more. The first time I heard it I fell in love. To this is their best song. The guitar in the chorus gives me chills.

This is one of my favorite punk rock songs of all time. - Caleb9000

This is the epitome of what I love about the early stages of the band. This songs lyrics explains smoking weed. "looks like I found something new"- I love it. I don't mind that this song is so unknown because people can discover it for themselves. I used to have the cassette tape to this album but I have no idea where it is now :(. The actual song is right before Going to pasalecqua which is another amazing song. I have to thank this band for giving me something amazing to listen to when I was growing up in the late 80's and early 90's.

172 State of Shock
173 Like a Rolling Stone Like a Rolling Stone
174 Another State of Mind Another State of Mind
175 That's All Right That's All Right
176 Driving Under the Influence
177 I Don't Want to Know If You Are Lonely I Don't Want to Know If You Are Lonely
178 I Fought the Law I Fought the Law

It's actually a really good song

179 The Ballad of Wilhelm Fink
180 Rotting Rotting

This song off the album Shenanigans. I was going to vote for it, and then I saw that it wasn't even on the list!

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