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161 Hearts Collide

The best Green Day song. EVER!

What is this song?

This song is amazing. More people need to listen. It's on the know your enemy EP - ONHOLIDAY

162 Food Around the Corner V 1 Comment
163 Devil's Kind

New song by Green Day. Can only be heard on live video on YouTube

This isn't green day. its from another band that billie was in for his movie *Ordinary world* - Th3Zm0nst3r

164 All by Myself

I am disappointed with humanity.

Literally my favorite Green Day song.

Great and deep meaning.

Why does this exist - Ilikefishsticks

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165 Emenius Sleepus

Really underrated Dookie song. Got caught up in all the other hits.

Bass line is sick

Amazing song, very underrated.

My favorite Dookie track.

166 King for a Day

No! WHAT IS IT DOING at 54? It is the best green day song ever! Watch it live! Its hilarious. And the lyrics tell you that you should be proud of your self - no matter what! C'mon! Have you ever listened to this song? The lyrics are pure gold! STARTED AT THE AGE FOUR MY MOTHER WENT TO THE GROCERY STORE I SNEAK IN TO HER ROOM TO TRY ON SOMETHING IN A SIZE FOUR SUGAR AND SPICE AND EVERYTHING NICE WASN'T MADE FOR ONLY GIRLS!

King for a Day is one of the Best songs by my favorite band Green Day. The Music is so catchy and full of energy, and the trumpet adds to how funny this songs ends, when it falls apart. And it is in a lot of Green Day concert set lists, because the fans love the song it should at least be in the top 20.

It has such an amazing melody and the lyrics are so epic! Especially if you see this song live, the band wear hilarious outfits that make them look like total drag queens. I STARTED CRACKING UP WHEN I HEARD THE LYRICS! AND THE TRUMPET IS TO DIE FOR! - IdioticKilljoy

How? Just how is this 113 on the list? It sounds so good live, and it is an awesome song to have fun with. Please guys, at least top 30.

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167 Espionage

If you want to type it up, it will be a complete waste of your time as it's only an instrumental. It also sounds like a James Bond tune. DB7

There's only one thing this song is missing. I wonder what it YEAH LYRICS - Ilikefishsticks

168 Take Back

Yep, this song rocks! It may only be 1 minute long, but its awesome! One of my favorite from Nimrod. Surprising that it made the list.

Not the best song to most, but still one of my favorite punk rage songs ever.

Whaat who made this and why - Ilikefishsticks

169 Platypus (I Hate You)

Its almost scary that this is 132! This is Green Day's Best Punk Rage Song! Listen to it and you'll understand why it should definitely be at least in the top 30! Though it may not be their BEST song, it is still and awesome song to rock out to! Nimrod should be a lot more popular than it currently is, Its an album that stands out so much compared to what is in the top ten (which is mostly American idiot and 21st century breakdown crap) and don't get me wrong, I love American Idiot but that is what most people think of when they hear Green Day and it's time their old classics like Platypus get some recognition!

This song can't be on 108 place, It's amazing! This have to be in the top 25! It's one of the best Green Day songs, and one of my favorites too!

My all time favorite Green Day song ever!

This song is worth my shoes or the piss on the ground

170 Last Ride In

I listen to it while doing homework

This is not a song with vocals but id use it as background music for a video

ARE YOU KIDDING ME!? This should be number 1!

This lyric are awesome

171 Kill the DJ

The song should be rated much higher, it is one of the catchiest rock songs ever and unlike other catchy songs it doesn't get overplayed.

This isn't the Green Day we are used to hearing, this is the more FUNK side of Green Day. But man, what a song. An attack on today's mainstream radio. Love the riff, drum beat and bass. A great song.

You will really want to dance on this and sing it from the bottom of your heart and the solo is like a drug

What in the name of jesus of suburbia is this song doing down here?!

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172 Troublemaker

This song yo can hear when you get three stars on all the levels on the Green Day stage on Angry Birds friends on Facebook and its GOOD. - garretthernandez

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173 Fell For You

WHAT?!?!?! ARE YOU PEOPLE INSANE?!?! This is one of the best UNO songs of all time!

174 Dominated Love Slave

It's badass how Tre was singing and playing guitar and Billie was playing drums. They sounded like they got drunk when they recorded this. Making it all the better.

Great song, I love how tre cool and mike dirnt sing together in a country voice

Best song of all time. Suck it Bob

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175 Stray Heart

What this song is awesome number 74 are you kidding me!

This song is amazing should be in the top 50 at the least

Are you kidding me?! THIS DESERVES NUMBER ONE! This is one of Green Days best songs. Its absolutely perfect, and I like it MUCH better than 21 Guns. Listen to it, you wont regret it!

It's such a beautiful song, even the video makes sense. Listen to it and reconsider. It's such a great song, mikes bass is awesome in it.

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176 Makeout Party

Best song of Dos. Has catchy lyrics and a very catchy riff. Not to mention the scream halfway through the guitar solo. A risky but succesful Green Day song in my opinion. - FunkyPigeon

177 Wow! That's Loud
178 Lady Cobra

Come on this is sooo not happening! A good song at such a low position! Its definitely better than songs like all by myself, fell for you and troublemaker IN MY OPINION

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179 Nightlife

I do agree it is no where near as good as the classic Green Day songs such as "When I Come Around", "Holiday", "Boulevard of Broken Dreams" etc. But I don't really mind this song, its not that bad. I have listened to it over and over again. It isn't perfect but I think it is definitely better than some of the songs that I didn't even existed that were rated better than this one. GIVE IT SOME LOVE

This song is horrible. It is auto tuned as hell. This voice effect worked on billie in I run New York with lonely island but with this song, it just didn't work. - FunkyPigeon

This song is so bad! I am really disappointed in Green Day after I heard this song. It is the Friday of Green Day songs. - mmarce445

This is my least favorite Green Day song ever because it makes me feel like I have to puke

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180 Ashley

A good song from their new album dos! Deserves some likes here.

This and Amy are the two best on Dos.

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