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41 Fryette

I have experienced all the flagship brands and their best amps, but when I tried the pittbull ultra lead there is no compitition hands down.

42 Budda

If you haven't voted for Budda you've never played one. How they are not more famous is just mind boggling.

Simple, LOUD! Plenty of distortion. Expensive though

43 Music Man

Post Fender amps made by Leo Fender after leaving them. Great clarity and power. Wish I still had the 410 model. Exceptional!

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44 Carr

The Skylark.'ll have a big smile every time you turn it on. And the built in attenuator is really, really good. No problems getting a full sound with low volume.

45 Stagg
46 Rivera

I haven't listened to all the amps on the list but found the Rivera Knucklehead blew away every Fender, Marshalla and Mesa in the shop when I was testing things out for the clean blues with a PRS. My daughter playfully plugged in a Gretsch baritone, cranked up the gain and Three Days Grace came screaming out with the finest quality. She agreed the Knucklehead was a win.

It doesn't mean it is "the best amp" since for the blues I might want a Fender Blues Deville 4x10, but that won't handle the broad requirements.

What I have at home... Peavey Bandit (good), Crate V5212 (basically a dual V50, disconnected the effects board, very good. ) Rivera is great. There was another Mesa that was great for the blues as well...

No Dumble fans here?

47 Dean Markley

DMC-130-C Sounds pretty good for an old-school solid-state amp. These things are dirt cheap when you find one. Nice sounding speaker. Good clean sound. The internal boost is OK combined with external drive pedals. Nice country, blues, latin and jazz sound in a lower powered amp.

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48 Hartke
49 Epiphone
50 Victoria

It's always hard to rate amps when mixing high gain with vintage, boutique amps and the mass produced monsters, but including S.S. and digital technology seems to be a unrealistic stretch. That being said, this manufacturer is making some of the best sounding vintage type tube amps I've heard to date. their lineup of vintage Fender style amps are all excellent, and considerably more affordable and reliable. If you are a fan of the tweed, black and silver faced gems, you have to give Victoria a try. If you prefer something with a unique spin they make their own unique creations as well and they are all serious tone machines. In so far as tube amps go, these guys are definitely in my top five. Speaking of boutique, where is Carr?

I've got the 20112 model and it's the best amp I've had to date. Great tone and easy to use. Volume and tone knob...that's it. This amp is definitely a keeper!

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51 Ampeg

Not to well known. But that's unfortunate. Probably make the best bass amps around.

Can only think that ampeg is not higher because no one has ever owned one

Loved my Ampeg when I had it. Aiming to get another when I get the chance.

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52 Schecter

Schecter should be in the top ten for sure! Why is line 6 in the top ten yet Schecter isn't?


53 Carvin

My Carvin Belair 212 50 watt combo is incredible. I have owned many different amps in my 38 years of playing guitar and this amp is fantastic for blues and jazz. I also some nice dirty rock grit. This thing is loud and proud.

The Carvin v100... The most VERSATILE amplifier I ever came across.
The brand is endorsed by Steve Vai.

54 Guyatone
55 Van Weelden

I have only heard this amp once at a Joe Bonamassa rock out and it sounds like a call of the mother of angels, its just such a blast. Sadly I don't think these are sold off the shelf but I thought it just needed to find a place in the heart of tone. I reckon if you could buy on we would talking about $10,000.

56 Laboga V 2 Comments
57 The Valve
58 Playmate

This 1 in India

59 Squier

I love the Squire I have, it sound great on whatever I play

I have a squire. Sounds great on my riffs.

60 Fargen

Hand made in California. By a master builder. I have owned 1/2 of the amps on this list, including Mesa boogie, Orange, and high end Marshall S... I love the Fargen amps best... My last amp for sure

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