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181 Camo Butterflies V 1 Comment
182 Akatasuki Arrival

Literally, it means arrival of dawn english. Its awesome, can't believe no one posted up yet.

183 Garando

Well, alive in blackmarket was the other side of miku, then garando is angelic shinagami
epic epic and epic

184 Triangle Monster
185 Black Out the Alternative
186 Marginal
187 Division→Destruction of Hatsune Miku
188 Nanayodzuki no Shoujo
189 Blooming the Idol

I love how this great and amazing songs helps you to never give up your dreams. This song tells you that many people are selfish because they are jealous of your talents. Miku also sing that you need to pursue your dreams no matter how much people make fun of you. This song has great meaning and it encourages me more and more. Besides you may not know who the blooming idol will be its either tomorrow or today!

190 Spectrum V 1 Comment
191 Torinoko City

This song tells a story who is alone and believes that no one will understand her. I personally like this song because in the end, (sorry for spoilers) the boy understands her and helps her out.

192 Blue Green IIXII

Miku + Nature Sounds = AMAZING!

193 Counterclockwise
194 6900000000
195 Ai Think So
196 Tear
197 Aqua and Spaceship
198 Natalie
199 Clepsydra
200 Strone Nights

"Very well thought out. "

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