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321 Resonant Gene
322 Earth Song

This song is the best! WHY the hell it is at #279?

323 Glow

Why is this at 303? This song is one of my top ten favorite Miku songs

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324 Distorted Princess
325 At Lightning Speed
326 My Dream , My Melody
327 Undefined
328 The Endless Score
329 Pink or Black

This song should be in the top 100! (Well that's my opinion)(

330 Ai Kotoba

I HEART THIS SONG! :) it is my favorite song. - meggie12204

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331 Sparks
332 Long Way from Here
333 Crier

Such a beautiful and meaningful song. Why is this at 290? That's insane! Definitely does not get enough attention.

I was crying myself when watching this, didn't know why, still don't. Now learning words to it. Here is a piece of the first chorus for people who like this song and want to learn it:

Naite mo, naite mo
Atashi wa nanimo mo
Kaerranai mama

That's all I know. Sorry people who like that one! It's a really hard song for people who can't sing in Japanese to save their life like me!

... Bye.

334 Pagasa
335 Plug Out
336 Hoshi No Uta (Song of the Stars)
337 The Wide Knowledge of the Late Madness

This song is creepy but amazing at the same time.

338 Systematic Love
339 Overwriter

This is the first song I ever fully watched of Hatsune Miku and since I have heard it I have always liked this song.

340 Chrysalis
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