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21 Matryoshka

It is an amazing song and it really makes me happy to hear it. The beat us fabulous and it is one of those classic vocaloid songs. So many other vocaloids have done covers (such as zebra) to compete and they are actually pretty good as well

A powerful piece that is both creepy and enlightening. It touches on many aspects such as adventure and mental illness, I always get excited when it comes on and the beat is just amazing.

Matryoshka deserves to be first! I love this song!

I showed this to my Russian friend and she loved it.

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22 Viva Happy

This is my favorite Miku song! The best, really cute, and the music video is so awesome!

Adorable! I love this song!

Amazingly cute and good!

Viva happy is a great song because its all about being happy even if the world is such a bad place and I think this song is so kawaii (≧∇≦)

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23 Hello, How Are You

This is my very favorite

Like sad song but it bring out a nice feeling

This song just has an amazing emotional charge.

Angel voice of Hatsune Miku. I think that this song should be first...Kawaii!

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24 Triple Baka

Such a playful melody with lyrics that really describe a funny situation- I love it! - Okochama-san675

I love the tune, and the lyrics! It's my favorite for sure!

Baka baka baka ♫

I love this song, baka, baka, baka! If you don't like this you are a baka!

I love how Neru acts in the background - LaST_LiGHT

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25 Magnet

This is one of my first miku songs and it sounds truely amazing. It has a very nice tune with miku and luka's amazing voices, the lyrics are meaningful too!

The song really made my heart melt. Not only the melody and lyrics is beautiful, also the dance! I love Miku and Luka!

The melody made me fall in love with this song, awesome duet!

Love this song. every version of it, totally got the Grooves :3

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26 Kimagure Mercy Kimagure Mercy
27 Deep Sea Girl

I like sad songs that are sung by Miku. It's amazing that most of touching songs I know now are sung by a computer program even though I listen to lots of other music. It's Miku's voice that let become them so beautiful for me. There's something in the voice of Miku (I prefer to consider her rather as a person or chracter than a just a program), that imparts an innocent, childishly feeling that additionally has something mature in it. That's what I love about it.. Thank you programers, Fans and artists all over the world who create Miku and all of her songs :3

A pretty sad song for me. A girl living underwater, all alone.. The lyrics are pretty so I don't see why no one will vote for this :3 This is totally in my list

This is Probably my favourite out of all of her songs.

I'm actually listening to it now :3

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28 Calc.
29 Delusion Tax

I don't know what it is with this song. Maybe it's the style? The tuning? Maybe it's everything. Definitely a great song by Deco*27.

30 ARiA

The first song of miku I heard. Its so beautiful. And the lyrics is so deep. Just listen this song and you will definitely love it.

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31 Weekender Girl

This song is so good and the dance is fun to watch. It cheers me up no matter what happens! It makes me fall in love with Miku more and more!

I found this song on Project Diva Future Tone and I still love listening to it!

Love this song. Saw the video, its fun.

I like this song

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32 Electric Love

Good but very repetitive

33 Hibikase

I'm surprised this song is so low in the list. It's so catchy, and I like the lyrics a lot.

The first Hatsune Miku song I heard and one of my favorites

Super catchy, and the beat is awesome. Fell in love with this song xUx

34 Musunde Hiraite Rasetsu No Mukuro

Hachi created a childish, dark and fascinating piece. "Musunde Hiraite Rasetsu To Mukuro" is a masterpiece.

This song deserves way more attention! It's amazing!

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35 Ai Kotoba (Love Words)

That's song can make me better

One of my beloved songs to be listed daily

36 From Y to Y

I totally love this song. The lyrics are really good and soothing. Its just a simple song but when hatsune sings, its like I'm lost it this song. I listen this one like everyday, morning and night, I really love the lyrics too :))

Please listen to this one, I'm sure you'll like it

I fall in love with this song in a second after the music started. The piano is so cool. Miku's voice is really great and the lyric's touching too.

This song should be in top 10.
No, it should be in top 5.
But for me it's the best.

The deep emotion in this song with it's amazing instruments and vocal makes this song a beautiful piece

Love this song so much

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37 Tsumi No Namae (The Name of the Sin)
38 Once Upon a Me

This is a pretty touching song if you dive into the lyrics. Miku sings about feeling alone in the world despite having Meiko and Kaito. She doesn't feel like she fits in, but in the end she learns to welcome people, including herself, to this world.

I'm not saying this is the best song.. Just wanna put it on the list.. Because this song touch my heart. This song it about how her bad life turn into a good life because support from her friend.. Then she will say good bye to her past

Once Upon a Me deserves more love. It is a very relatable song.

Best song! Love it

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39 Hazy Moon

Its awesome actually, you just have to hear it and you would be amazed

Why the hell Hazy Moon ain't on the list? Behold the true form of music. Hazy moon pwned. Enough said.

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40 Freely Tomorrow

This song is very suits with me, try to listening it when you are in bad day...

One of the most natural sounding vocaloid songs. Not to mention it's a catchy song!

Love this one! She sounds like a J-pop star for real! Not very robotic even, which is a cool change in pace. Plus it has everything I look for in a song.

Kokoro goto karada goto zenbu kioku no naka no maboroshii... love the song!

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