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61 Eight Hundred Eight Hundred

Why is eight hundred so low?! I cried in this song! It's a old song but it's so touching!

Seriously this song should be in the top 50s

62 Love Song Excuse
63 Hidoor Utopia
64 Blank Landscape
65 Ievan Polkka

There are lot of great songs from Hatsune Miku. But I prefer Polkka more than others because this song is the first song that I heard from Miku. The beat is great and its song kinda weird hah. I'm telling you, a friend of me neva giv a the*m about (A.M. G) thing, but he is in this song! I'm shocked! He told me that the Beat is "awesome" with "STRANGE" voice hahah. For reading this, sorry to take your time..

I really like this song because the beat is REALLY catchy. I checked the lyrics, though, and I'm not so sure whether it's Japanese or some random and mixed up words, but I LOVE IT. This song is definitely second on my "Top 10 Hatsune Miku Songs" list. The first one is Rainbow Butterfly. Then the Just Dance remix came. I couldn't be any happier.

One of my BFF is a Chinese, and she was singing it, but when I told her that it was Hatsune Miku, She didn't know that. So she even said it was in a Chinese commercial. Maybe they copied Chinese?

My first and only real Miku song. The other one starts with One by, One by.

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66 1/6

1/6 is such a touching song! It shows how true friends are and the urge to help a depressed friend no matter what.

Just a touching song. Live versions on concerts is really great and amusing.

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67 Two Breaths Walking

This song's tune is very lively and catchy. I personally really like this song. Miku's voice really comes out in this song, it's a perfect song for her to sing.

This song is really beautiful.. But why in 60?

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68 Ai Dee

I love this song. Because this song has good melodies and it seems giving the listener some courage and spirit.

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69 Hajimete No Oto Hajimete No Oto

This song is very wonderful,..
This remember me of my past,..
This song must be in top ten and this is the best song forever,..
Miku is the best,..
I believe this song will be in the top ten and whoever listen this song they also agree with me

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70 Finder

This reminds me of something city or far away song like and makes me sentimental for a while. Really nice song.

This song is great actually...but no one comment on this song...miku's still the best =)

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71 Sweet Devil

This is very nice too!

This song brings out the naughty personality of Miku

This song is awesome!

72 Astronauts Astronauts

I like Astronauts even though it's not that popular because the lyrics has such meaning to it that you get pulled in the song and you start listening to it more and more also it tells of someone trying to express his feelings but it is not quite clear or has some trouble expressing or showing them. I hope you guys listen to it and like it as well.

This is a very good song and has a very emotional feel to it also Miku's voice here feels like it has something special in it. So I hope all of you will like this song cause it is really good.

Such a nice song with a lot of emotion put in to it, I hope you guys would listen to it sometimes and also I really hope you like it too.

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73 *Hello, PLANET

A very jumpy song, with twist and turns in it's beat. A song well play when you're bored on a summer day.

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74 The Intense Singing of Hatsune Miku

This song show that Miku has a heart and will never be truly dead as long as people remember her.

Reallly Intense Song. Watch it in Live Performance. Incredible

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75 Yume Yume

Yume Yume is a touching story about someone who wants to meet a dream again and again and never let that dream leave or die. It has a beautiful melody and beautiful lyrics. I feel that more people should know about it.

One of my favorite Hatsune Miku songs, great meaning behind it, and its catchy!

76 Melody.exe

How is this masterpiece not in the top 10?! This song is just amazing, the way she cones back to life and she connects to you through the lyrics! This song will always he my number 1!

This song is so good. Its music is so electric and modern. It is just like when Miku is starting, becoming alive and sing this song

77 Dear

How can this beautiful didn't stay in top 10?

"beautiful, touching song with a great rhythm. Dear was my first Miku song and still remains my favorite ^_^. Hope you check it out! "

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78 Baby Maniacs

Cause this song connect me with my love one
And I'm thankful for this song

This is one of the BEST songs Hatsune Miku have! Whis should be one of the Top 10!

This song best because place, dancer's and the camera so coll in video clip

79 Time Machine

Very nice, sound like school life song.

So sad. I cried. Honestly speaking.

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80 Kagerou Day

A series of Vocaloid songs by Jin. Kagerou Project. This song is the most popular of the series. HOW DID IT NOT MAKE IT TO TOP 20?!

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