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101 Himitsu Keisatsu

I think this is secret police...

102 Prism Heart

Very upbeat! And the background music is awesome! Also, her voice is a calm and nice sound Miku always sounds like. The beat follows her throughout the song. Her outfit is also very pretty too.

103 Monochroact

When I heard this song for a very first time, I almost was not breathing. Even the the first seconds... I was absolutely stunned. Before I heard this song, I was not a vocaloid fan, but then I started to be.
Hatsune Miku is not robot.
Hatsune Miku is not human.
Hatsune Miku is ANGEL!
I felt like I found a missing piece of my heart in this song.

104 Uta Ni Katachi Wa Nai Keredo

What? No comment whatsoever? This song has a very beautiful melody... It made me cry because it made me realize that songs never fade in time...

105 Tokyo Teddy Bear

So so catchy! The build up is great!

I personally love this song for the vocaloid fans out therer this it a great song suggested by many freinds of mine youll love this song for the beat and great audio and stuff so go on youll find it intresting.

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106 Light Song

I love the rhythm of the beat..

107 Nekomimi Switch

Playful beat, and very catchy. Just wants to make you dance. Very adorable! One of my first Miku songs, still love it.

108 Reboot

It's so emotional... I love it though! It really helps you understand how important and beautiful friendship is, and that no matter the consequences you should never let go of that friendship.

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109 Gravityrain
110 Eden
111 Heart Shooter
112 Love Philosophia

THE BEST song ever it goes well with new Anime Psycho-Pass!

113 Leave In Summer, Yet You're In My Fluffoughts

Something you'd want to hear when your down, to cheer your mood up. A childish song that makes you smile

I think its more better than ARPK because its more upbeat and catchy. And it's so cute because it has alpacas^-^

114 Cat's Dance
115 As You Were by My Side
116 Unhappy Refrain

The best vocarock I heard. why not add this to the list and try this song is include 1 album with rolling girl

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117 Watashi No Jikan

The best Miku song in my opinion. Try listening it if you haven't alread. Y

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118 Starduster

This song is in my opinion very underrated. This song is my favorite of hatsune miku. The music itself (instrumental) is very relaxing, beautiful and it has a great ambiance. The quality of the music is also very good because of the real musical instruments. Like a real bassguitar, guitar and drums (with great studio quality). The bassline is really great, the drumbeats are great and the rest is also great. In this song I find the vocals very beautiful and so catchy that I think this song should be in the top 10 and it schould be played at every concert of hatsune miku.

This song is so beautiful! The vocals in starduster are very beautiful and her voice is so cute! I love this song very much!

Beautiful song and letter, part of my top 10.

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119 Cendrillon

One of my first Vocaloid songs, its an awesome one. Kaito and Miku for the win.

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120 Letter Song

Best ballad/ending concert song!

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