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121 Watashi No Jikan

The best Miku song in my opinion. Try listening it if you haven't alread. Y

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122 Starduster

This song is in my opinion very underrated. This song is my favorite of hatsune miku. The music itself (instrumental) is very relaxing, beautiful and it has a great ambiance. The quality of the music is also very good because of the real musical instruments. Like a real bassguitar, guitar and drums (with great studio quality). The bassline is really great, the drumbeats are great and the rest is also great. In this song I find the vocals very beautiful and so catchy that I think this song should be in the top 10 and it schould be played at every concert of hatsune miku.

This song is so beautiful! The vocals in starduster are very beautiful and her voice is so cute! I love this song very much!

Beautiful song and letter, part of my top 10.

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123 Cendrillon

One of my first Vocaloid songs, its an awesome one. Kaito and Miku for the win.

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124 Letter Song

Best ballad/ending concert song!

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125 E? Aa, Sou.
126 In Chains
127 Otogibanashi (Fakery Tale)

This is song is honestly so sad, it deserves to be a little more up in the charts! And also check out Rachie's English cover, the emotion she puts in the cover is just so good! - Lbbhtypical

128 Sharing the World


129 Scrumize
130 Umiyuri Kaiteitan (Sea Lily Deep Sea Tale)
131 Tsumi No Namae (The Name of the Sin)
132 Too Late to Tell
133 Aggre-Matic V 1 Comment
134 Delete the Fate
135 The Confusion of Hatsune Miku
136 Loop
137 Meteor
138 Kagefumi Etranger

How could you forget about it?

139 Sensitive Nightmare
140 Nephna
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