Best Indian Comedians

Best comedians in India of all time. Choose the best comedian in this list and vote for him. Don't only vote for your fan. Vote for the candidate who really deserve vote according to talent. Again if your choice is at good rank then please don't vote for him. In such case vote such a candidate who is not ranked well and deserves a higher rank.

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1 Johnny Lever

Never seen a person who can make you smile with tears in eyes with his acting skills.

The best comedian who makes your body do laugh and cry at once... I think no one can replace him

Jonny Liver is best comedian of all times

Johnny bhai is the best comedian in the Bollywood

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2 Kapil Sharma

His perfect timing, spontaneous personality and that huge sense of humor makes him the best comedian in India!

NO one can beat him in comedy

No one can make you laugh like Kapil does. By far the best Indian comedian! I thinks

No words.. only the best

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3 Paresh Rawal


4 Kader Khan
5 Brahmanandam

Take him into a room for just two minute and see that this charismatic person will do that thing that you keep on giggling for days

There are two types of comedians in this world, one is brahmanandam and rest all...

Hi is the comedian of god for whole world

Great comedian

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6 Rajpal Yadav

Rajpal to rajpal ha vai

Fantastic yadav

He is really best comedian in Indian Cinema.
Hi is the comedian of god for whole world

7 Mehmood

He is best

8 Govinda
9 Shakti Kapoor
10 Vadivelu

The legend... I feel sad for those who can't understand Tamil. because you can't enjoy Vadivelu comedies.

People who doesn't understand tamil are unlucky

He is very funny in films... Ha.. Ha... Haa

No one is compare to him, including north comedians, compare to north indian comedians, south indian comedians are much better,

I think vadivelu should be number 1👍

The Contenders

11 Raju Shrivastav

No one can beat him in mimicry.
Best comedian of India!

He is the best Indian stand up comedian ever.And please don't compare him to any one.. He always deserve the number 1.our all time favourite Mr. RAJU SHRIVASTAV...


12 Goundamani

The legend of indian cinema...He became a number 1

Such a legendary comedian... Really the northern people are unlucky..He ll make you for every dialogues in every movie.. No matter how bore the movie is,... He ll make the scene wonderful


13 Akshay Kumar Akshay Kumar Rajiv Hari Om Bhatia, better known by his stage name 'Akshay Kumar', is a Canadian actor, producer and martial artist who has appeared in over a hundred Hindi films.

Akshay Kumar best

14 Arshad Warsi
15 Sudesh Lehri

The best multi talented perso. If he joins Kapil that will make them invincible. Krishna brings him down grade


16 Ali Asgar
17 Swapnil Joshi
18 Gaurav Gera
19 Laxmikant Berde
20 Saloni
21 Vivek (Kollywood)

Social comedian

Best laughing theraphy and brings social suggestion too...

22 Jagathy Sreekumar
23 Satish Shah
24 Rajendra Nath
25 V.I.P
26 Kashif Khan
27 Bharti Singh

She makes me laugh every time

Number 1 lady comedian

28 Ali (Tollywood)
29 Chunky Pandey
30 Javed Jaffrey
31 Santhanam
32 Ashok Saraf
33 Asrani
34 Mukri
35 Sunil Varma

Sunil is the best comedian. but nowadays he is not acting in comedy roles

36 Tiku Talsania
37 Anupam Kher
38 Sekhar Suman
39 Krushna Abhishek

I don't know what's the reason as he was in rank 33. He is the most entertaining and outstanding comedian I ever seen. He must be in no. 1 position. Guys keep voting please

40 Hemant Pandey
41 Venu Madhav
42 Raghu Babu
43 Ritesh Deshmukh
44 Archana Puran Singh
45 Shreyas Talpade
46 Paresh Ganatra
47 Ahsan Qureshi
48 Om Puri
49 Navneet Nishan
50 Boman Irani
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