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41 Megaherz

One of the most consistent and accomplished groups I've listened to. Their dance metal early on is very comparable to rammstein's and their later material, frankly, is better! They create fantastic atmosphere in their songs and know how to write killer hooks. Flawless.

Megaherz rocks and should definitely be above RAMMSTEIN!

Great... I mean AMAZING! Underrated band.

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42 A Perfect Circle

Should be in the top 10. It's one of the best bands ever! Especially since Maynard James Keenan is the vocalist!

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43 Crossbreed
44 Deathstars

Their lead vocalist has really deep, harsh sound that fits the genre perfectly. Tough the first album is forgottable but the second one called Termination Bliss is EPIC. Many compare it with Rammstein and M. Manson. Doing so has to be mentioned that it's sounding is much more complex and mind blowing.
I recommend their music to those who don't understand english well because their lyrics are bad, death-loving, lowering and sardonic.

Love every song, to me not only the best industrial band but also the best band ever...

Just... Real Industrial real illustrated flavor... Just, will hit the ear...

These guys are amazing!

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45 Psyclon Nine

This should be in the top 10s, their lead singer has a very unique voice that is almost impossible to replicate.
Their music is astounding and the lyrics are deep and meaningful.

46 VNV Nation

The only band in the world to whom I can honestly say, "I love every single song on every album, every remix, every concert, etc... You guys are incredible! "

I adore VNV Nation! They are incredible at what they do as well as their lyrics!

It's my favorite band, hands down. Love the depth of the lyrics, the charged vocals and the wonderful music.

The best band to have amazing music

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47 Laibach

Because THEY started ALL. Back in 1980. Have in mind that the style of RAMMSTEIN (the cross badge) and also the music (even the voice) are just a copy of LAIBACH's metal years. All other bands doing Industrial music. LAIBACH doing Industrial ART.

The bridge between Kraftwerk and NIN. The spiritual ancestors of Rammstein. Only the Legendary Pink Dots and New Model Army have maintained this sort of uncompromising consistency of attitude and vision over 30 years without becoming stale. Great art is subversive and Laibach are one of the few truly great, radical art collectives in existence.

Laibach started it all! Without them, there would be no Rammstein, no Marilyn Manson, and I can even say, no metal as we know it nowadays!

I can imagine that in US few people heard about Laibach but placing them so low as 47th place is really big ignorance.

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48 Eisbrecher

Icebreaker... er Eisbrecher has some great songs. They can vary between industrial metal and industrial electronic.

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49 16Volt

omg no body put them on here! whats the matter with people - pandalover95

50 Mindless Self Indugence

MSI has always been my favourite industrial rock band, with their clever way of integrating hard rock and techno/industrial!

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52 Cabaret Voltaire

More innovative than ANY of the bands on this list! Take a genre, crush it, and give it a crushing sinister sound! This is what made Skinny Puppy, Front line assembly and Front 242 famous. It was the formula of CABARET Voltaire! THEY did what THROBBING GRISTLE could not do (since TG broke in 1981). I am going to bring them BACK!

53 Turmion Kätilöt

I believe TK are the best industrial metal band in terms of their music and lyrical undertones which suits the genre superbly.

TK is way much better than Rammstein, Rammstein isn't 100% industrial anyway.

54 Dope Dope

Why is this band so underrated. That's ridiculous. Top five for me.

I don, t know why they aren, t on this list just listen to them they are VERY UNDERRATED

DOPE is one of the best metal bands on this planet! They should at least be in the top 20's damnit! Why so underrated?!?!? Just don't getit...

55 Current 93
56 :wumpscut:

Been around forever and has managed to gather one of the loyalist fan bases around.

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57 Coil

Probably the first worthwhile band in this list, and it's not even in the top 30. Sad

Music by people on acid for people on acid!


... An absolute master piece of perfect production.

Move this group up. Pioneers all the way.

THANKS for finding a cool one! It is really good

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58 Chemlab
59 Angelspit Angelspit
60 SPK
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