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List of the best charecters in the show Invader Zim

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1 Zim Zim Zim is the titular protagonist and anti-hero of the American animated series Invader Zim, created by Jhonen Vasquez for Nickelodeon.

Zim is A very interesting Character because unlike most he is an antihero. He plays both protagonist and antagonist. He does a lot of bad things but honestly he is not evil, he is just not sympathetic towards others but this might not be his fault, I don't think he understands giving a normal response to issues. He tries to do his best but when it comes down to it he is really just super childish and sometimes it is kind of adorable. He has a lot of quirks which I think only makes him better, the way he speaks and his odd behavior all add greatly to his Character. He may seem on edge but he actually shows a lot of restraint, just think about it, he rarely does things to specific people and prefers to not associate with anyone if unprovoked. But He is bullied at school, and acts as result. It actually brings a little bit of sympathy to an otherwise an unsympathetic Character. He is overall just goofy and while he is bad he is just like a misbehaving kid. Even his rivalry with dub just ...more

Although Gir has some great moments, he is far from being my favorite character. To me he is like Deadpool and Harley Quinn, just there for selling things by being random. Zim on the other hand, can be funny/random but it doesn't seem gimmicky. He is a very interesting mixture of clever and idiotic. Incompetent and bad-ass. And the reason behind his insanity is rather interesting. He can take a lot of damage, based on the episodes and has lots of destructive potential that is difficult to tap into. He is very tenacious, and I love it. And seriously, at least one of his plans would've worked at this point if it weren't for "luck" so that the show goes on. I find him adorable despite being a little jerk, just look at that face! He is quite sympathetic due to the life he was born into for being short and his bad luck, despite being evil.

ZIM rules because... well HE IS SO HOT! And ZIm is the main character! ZIM:"You may not know this, but I'm sorta going to wipe out all the life on this planet. " LOL!


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2 Gir Gir

100% gir is the #1 best this list is perfect in my opinion. (I don't know what the letter m is though) gir lightens up the show with spastic randomness and screaming happiness he is the reason why invader zim is one of the greatest shows of all time

Gir is a funny robot, shown in many of Hot Topic clothing for being such a funny character. He has the perfect lines, making me laugh every time! Gir is my favorite no doubt about it.

He's adorable! I can't get over the part in the one when they are lost in the city when Zim says is upset that he left the GPS device at home and asks why and then Gir says "To make room for the cupcake! "

I’m gonna sing the doom song now - AliciaMae

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3 Gaz

Gaz is so underrated! She is lonely and is always being annoyed by Dib and Zim. She is a relatable character that wasn't shown that much. There is so much to learn about Gaz!

Gaz is kind of like me except the only differences are that I'm a boy, I'm not aggressive or angry as she is, and I'm not goth. Either way she's a great and relatable character.

"Dib drank the last soda... HE WILL PAY." Haha! I don't know if there's a character in this show I don't like. - Discord

Gaz is one of my favourite characters, man I love her cynicism!

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4 Dib

Dib is my favorite character. Dib reminds me of myself like how we are both obsessed with the paranormal. How we are always called crazy when we talk about it to. I have been trying to get my mom to believe in aliens but she thinks I am crazy. I'm all ways drawing pictures of him in my notebook.

Dib is my favorite! GIR is to overrated because of his Spazzy attitude. Dib is the one I can relate to. Plus he's funny and has that cool hair cut of his!

The ultimate determinator: Fights for what's right even though everyone thinks he's crazy. A great role-model in a show full of horrible people.

Dib is the most sympathetic character for sure. I enjoyed the first season way more than the second one partly because before the conflict between Dib and Zim was pretty even, equal amounts of misery plaguing both sides. Dib actually scored some sweet victories and it wasn't predictable at all.

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5 Professer Membrane

Professer Membrane is the Albert Einstein of the show, also Dib and Gaz's dad

He has the best voice. "Not now son. I'm making... TOAST! " - Discord

He's awesome with his inventionsXD

6 Ms. Bitters

Despite how Ms. Bitters has a very mean and grumpy personality combined with a sadistic sense of humour who else but her could bring comedy and darkness in the show. This is what makes her memorable. - Yorkshire2001

Who else needs to have a teacher with a mean, grumpy, and funny personality like Ms. Bitters she's awesome! - Yorkshire2001

The fact here is that dreams lead to hideous implosions

Prepare to be doomed. - Yorkshire2001

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7 Tak Tak

Tak is a tragic character that has had her chance for a good life taken away from her. There is an extra layer of depth to her that makes you feel sorry for her, despite the fact that she is an antagonist. She is like Prince Zuko from Avatar: The Last Airbender in that sense. On top of that, her mannerisms are a ton of fun to watch, her poem is pure brilliance, her voice is amazing, her plan is very diabolical, and her laugh is deliciously maniacal, making her not only my favorite character in the show, but also helped to create my favorite episode of the show.

Tak wants to be a invader, but Zim ruined her chances. Tak can make you feel bad for her even though she's Irken

I hate her. Her voice is anoying as HELL


8 The Almighty Tallest Purple

He's more Ernie while the Almighty Tallest Red is more Bert. - Yorkshire2001

All the Purple tallest cares about is food, making him very funny.

Hey, I like snacks!

I love how he is voiced by the same guy that voices Pleakly from Lilo & Stitch.

9 The Almighty Tallest Red

He is the one of the pair that actually gets stuff done and still has comedic value

He's more Bert while the Almighty Tallest Purple is more Ernie. - Yorkshire2001

TALLEST RED for the win!

The only sane Irken possibly, and frankly he's just... hot. He's the one who actually tries to fix problems that go on in the Massive, instead of running around in circles.
First cartoon crush ever O_O
Kudos to everyone who loves Tallest Red! Because I do too. Brofist. :D

10 Keef

Keef was such a nice character, he befriended ZIM and still kept his friendship. Yeah he's a bit annoyin to ZIM but kinda cute.

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11 Minimoose

Okay, Minimose is only in one episode. But he's so cute! He's also in the unfinished episodes, and destroyed Zim's base. A cute super weapon. That HAS to be funny.

Best minion to zim next to gir

12 Bloaty
13 Old Kid

Old Kid only appeared with a line once, but it's so funny you can only hope this show comes back with more lines from old kid!

Man, he just makes the whole effing show. - MoldySock

14 Skoodge

Skoodge rocks. He was the first invader to conquer his assigned planet, the Tallest failed to kill him off, and he's just plain adorable.

Stood he is awesome

He needs to be put into the comics! Please!

my boi

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15 The Letter M
16 Piggy

Lol! Agreed

17 Invader Spleen
18 Melvin

Melvin may not have many lines, but I like him because he wants to be a astronot, like me.

Melvin is a human boy who is seen in two episodes, "best friends" and "the wettening". In best friends he is seen with a few other charecters and the group of kids are called " the rejects" by another popular girl named Jessica. In the wettening, he is the boy who eats paste which might remind you of episodes from other cartoons like, the powerpuff girls, and many other cartoons.

19 Zim's Computer
20 Vort Prisoner 777

Vort prisoner 777 may be shown very little in the show, but he is responsible for a lot of the events. He supplies Zim with technoligy

21 Invader Tin

It's actually spelled 'Tenn.'

Allthough most don't know Invader Tin, she is a charecter, she is in the first episode, though she doesn't have a speaking part..

22 Jessica

Jessica is a human popular girl seen in three different episodes, one known most is best friends where she is seen talking badly of Zim, Dib, and the rejects, to the rest of her popular friends.

23 Gretchen

Gretchen is the weird human girl with spiky purple hair, and braces. She is seen in the episode "best friends" in the corner with the "losers".

She should have had a bigger role.

24 Robo Parents

The two robo parents are Zim's cover parents, but Zim has no real parents. The Robo parents are really funny yet weird.

That's not entirely true, in one episode it showed Zim's parent(the robot claw).

RoboDad: "We don't spend enough quality time together...TIME TO LEARN YOU A LESSON! "
RoboMom: "AW! Let me get the camera! "

25 Iggins Iggins

He should be higher!

Hilarious satire of those annoying nerds who are full of themselves because they are 'experts' at a video game. I loved that Gaz put him in his place.

26 Mimi
27 Lard Nar
28 Sizz-Lorr

I will find yooou, ZZZIIMM!

29 Zita

Zita is a back ground charecter but does have a speaking part, look her up, it will show a human girl with lavender hair.

30 Dirge

Dirge is a strange human boy, with fish like feet. He is seen in the episode,"best friends" as one of the rejects in the corner. He does have a speaking part, but the thing most people remember him by, is his fish like feet.

31 Robot Bee

Best character in the show and he only appeared for 7 seconds

A bee version of mini moose

32 Zim's Dog

Lol! You mean GIR?

33 Invader Larb
34 Peepi

Best hamster ever. - Goatworlds

35 The Moose
36 Nightmare Membranes

Scary,But Awesome...Especially The Nightmare Professors Laugh! Evilest Laugh Ever!

37 Poonchy
38 Mortos De Soul Stealer
39 Evil GIR Brain
40 The Neverending Dog
41 Poop Dog
42 Chickenfoot
43 Zim's Robo-Santa
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