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21 Surrender - K.D. Lang
22 The Man With the Golden Gun - Lulu
23 Writing's on the Wall - Sam Smith

This song was actually very good. I dot generally like Sam Smith but this song gained him my respect. It is certainly one of the best visual performances, just- one little itty bitty thing... The falsetto was awesome but I hate falsetto in guys.

Cool song. Cool movie. But it would have been better sung by a female. Just being picky. - supernerd101

Not a Good Bond Song. It should be Forever I Am All Yours By ever Almer

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24 The Juvenile - Ace of Base

I don't get why they rejected it. It would be an amazing theme for "Die Another Day". Nothing against Madonna's theme song though - PowerGirl

25 Die Another Day - Madonna

This song has grown on me. It is not as criminally bad as I first believed. And it's creativity. Song is part of torture



The Best. - mood333

26 All Time High - Rita Coolidge
27 Tomorrow Never Dies - Sheryl Crow

Why is this so low? I love this song! It's so classy!

It's a good song.

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28 Another Way to Die - Jack White & Alicia Keys V 3 Comments
29 Runway - Goldeneye 007
30 Mr. Kiss Kiss Bang Bang - Dionne Warwick/Shirley Bassey

This was the original theme to Thunderball, but it was better than the Tom Jones theme. Too bad they rejected it.

31 Spectre - Radiohead

The filmakers turned it down, but still a great Bond theme despite not being used in the film

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