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1 Down Down Cover Art

Outstanding! Song! It's a one of the best song I have ever heard!
Love You! Jay sean! But but ride it and other songs are also good but the DOWN is the best! I want more songs like down because it's a fantastic song and maybe everyone love this song of Jay Sean. Jay sean is one of the best singer in the world and I love it so much!

This song is beyond inspiring...

Jay Sean could voice Inky (from the Pac-Man World games, my favorite video games of all time besides Super Mario 64).

Lil' Wayne could voice Bowser Jr. , the son of King Bowser who has debuted in Super Mario Sunshine, the successor of Super Mario 64, one of the best video games of ll time as mentioned above.

It's the best song ever. I believe from my heart that this song one day will the best song ever in the whole withe world, apparently which is. I'm glad that the song is by Jay Sean because in my opinion he is the best singer ever. I love Jay Sean. HE ROCKS! Young money Cash Money.

Down is an awesome song. It is a soothing song to me. I love this song. I like the lyrics of this song too! Go Jay Sean! Write more songs Jay Sean! Do your best!

2 2012 (It Ain't the End) 2012 (It Ain't the End) Cover Art

Well it's a really hard choice... I mean Down and Ride It and DYR were some of the most successful songs of all time but with 2012 Jay Sean takes it to a new level it's so inspirational & Nicki Minaj is awesome :) and yes Jay Sean is hot and an amazing singer

Even though its already 2013, I still love this song! Its amazing its for sure one of my favorites by Jay Sean! I love him and all of his songs

This song is so soothing and so melodious...! Really nice one and one of my favourites...! Jay rocks

Amazing, superb song. such a tough chose between down for first so can't complain it's at number 2

3 Ride It

It is a very good romantic song. When you hear these song it will touch everyone soul. It was so amazing song. Music and lyrics was really awesome. Jay sean looking very smart in these song. Why these song is not in number 1 spot. I hope that it will deserve number 1 place

It's the best song I could ever hear in my life. It's passionate, feels like it's stealing my mind and soul. The shangai start of the song is just soothing to ears n then Jay's soul touching voice brings adrenaline rush every time I listen to it.

These was the best love song I ever heard in my life. Whenever I listen these song it always touch my heart. I think this is the best among all the songs. Jay sean always ride it and it always touch my soul...

Love it... Vote 4 it man... Its awesome.. The music is great and the lyrics are pretty cool... It's the best song ever... Make it number 1

4 War War Cover Art

The question I ask to my self every time I listen to this song (is their is such a love like this or it gust words).
This word describe the real love and I love it so much love you jay sean

I prefer Jay's softer, more emotional songs like this one... Makes me feel some kinda way, beautiful song! Way better than 2012, and it gives Down a run for its money

How come they don't play stuff like this on the radio? This is just as good if not better than any usher song!

Simply #amazing. Best Jay Sean song by far, the instrumental is just so calming and the lyrics are sweet. I could listen to this all day.

5 Hit the Lights Hit the Lights Cover Art

Excellent Instrumental man, Jay this is my favorite song.
It's so hot these girls just takin' all their clothes off
So take a picture of this moment with your iPhone
Cause I don't wanna forget tonight.
Best EVER!

This is an awesome song. Man this is my favourite jay sean song. And jay sean is my favourite pop star. Love you jay sean and keep up the good work

Great music and song! Wow!
Jay sean is an awesome singer and Lil Wayne supports him very nicely.

That was my first English I had heard and now iam one of the biggest fan of jay sean. Vote for it make it number 1

6 I Won't Tell

What's happening guys? Didn't you hear this song? It's one of jay sean's most amazing song I've ever heard. But it's out of list! You guys must be joking.

Jay Sean could voice Inky the cyan ghost. Hopefully, this gets Jay Sean himself & Toru Iwatani's attention.

P.S. Princess Peach should rot in the arctic whereas Manny the Mammoth picks on her.

It's the coolest ever song of Jay sean... He rocks!
In love with it literally!

Told Ya! With Sway Jay has done a amazing job.

7 Neon

Neon is best song with good music good to listen

IN Neon the best song is where are you

New, refreshing, the best.

A very good song.

8 Eyes On You

AWesome song! I heard it ina showroom and I loved it so much that I came home and downloaded it! Its really nice!

This is the song why jay Sean got this much fame this song eas his first that goes to top 10 in 2000.
Listen it once it may come under top 5

Because it brings back so much
Like down memory lanes

This is an awesome song...! It has hiphop mixed with exotic tunes. Vote this man..!

9 Worth It All

I thought it's a amazing mind blowing song.. If you have ignore this song & if you are a big fan of jay sean then be ashamed of it..

Jay Sean would be a great voice for Inky from Pac-Man (most likely by Inky having the same voice as Jay Sean himself).

Jay you have got such a good. Blesing from god I like your voice your voice is so sweet your voice can touch everyone s hert easily I like your songs

What am I seeing!? It must be in top 5

10 Do You Remember

It's the best song of jay sean... Its really full of emotions and as you know jay has a very good voice quality... Very beautiful song... I love it!

One of his best song! I love "Down" too, so I think this song should be at least be there at the second position!

I do remember this song, and I remember it was one of the best! Sean Paul's West Indian rapping was epic!

Its awesome! Listen to the karaoke version. I'm in love with the background part. Best hiphop/ dance song ever. Listen to it

The Contenders
11 Sex 101

Laugh out loud... This song is amazing and little bit funny.
Give it a try... You won't regret.

This is a song that is as a source of motivation to me, jay I love you... Ibrahim Ibrahim EL...

Great beats and rhythm

I just only want to say

12 Like This, Like That Like This, Like That Cover Art

This is one of the best, most awesome song. I don't see why it's all the way down. Kudos to whoever posted this.

Nice lyrics and best song all time...Very too much Greatest song it.

Birdman sucks and the music is just not enough lacks smething but jay sean takes the cake amazing voice makes it so likeable ALL OVER YOUR BODY YEAH jhoothi

13 Mars

One of his best!
Please listen to it guys and bring it to the top!
Really awesome song by him!

Please vote this song. It's one of the best song in 2013.

One of my favourite song! Love Jay Sean!

What on #15, that's rude!
Such a great song.

14 I'm All Yours

Hey jay! Awesome song man I ever heard... This song is awesome.. Feeling very very good... This song very suitable for parties because when I listing this song I'm dancing automatically! For that reason please vote to this song.. And ride it, stay, do you remember that songs are very good but that's are old. I <3 this son ever.

See the sky can fall DOWN you we can roam around like this like that with all the other pop but I'm all yours made your fan jay sean!

Jay Sean would be a great voice for Inky the cyan ghost.

Also, Pitbull would be a great voice for Shadow the Hedgehog.

It should be on top 5 songs.. Its don't deserve 9th place. Great music and lyrics.. Jay sean do your best

15 I Made It I Made It Cover Art

Love this song, it's all about how they made it to the top!
Kevin Rudolf says "I told you to let it rock"
Jay Sean says "And now the sky is falling downn"
Lil Wayne says "I might drop the world, if I change hands"
Connecting to there biggest hits making a hit 20x better I MADE IT!

By far the best Jay Sean song out there because it's a mix of RnB wit Rap. It is also very catchy

I made it should be #1 because me n my friends love this song

He's a featuring artist in this song but its sensational

16 Lights Off Lights Off Cover Art

Well my favourite off all Jay sean song. Jay sean is my favourite singer. Damn they just rock. And the last part of this song is certainly the best! -

This song deserves not to be on the 1st position but should be beyond the list of top tracks of jay sean... Love this song!

It's just awesome.. I don't know why it has been put on 15
This song's just Epic
Losing you is like somebody just turned the lights off

Top class song... This song deserves to be at 1st position... Kindly reorder it...

17 Don't Rush

This song actually shows his talent. How come it's so down... Should have been at least in the top 3!

Best song for jay sean it should be in top 5 people go vote for him!

18 If I Ain't Got You If I Ain't Got You Cover Art

Time out this song voting.
Not great song and so poor song it
You Lose Jay...

19 The Way Love Goes

The Way love goes is one of the best song it.
Very too much Best lyrics and awesome song it.
Top 5...

20 Where You Are Where You Are Cover Art

Best of Jay Sean... I can't help it I gotta be where you are...

It's a mesmerizing song... Must be in the top 10s...

It deserves a place among the top 10

The video is entertaining too

21 Stay Stay Cover Art

This is one of my favorites. Jay sean has got a great voice. The beats of the song are really great. Jay sean has done a great job. This should be in top 5

The best Jay Sean song, I can relate to this song so much that it's freaky!

This is the best jay sean song and it will remain forever
it deserves to be in the 1st

I keep play this song every time I feel sad. Reaaly a good one

22 Stuck in the Middle Stuck in the Middle Cover Art
23 Maybe

The list maker has just seen billboard charts and made the list, come on songs like 2012 it ain't end, I made it shouldn't be in list, if you listen maybe you'll come to know that its jay sean's best song till now,... Listen to maybe and then decide that it should be at top or not

Nice One Jay. I love it. Should be given the number 1 spot. Awesome Song man...
One of the best of Jay sean. Should be listen by everyone once.

When I first heard this song, I felt as if Jay peeped into my diary and then wrote the lyrics. There's so much to relate in this song

MAYBE... This will be in the top 5 if people actually listen to this amazing song! Definitely one of his best!

24 Do You Do You Cover Art

It's The Best Song of jay sean yaar!... It deserves to be at 1st position!

Wow... Keep on killing jay, you re my best... Ibrahim Ibrahim EL...

Don't stop killing me jay... Ibrahim Ibrahim EL...

Love you Jay sean.. your song was so aweome. you will always remain in my heart.. please please Jay Sean you keep on going singing...

25 All or Nothing All or Nothing Cover Art

You damn near were my everything you're still on my mind
But I'd rather be here all alone and I'm doing just fine
Gotta take it back to the days before we met
And live our lives as strangers again

Love this.

Best song ever from jay sean don't know why these people around didn't added it yet. Jay sean rocks. Love this song

Hey what happened to you all... It's the title song of his most successful album... It's amazing...

No Matter Whether You Heard Down Or Do You Remember N Stuff... If You Havn't Heard THIS... You Have Nt Still Heard His Soulful Voice... I Bet You'll Find This Piece Fantastic! Believe Me Guys! Lets Take It To at least Top 5! It Deserves! Please Do Hear! Vote Fr It

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