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21 Don't Rush

This song actually shows his talent. How come it's so down... Should have been at least in the top 3!

Best song for jay sean it should be in top 5 people go vote for him!

22 The Way Love Goes
23 Deep End

It should be in 20

Best song
Not correctly ranked the songs

24 Do You

It's The Best Song of jay sean yaar!... It deserves to be at 1st position!

What?... It can't be on no. 17... It deserves to be at 1... It's just epic.

Wow... Keep on killing jay, you re my best... Ibrahim Ibrahim EL...

So nice song

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25 All or Nothing

Best song ever from jay sean don't know why these people around didn't added it yet. Jay sean rocks. Love this song

You damn near were my everything you're still on my mind
But I'd rather be here all alone and I'm doing just fine
Gotta take it back to the days before we met
And live our lives as strangers again

Love this.

Hey what happened to you all... It's the title song of his most successful album... It's amazing...

I juz love it!

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26 The One

Jay Sean Did great work by combining the amazing voice of Sonu Nigam. Love you Jay Zubair Mahar@ Facebook

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27 Where You Are

It's a mesmerizing song... Must be in the top 10s...

The video is entertaining too

It deserves a place among the top 10

Yeah offcourse it is best song I ever jay sean...!

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28 The Mistress

This is the best song of jay sean still now for me because I heard his emotion in this song. I really love it

One thing about this song is the chorus is amazing. This song makes me sing whole day.

29 Still Love You

I Still love you is just like magic it reaches my ears finds the way to my heart and then feeds me emotions

30 Dance With You

WHY THE HELL IS THIS INCREDIBLE DEBUT SINGLE NOT EVEN IN THE TOP 10 OF THIS CHART? You people have no taste in music unless you actually voted for this hip hop masterpiece

Dance with You... How can you forget this one... Man UK #1 Not a joke...

This should be at the top. Its amazing why is this not in the top 10?

Please go and listen to this song. Its one of the best jay Sean song!

31 Love Like This (Eternity)
32 Fire
33 Cry V 2 Comments
34 So High

Hey I just like his musics. His musics are very much inspiring when it comes to love affairs. Jay sean is a guy with a 9ice voice, his musics are so inspiring to the point that, when you are angry, you gets cool up.

Jay sean and Afrojack made the song just Mind blowing! Gosh why it is so low in the list!

You just bang it Jay! The song will go so high!

Best jay sean song ever..

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35 Walking Alone
36 I Believe In You

The best song of jay sean it is so good which makes me believe why he is the best no matter what

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37 Back to Love

Amazing lyrics with jay's magical voice combined by DJ Pauly D's music makes this song as good as heaven

38 Yalla Asia


Greatest song ever.. And the lyrics are awesome

39 Every Little Part of Me

It's just awesome... Don't heared such song before... Just superb

It has awesome beats n I just fall in love with jay sean's voice every time I listen to this song

40 Meri Jaan V 3 Comments
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