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1 Kamen Rider Gaim

A bizarre concept with an excellent execution. A truly addicting grim story that wants you to learn more about it's characters, environments and the interactions that occur within it. There is nothing more to say than to "Just live more." (Although they milked the series in tons of movies that do not compare to the series.)

Samurai concept, well defined transformations, good designed costumes, well balanced power ceiling, good CG compared to other previous generations, actors are good looking, everything is just awesome.

The only Kamen rider series written by Gen Urobochi, the amazing creator of Madoka Magica.

Amazing. Worth every second I spent watching it. 10/10.

2 Kamen Rider Build

Sorry to say. But, it's 1st time for me to fall in love with 2nd hero more than Kamen rider build himself.
Hyuga Bonjo (kamen rider cross z) character more entertaining. Story line make him looks more heroically, manly and honest. Because of him I feel worth to watch it.
Kazumi Sawatari (kamen rider grease) was the hilarious one. The best part is, he was one from Misa fanboy. But, didn't have much story about him. And so sad when he had to die. Always hope he still alive.
It become more hilarious after Gentoku Himuro (kamen rider rouge) become one of them. I love when Bonjo, Kazumi & Gentoku did something foolish. It's hilarious.

1. The story are simple to follow, just one straight line from start, climax and the end. All happen because the forbidden box.
2. Every characters are unique, even having their own ending in V-cinemas which is great.
3. All forms have unique traits and skills that simply not too powerful than any other forms, so all of them are useful, depends on the area and the enemies that he facing.
4. Supportive sidekick with big of bromance.
5. Epic last battle because it doesn't simply solving it with kick their ass in instant by using final form but fight until both in critical condition then use final attack to save both world from colliding each other and create a new world.

There was so many twists that made sense and strengthen the plot more. The ending was sad, it was like a sacrifice that the main character had to make even though there was a movie afterwards that continued the ending. There were some things I would have liked to see, but I really recommend it. It's humorous and heartwarming with an amazing plot, never a dull moment.

The plot is just as intricate and the writing is just as solid as with Gaim, but Build has much more heroism, hope and love, despite the grim reality the characters find themselves in. It's not an instant hook, but once the underlying schemes of villain characters start to show you won't be able to stop watching until you have found out all the secrets behind these plans. A solid 10/10

3 Kamen Rider OOO

A fun, entertaining and very emotional start to the series. I had never watched Kamen Rider before and then I watched this. Also the jingles are catchy

Eiji and Ankh's dynamic is great, and the consistent adherence to theme of desire and greed is well done.

Light hearted and a decent story.. The fact that the lead hero is well... a hobo is hilarious

Story great. Different modes awesome. Love baddies

4 Kamen Rider Faiz

Faiz is too underrated. This series is such a gorgeous, magnificent piece of art. It's overall designs and characters are fleshed out really great. The story is also well written. It started lighthearted(well, not really but really close to that point) then it got darker and more badass through the episodes.

One of the most Rider that I like since my childhood. If you just begin to start your first series, than Faiz is your answer.

Best storyline, when the protagonist reveal to be the monster is a masterpiece.
Too bad the ending is typical kamen rider series, underrated

Most realistic one out of them all!

5 Kamen Rider Den-O

I like kamen rider den-o because the imajins. The Imajins show us that one person does not have just one personalities. It is like nogami ryotaro, he do have four imajins. The first one is momotarous, he played as ryotaro when he was fully of angry. The next one is uratarous, he played as ryotaro's romantic version. The third one is not from ryotaro but ryotaro made a contract with him because he is nearly died. He's name is kintarous, he also played as ryotro's strong version. And the last one is ryuutarous, the one who playe as ryotro's kid version. In all of this imajins I just like one of them. It is ryuuta because of his attitude. It is so cute. After all I wantto tell that is everyone has their own attitude that's they hide from us. Bye.

Watched this show when I visited my grandparents in Japan. Fun memories, basically my childhood.

Love this one since I was 9 and still do! Makes me laugh every time I see it!

It was kinda like watching a parody os super sentai and it was on point.

6 Kamen Rider W

Absolutely beautifully crafted. The characters are very nicely made. Everything was very clearly designed. Tears will be shed.

The most solid overall storyline with fantastic characters and suits.

Best storyline and very simple yet awesome suit (Extreme Double is crazy cool design) love all the character too, heck one of em get married with one of the main character

Catchy and with a good pair of main characters. Funny whitout too much of it, and really tense sometimes

7 Kamen Rider Black

The best episodes, overall, from acting to execution, originality, cinematics, story, design. All the ideas has an impact. The best formula exist in this kamen rider (series)

The best looking suit, and story, a lot of recent kamen rider series are starting to look too cartoonish and overdone.

I always torn between KR Black and Build. But since Black is the first KR who introduced me to the world of KR my vote goes to him. Kotaro Minami always the best and perfect package with his masculine look.

Nobody will ever be able to be compared to him.

8 Kamen Rider Ex-Aid

Personally LOVE Ex-Aid. Praise to the almighty Shin Dan Kuroto. Cool, fun and funny characters, awesome storyline and incredible plot twists. I love how the story is so twisted. It makes me want to be in the world. Love Kujo Kiriya and very enjoyable story. Thank you Toei for making Ex-Aid.

It may start off looking pretty stupid, but it shifts drastically by episode 12 (those who've seen it know what I mean). It has a well paced and mostly filler free story filled with many great characters, and the greatest villain in all of Kamen Rider. Watch it now

Little bit of bias because it's my first and I love video games but the characters are all really unique especially kuroto "I am God! " and the story is amazing. One critique though, too many plot twists!

Despite the plot being changed from the original version, they found a good way to keep the series going with rarely any filler. The writers must have Kami no sainou.

9 Kamen Rider Ryuki

Ryuki really set itself apart from the rest of the kamen rider series at that time. Leaving behind the righteous hero persona and focus on a more interesting human vs human desire thus the conflict between the riders. All of the character were so well developed you can't help yourself to fall in love with evert single one of them, including the villain. Actually the villain is my favourite character.

It was my first and the best. I liked the drama, the human conflict, desires, and tragidies. You cannot even say that a rider is evil or doing the wrong thing. Almost everyone have his reason to fight. You will find your self at a conflict of emotions, you do not want anyone to die and want everyone to achieve his goal. I wish it get more focus and better remake making it into longer story.

Ryuki does not get the credit that it deserves. It is not a masterpiece, but it is a breath of fresh air compared to other rider series.

The series was awesome there were many cool riders like Ryuki, Knight, Zolda. Gai, Ryuga and Imperor, Tiger, Odin and many bad ones like Ouja, Femme, Verde, Scissors, Alternatives all in all good series.

10 Kamen Rider Kabuto

Kabuto is the most amazing rider among all the rider I've known and the cool guy Hiro Mizushima match with the attitude as Tendou Souchi. Please make a comeback Kabuto.

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11 Kamen Rider Ghost

Meaningful characters and solid forms.

Great ending and good movies as well!

12 Kamen Rider Blade

What a great story! You all have to watch this kamen rider series. Too bad the ending was very sad..

Blade is legends

13 Kamen Rider Wizard

This is the one which got best Plot as the one I watch yet underrated. 555 is great too but the end is not cleared about is the King dead, Amazon wreck because too much plotholes on S2, Kabuto is good yet too rush at 5 final episode so plenty situation unanswered, Fourze's boss characteristic weird at end because forcing to happy end, OOO plot is so-so, Gaim is too childish.

Different flow from the other Kamen Riders, if you enjoyed the storyline aspect of the show as much as I do, I would highly recommend you to watch this!

Very emotional, my favourite kamen rider out of all 35 current riders. Cool henshin transformation, cool rings. He's my idol.

14 Kamen Rider Kiva

Has the best soundtrack in Kamen rider. Also Wataru has the best character development out of all the main characters. With Wataru being a major shut-in and he slowly breaks the chains that cofine him to being shy. Wataru starts making friends and he starts to be able to deal with his own problem like his neighbors.

Amazing storytelling, the insert themes are rocking, and amazingly sung, and some amazing characters. This series is way underrated.

Has great story-telling, writing, and acting! All around a fantastic entry. Each episode leaves you wanting to know more!

Please try Kiva, the storyline of this series can be considered the best in heishei kamen rider series.

15 Kamen Rider Drive

Best plot ever! Its started with funny scene then its getting intense and more intense! Moreover the best couple, hide feeling for each other ahaha

A rare kamen rider who is smart. Nice.
The end of the serie is a bit frustrating but the characters are really cool!

16 Kamen Rider Fourze

Just a fun ride from start to finish, good gimmicks through the astroswitches, my favorite secondary rider ever, taking zeronos's spot after many years, great side characters through the kamen rider club, with my favorites being tomoko and jk, overall just a great season, my 2nd favorite overall behind Den-O.

I love this season because of 2 reasons: gentaro and the story telling. From the first episode to the last it's a steady build up I didn't get from some other seasons.

Has one of the best main characters in Kamen rider, and one of the best secondary riders.

Fourze was the first I watched.

17 Kamen Rider Amazons
18 Kamen Rider Decade

You get to see all the previous Heisei Riders just by watching this alone! A really good starting line for those who are interested to dive in the Kamen Rider universe... Isn't it so badass that the main rider can transform to another new rider?

Great war movies

19 Kamen Rider Agito

Best storyline, best plot driving, best plot twist.

It's a perfect rider series. Period

20 Kamen Rider Kuuga

No other Kamen Rider show can even compare to the sheer amount of character and story development present in this series. Every episode in Kuuga is artfully spaced, story arcs and character arcs satisfactorily resolved, yet the entire series never fails to stray from its central theme. Though some may complain that Kuuga feels overpowered at times, the same critics miss out on the fact that emotional damage is caused as much as physical damage. No character exists merely for fanservice and everyone affects the plot in their own important manner, with even the comedic relief injecting a dose of reality towards the end of the series. Bonus points for it being the first Heisei era show. Simply one of the best Kamen Rider shows ever made.

Ichijo is one of the best supporting characters in Kamen Rider. Unlike others that are morale support he helps Godai with intel. Kuuga also has police doing things which doesn't happen that much in Kamen rider.

Godai Yusuke is not your typical rider protagonist. He is a thoughtful, talented, kind, and every other positive you could think of. If you thought Kisagri Gentaro was the most lovable primary rider ever, you would be mistaken. If you haven't already, watch Kuuga! :0

Can change to many mode, mighty form, pegasus form, titan form, dragob form. Suitable for many battle.

21 Kamen Rider Black RX

I still watching it these days because too many classic scenes!

22 Kamen Rider Hibiki

Kamen rider hibiki has a story of its own as they are based on oni and I think that's really cool

23 Kamen Rider Zi-O

A good intro to the past of the Heisei Riders. Like Decade, but handled better.

The best kamen rider show by far!

Its very funny and silly

24 Kamen Rider Amazon
25 Kamen Rider Kamen Rider is a tokusatsu superhero television series and weekly science fiction manga created by manga artist Shotaro Ishinomori.
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