Best Kamen Rider Series

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1 Kamen Rider Gaim

It makes me eat fruits and the movie is very epic

Great toy gimmicks

Best plot twist ever.

Everything work 100%, except Dai Shogun form, but I do not care much for that

2 Kamen Rider Build

I like the form of the rider and the story

It's really good because it has a simple plot to catch, it kinda follows the Shonen Manga style of story progress (where the main character have a trusty side kick since the start and a lovely (and useful) female protagonist), face a strong enemy, lost for awhile, then find ways to counter against the enemy and befriend them till a next stronger force cames and the cycles repeats) the villian plot twist may have been slightly obvious but the execution is great for having evolto being though alien that can kills a planet in a instance, just that he don't want to

It is full of jokes

There was so many twists that made sense and strengthen the plot more. The ending was sad, it was like a sacrifice that the main character had to make even though there was a movie afterwards that continued the ending. There were some things I would have liked to see, but I really recommend it. It's humorous and heartwarming with an amazing plot, never a dull moment.

3 Kamen Rider OOO

Story great. Different modes awesome. Love baddies

Love the show

I Just love Kamen rider ooo

A fun, entertaining and very emotional start to the series. I had never watched Kamen Rider before and then I watched this. Also the jingles are catchy

4 Kamen Rider Faiz

One of the most Rider that I like since my childhood. If you just begin to start your first series, than Faiz is your answer.

Most realistic one out of them all!

Faiz is too underrated. This series is such a gorgeous, magnificent piece of art. It's overall designs and characters are fleshed out really great. The story is also well written. It started lighthearted(well, not really but really close to that point) then it got darker and more badass through the episodes.

Still be the best... Ever.

5 Kamen Rider Den-O


Watched this show when I visited my grandparents in Japan. Fun memories, basically my childhood.

It was my childhood.

Grew up with this show, love seeing a timid rider

6 Kamen Rider Black

The best

The best looking suit, and story, a lot of recent kamen rider series are starting to look too cartoonish and overdone.

Its simply the best


7 Kamen Rider Double

Best storyline and very simple yet awesome suit (Extreme Double is crazy cool design) love all the character too, heck one of em get married with one of the main character

Has a Kamen rider with a fedora.

The most solid overall storyline with fantastic characters and suits.


8 Kamen Rider Ex-Aid

Very nice visuals and effects.

Mixed 2 different themes with the result of the great story line.

Da best series ever

Personally LOVE Ex-Aid. Praise to the almighty Shin Dan Kuroto. Cool, fun and funny characters, awesome storyline and incredible plot twists. I love how the story is so twisted. It makes me want to be in the world. Love Kujo Kiriya and very enjoyable story. Thank you Toei for making Ex-Aid. - Kamen_Rider_Fangirl

9 Kamen Rider Kabuto


It is the best Kamen Rider. Go watch it if u haven't. the plot is good at the actor are all the best

the best

The best kamen rider ever

10 Kamen Rider Ryuki

It was my first and the best. I liked the drama, the human conflict, desires, and tragidies. You cannot even say that a rider is evil or doing the wrong thing. Almost everyone have his reason to fight. You will find your self at a conflict of emotions, you do not want anyone to die and want everyone to achieve his goal. I wish it get more focus and better remake making it into longer story.

Fortnite Kamen rider

It is so good. It has so many riders with so many different personalities. Yet, it manages to execute it so naturally.

Is cool story I enjoying

The Contenders

11 Kamen Rider Ghost

Meaningful characters and solid forms.

Great ending and good movies as well!

12 Kamen Rider Wizard

I only love kamen rider wizard becuse I really love magic and dragons things and this show has both of my favorite thing on it but some of the episode kinda ok and some are need to die and SOME are the BEST!

I love how he turned into differnt froms

This is the one which got best Plot as the one I watch yet underrated. 555 is great too but the end is not cleared about is the King dead, Amazon wreck because too much plotholes on S2, Kabuto is good yet too rush at 5 final episode so plenty situation unanswered, Fourze's boss characteristic weird at end because forcing to happy end, OOO plot is so-so, Gaim is too childish.

Different flow from the other Kamen Riders, if you enjoyed the storyline aspect of the show as much as I do, I would highly recommend you to watch this!

13 Kamen Rider Blade


Blade is legends

What a great story! You all have to watch this kamen rider series. Too bad the ending was very sad..

Too meaningful, nothing is better

14 Kamen Rider Kiva

Sick opening and suit design.

The story telling is deferent from other which tell u 2 deferent time story in one

Best themes and good movie with den-o

Amazing storytelling, the insert themes are rocking, and amazingly sung, and some amazing characters. This series is way underrated.

15 Kamen Rider Drive

Best plot ever! Its started with funny scene then its getting intense and more intense! Moreover the best couple, hide feeling for each other ahaha

It starts out fun, but then gets really dark. 10/10

16 Kamen Rider Fourze

I love the bonds between KRC members

I go with my gut into space

Fourze was the first I watched.

BEST Show EVer Final 2 Episodes Were Amazing

17 Kamen Rider Decade

Because decade used the all forms of kamen rider

Great war movies

Great story line henshin call and others


18 Kamen Rider Amazons

Because it is just brutal and serios

Great S1

19 Kamen Rider Agito

It's a perfect rider series. Period

Best storyline, best plot driving, best plot twist.

The best storyplot of a Kamen Rider series ever.

20 Kamen Rider Kuuga

Ichijo is one of the best supporting characters in Kamen Rider. Unlike others that are morale support he helps Godai with intel. Kuuga also has police doing things which doesn't happen that much in Kamen rider.

Definitely the best rider series of the Heisei Era. Recommend it 10/10

Can change to many mode, mighty form, pegasus form, titan form, dragob form. Suitable for many battle.

Story,plot and action in this kamen rider is the best among other kamen rider

21 Kamen Rider Black RX

I still watching it these days because too many classic scenes!

22 Kamen Rider Hibiki

Kamen rider hibiki has a story of its own as they are based on oni and I think that's really cool

23 Kamen Rider Zi-O

Kamen Riderrr Zi-O

Its very funny and silly

The best kamen rider show by far!

A good intro to the past of the Heisei Riders. Like Decade, but handled better.

24 Kamen Rider Amazon
25 Kamen Rider W


A fun detective story that helped form the Neo-Heisei era

It just double

26 Kamen Rider Kamen Rider is a tokusatsu superhero television series and weekly science fiction manga created by manga artist Shotaro Ishinomori.
27 Kamen Rider Zero-One

First episode very funny because the jokes and 2nd ep have the 2nd kamen rider which henshin by shooting a bullet & punch it

28 Kamen Rider ZO

The only Kamen Rider ZO with the best graphical scenes. Golden era. This movie, not series is probably the best one. Highly recommend a remake of this version. You'll understand once you watch the movie. Be more bad ass if its not for children audience.

Just watch the movie and you'll realize why the 90's could be the golden era of Kamen Riders

Kamen Rider Decade 2.0

29 Kamen Rider V3
30 Shin Kamen Rider: Prologue


31 Kamen Rider ZX
32 Kamen Rider J
33 Kamen Rider X
34 Kamen Rider Stronger
35 Kamen Rider Super-1

Better than Stronger

Ahead of its time

36 Kamen Rider Skyrider

Worse than Super-1, but better than Stronger.

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